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Google Pixel XL Review

Smartphone market is facing a huge surge of demands. Google’s android is slowly penetrating into the smart phone market. Due to affordable pricing and smart marketing with complete security environments slowly Google and its distance competitor Apple is taking control of android phone markets. Google is not aiming to capture smart phone market with the […]

Samsung Link

Largest manufacturer of the smart phone maker is Samsung. In last one or two years, it is facing stiff competition from indigenous market players and most times due to stiff price cut in the parallel smart phones segment which is making life worse for Samsung. There has been many die-hard fans of Samsung smart phones […]

Disabling Talkback

Google is always innovative and draws out different plans of actions for a variety of consumers including visually-impaired users with new and innovative book known as TallBack. This is an accessible tool which provides a great tool for visually-impaired and blind people to use android phone with equal ease and satisfaction. TalkBack is a spoken […]

Google Android

Android One from the Google, promises rich smart phone with pure out of the box android for low-cost devices. For last three years, Samsung has been a leader in distributing Android products. During last one year, there has been some disagreement between Google and Samsung on customized android experience given to users through Samsung smart […]

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