EMERGENCE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY The science of Biotechnology came into existence in 1960s when scientists unravelled the mystery of RNAs and DNAs basic genetic material, and serious research began in the area of understanding  and ‘mapping’ of human genes. Initially, the term “Biotechnology” (abbreviated as Biotech) was loosely applied to technologies and organisations engaged in […]

The rainy days

The inherent cohesions Still fathom to be true the mechanism of inherent cohesion and the thoughts which has been the magic in my mind flowing through emotions. The friendship and beliefs all has been in the watt to phantasm. Each and every day seems the dreams that are being wonderfully crafted and all the togetherness […]

What to blog about?

You have to consider the two aspects in this situation first one is whether to find out all the burning topics inside internet and then make it resize and reappear inside your blog post and the other aspect is to write the original content and that should straight come from your cognition and imagination and […]

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