Shadow Complex Game Review

The game Shadow Complex offers a simple installation. Then the game starts with vast interconnected arena of game playing. At the underground setting you will experience weapons, apparel and the game then starts with some real action moves. In this game, you will start with the rescue of yours girl friend then in this process yours moves and the motives will save the world. You should save the world from the evil machinations of Cobra Commander, then take control of the Jason Fleming , the protagonist with some moves of yours own through the key board, left, right, up, down, jump, shoot, explore the complex and explode the baddies in this game.

This game lent Metroid;s side-scrolling ,platform jumping with some exploratory game play with an inspired imitation. This game questions it self to vast games and asking them why the so called games are as costly as with very few dollars spent with this game can be done with. Sometimes in this game you go with some two dimensional flight against the rebel society with some odd karate punches through and across the screens with mechanics of some middle level game play. The exploration part of the game is really mingling as you go on search for real secrets and revealing them. The underground complex is huge and it will give you the sleepless nights .With changing landscapes starting from jungles to commercial workplaces and then the mines, you go on searching for air vents, unlocking the doors and facing the odd baddy in between.

The presentation of the game is two dimensional. It is one of the best two dimensional games. The back ground score is not so good though at times the music seems soothing. The piano effect of the game is smart and beautiful. Going across the map can be very difficult to deal with as the traversing parameters are with it. As map’s own conclusion can sometimes be very deceptive as you yourself have to calculate and move with the map. This portion of the map could have been better to suit the user’s need. Sometimes the vital parameters of the game like the doors , wall are not seen inside the map, thus if you not calculate carefully then there can be a possibility of facing the obstacles unprepared and that can end yours journey inside the exploration.

There are some minor bugs as sudden and fierce entry of the enemy with unwarranted intentions inside the game. The game shows meticulous planning of the developer with very easy field of game playing. The author is not a avid gamer but sometimes see through some games. I personally like the games which are easier to install and light on system resources. It shows the fresh approach to game releases and teaching the vast game developers to make it light, short, and very easy to use at gaming platform. This game runs through the Xbox 360 platform. Its developer is Epic Games and the publisher is Microsoft Studios. This game two years back is fifteen dollars or seven hundred thirty rupees.

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