Getting familiar with Java: Adding numbers

The first and the foremost question that comes into mind is that why did Java became famous. It become famous because it is a platform independent language. Most of other languages such as C or C++ once the language written inside the environment then it depends upon the corresponding operating system such as Windows to…

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Your First Java Program: Hello World

When we write java code with Eclipse tools the very first thing you will have to do is to create the project. Open Eclipse and then click on FILE  and then NEW and then PROJECT. Click on it to open. In the new NEW PROJECT windows select JAVA PROJECT from WIZARDS menu. Then click on…

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Getting familiar with Java: Anatomy of a Class

In this chapter in order to be getting familiar with java we have learned in detail about, what are different anatomy of classes such as variables, strings, casting, concatenation, increment, decrement, array and much other information? It is time to practice these in order to be good at understanding these functionalities.

Getting familiar with Java: Working with classes

Properties is connected with objects in term of instances. You create instances to any of properties and then connect it and then create different methods for each property to work in seamless manners. When we built anything with Java, we create instances and this can be created innumerable ways so that these can connect with properties to assign the characteristics. In short Properties, is state of the object and methods are the behavior of objects.

The basic overview of an Android Application

We can use the logic element inside and write the same code and then it can be done that way. It is upto user to choose which part of activity such as design or logic part to choose. The design part is easier as it is drag and drop element. The logic part is for geeks who want to comprehensively understands the how the logic of coding in relation with design element works and it is completely yours choice to choose which part.

How To Fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” In WordPress after reset Mysql users passwords

This means I have to change the password of MySQL database. My website being running with self-hosted wordpress platform means that the website is connected with MySQL database for running and retrieving of contents. For this I have to login to cPanel first and then enter into hosting side of website. Then scroll down to reach to ‘Databases’ and then reach to ‘MySQL Databases‘.

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