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This is blog is over twelve years old and it is continuing with brilliant articles from different diasporas of information as well as other forms of events which has been there from time to time and it is giving us hope for better day with each information reaching to individuals giving them the sufficient stuffs to see and enjoy what is waiting for them.

For lump sum of time, Daddy and myself have been thinking about registering a domain name that could give it a separate identity as well as with a proper domain consideration. It is always good thing to learn and find what is best suited for you as well as to know how yours website is getting into the arena of web with each and every facets of information loading as well as other forms of brilliant acquisition of ideas materialized. The job is not finished yet as many more works need to be done and this is just the beginning of all these bulky works.

Domain Name System:

The first and the foremost part of it are to realize that many more works need to be done in order to make this website fully functional. It is not a difficult job to do and simultaneously one has to see the basic rules of Google, like registering with Google Web master as well as other registration that can give sufficient advance to this website and then many more people will love to see and enjoy the reading of articles that has been written here with completely care and a sense of full satisfaction.

The way all these articles has been in this sphere has been tremendous a sort of moral boosting for me as since the time of education, I have opened this blog and always tries hard to make it a stupendous success with each work and dedication and most of the time I have been busy with writing on many subjects.

At some point of time I have to come across some wired feelings but with due course of time such feelings fade from the scene and I have to continue with it still my last breath and for this one day after the festive occasion, daddy said to me to build a new website and that would be one of the most wonderful idea I could have and then I began preparing for the website in full zeal and dedication.

Then, after searching for two to three days about the domain name on the concerned site I found a suitable name and then asked daddy about it and he also ok this and thus start the process from where the beginning of a new domain and thus the change of address of blog. From here one can find, how to make this blog a beautiful one and also you can put and suggest how to make it a completely newer one so that we all can enjoy the rich benefits of joining this great blog which not only have the great potential for reaping rich benefits to users from all segments of society.

Apart from this website, I have been writing on some other sites of noteworthy and from the search engine which is there at the web page one can find the relevant information about it and when someone search within it one can find the information from there and it is always advisable as there I have been writing bigger articles in great detail and one can find a detailed information about all these in those articles.

There I have been writing about very good subjects with extensive description and other forms of stats which can be very well suitable for you in case you are doing some research or other related works. I am building a custom Google search engine so that all the writings of mine will be included there and it will be one such place from where user and the visitors can find all the relevant information at one go without any such difficulties.

In the mean time, author is trying hard to form a decent form of articles of assembly by introducing different aspects of writers imagination with the advent of more and more forms of ideas as well as other forms of information. Website have to be submitted to various webmasters and search engines for crawling and this means plenty of works still there and I have to work day in and out in order to finish this basic job.

Then, the URL at IZEA needs to be changed as for this the application will be submitted and hopefully this is to be done soon without any such delays in what so ever manner. Then the preferred work of connecting this website to Google analytics should be done and how and in which manner all the information needs to be implanted in the correct manner so that website will be presented with some of the most wonderful articles of the web. Building a blog has never been easier than one thinks so and for this one has to find extremely relatively easier path is to find the niche of your audience as well as of the subjects which you might find to be very much helpful for you.

By far the most difficult part of accessing any tool is that of Google analytics as one has to find and then log in to it takes time to reach there and for this one has to find the real path of analytics and then one has to wait for some time to log into it. After logging into it, one has to create a new record with the new domain name there. Then, I searched in the internet of how to add a new website into Google analytics and from there I could find pertinent information to begin the journey to make the modern analytics for my blog with a newer domain.

Click Administration of analytics account and then the account column creates a unique site and you have two different options one is for website and the other is for Google app. It is a recent addition to Google app creators and from here they can get user information in detail and in full specifications. It is always a better idea to save all these information in one note pad and then upload it to Drop box so that whenever you will need to have more information on this you do not have to log into analytics time and again for this as you can simply manage all these from the information you have.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy series of smart phones than with each smart phone you get almost 50 GB of drop box storages and it is built with Galaxy. So first and foremost launch the apps from the home button in the smart phone and then log into it in order to find, and then you can see the entire uploaded information there and it is now on the mobile.

From there, you can find each and every data as well as all can be managed with your PC as well as with your stylish phones. In this way all data are now within your space and it is for you when to access it for your own comfort.

Now, I have finished Google Analytics integration as well as Google Webmaster verification and submitting site map to them in order to correctly index the sites. The prominent part is now is to change the blog URL in IZEA account so that. It can again be up at the social spark and it will give added benefits to the blog in terms of content writing and revenue generating. This article was written seven years ago and this blog no further supports IZEA account integration.

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Ubiquitous Computing and the Anonymous Author

Thinking about finding one solution where the songs can be on cloud and can be accessible to a smart phone device wherever possible with speed and ease of use. So far with 2G connections it is not possible to work out such way out from where the offline as well as online synchronization is not possible. So far with images it is now possible to store all such images in the device with ease.

All images are now completely synchronized with various devices with so much of comfort and without limitation of offline as well as online accessibility. In the world of Internet connectivity where the completion among all such smart phone careers to have a perfect solution so as to make all the data available online as well as offline. It is one such streamline path of creating and managing music solution through which all such differences and distances among connectivity problems would be subsidizing.

Thinking about one such file synchronization service which is of course free to use and also give sufficient space so as to upload tons of music from its streaming services so as to behave as if it is in an offline situation. Service providers have to think of such services which can give adequate streaming facilities to each part of songs which is being uploaded to sky dive or other file synchronizations services.

It should be easier so as all the data could be inside cloud and fully synchronizes with offline computer. That is why each facet of organic computing comes to live with each feature will be available to each device that is connected to it. Let us now think about sky drive, which is well integrated with Microsoft Windows as well as it is available in all major platforms and this is what makes it a perfect combination of uploading essential music files so that all will be seen in different devices one after the other.

It is of highly essential of you are a Windows user to use sky drive as the configuration of Windows is such that one can be easily upload files from there without any such difficulties. It can be integrated with sky drive android apps from Google Play store or can be integrated with other forms through Samsung Link which I have been earlier clearly written about in detail. One can search for additional articles to know it better from this blog content.

Many a time it is of great difficulty to upload songs to sky dive and this one has to have a decent internet connection and also a passable weather such as no rain possibly for a nice and integrated upload of songs to sky dive. In this approach the connectivity options are very well integrated and one can find the real gem of all total of all the songs in one sphere and without any such difficulty one can browse and utilize these songs to the finest tunes and for excellent occasions.

Still there are some barriers to have seamless integration as we cannot find any such device which would give Still there are some barriers to have seamless integration as we cannot find any such device which would give seamless access to every bit of computing where each aspects of computing matters the most.

With the newer Windows 8.1 one can utilize Bing search engine as the ubiquitous search engine mechanisms. Here, one can find the each every aspect of information from the search by pointing mouse to the right hand side corner of screen and from there one can reach to the Bing search box and from here one can find information from computer as well as from the information of the cloud. It is the complete amalgamation of all forms of data be it inside of a cloud or at computer at an offline mode.

The entire form of connectivity goes towards a form of extra segment where one can have more and more storage spaces for everything. It all happens when you have plenty of storage places to cheer it with and this everywhere computing comes to live and in a true sense. The entire feature of Windows where everything will be there at one node from each setting to applications all can be reached with these searches. In the ever changing world of internet where, there is lesser time for everybody. So whenever someone is with the computer he does want definitely to have all the information at his finger tips and for this addition is welcome for Windows users.

With the advent of application form of everything one has to really find and search for the smoother application that can run on the platform easily and also that can give immense pleasure while dealing with it. The super successful game like “Temple Run” is that it gives unending pleasure of playing with it continuously and without any such break and the way it performs and gives way for solid performance is the matter of great strength.

Similarly, all applications should have been prepared in such so that there could not be any such advent of boring while dealing with any games as all the games gives good repertoire while playing with it as with due course of time user wants the unending experience from it through complete wonderful gamesmanship.

At one point of time, most of Internet writers are writing for the sake of earning money from the Internet and for this they used to write in any such newly advent website from where they can get more money than it ever be anticipated. As most of the writers want more money and for this delightful writing practices can always be questionable for the least part of the time.

Many a times in some websites you are writing as ghost writer and in one someday you come to realize that one of yours work has been considered as low grade work and has been rejected or the remuneration has been reduced, in the sight of low quality work and for this, and one day you have seen that the rejected work is being published by the author to whom you are working as ghost writer, what can you do to this, when the concerned owner would be taking away with yours article and you are left in the lurch with a lesser payment module.

As an online writer one has to be extremely careful about this as this can ruin the emotional mind but it is also left to be considered that one should always, be cautious and careful when working as ghost writer as with it there might be some time when someone would yours stole precious work and you have to abide by it as you cannot do anything as such so it is of great benefit one should always work with in your own name so that whenever yours world goes viral and it will be yours name that is associated with it to give more importance to yours reputations.

Keep up your identity and that will give you’re deserving respect instead of writing anonymously.

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