Free WordPress image hosting with Cloudinary

Being a web master, it is important to renovate yourself from time to time so as to create the most spectacular and faster website. My blog is not a full featured image blog and most of the time one or two images are hardly inside article. Still I wish to host images on other websites…

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Time machine

In the mean time I returned and that was the dawn and the entire sky was full of colorful purple colors all over out there and while seeing that color some thoughts of the past comes into my mind again and again. During standard eight while I was in the Tensa High School, I tend to remember that the subject of English has a nice poem of WordWorth depicting the beauty of the time of evening and during that time I recalled to know the word purple and for some times failed to understand purple and what is the difference between orange, red and purple.

Could UK be on the verge of breaking end-to-end encryption?

If that so does this means the terrorists should have a free run to communicate and then implement their evil ideas? No, even in this situational conversational system where end-to-end encryption is forced upon Whats-app still retains the internet Protocol address and metadata of users, and this information can be handled out to authorities without infringing upon security and privacy of other law-abiding citizens. In this approach, authorities can use such channels as if using as the similar send or receive persons.

How to stop strangers from contacting you online?

The internet is a place where people from all over the world can contact each other. It makes the world a small place. This helps people to communicate with to each other through different apps. At some point in time, this is okay but at some other point of time this could lead to unwanted…

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Protect yourself and your business from social engineering

Security of information technology is not just security related to the advent of digital threats in the form of hacking of computers and other resources. Most of security experts in the preliminary stages of security management tend to forget the importance attached with complete security of social engineering aspects of employees. The first and the…

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How to use WordPress’s file include functionality?

This article is all about to learn how to separate functions file by purpose in wordpress theme directory through include functions. Fir is far more of time you have been dwindling for how to mess up with different parameters of wordpress website and mostly you have found some reprise that it is the functions file…

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How to hack brains with Cinemagraphs?

The presence of snow globes attracts too many. Mesmerizing signs of artificial snow are moving inside plastic artifacts just makes the stable idles moving in the mind. When someone looks at the snow globe closely one could find that all the stable elements which are mostly made of plastics seem to be providing the mirage…

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Reasons to use a CDN for WordPress

Most of ecommerce site could hurt immensely with the presence of such denial of service attacks and it is important to add good CDN such as cloudflare so that ultimately this comes with the work of cdn to stop all such imminent attacks on website. This means that both forms of website users such as good one and malicious ones first reach towards the servers of cdn and after it got clearance from there then it could only enter into the original server.

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