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How can I speed up my android phone?

In the age of large scale application environment where choice of application for mobile devices is enormous, still one needs to see whether these apps can have advertisements in built or not. Why one gives extreme prominence towards seeing whether these apps have ads or not as it continues to put some part of files…

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Lyf C451 With 4G VoLTE Support Launched in India

Reliance Jio is concentrating on 4G network enabled phones. It continues to reduce the prices of its phone brand under Lyf phones and thus provide more and more opportunities for users to have very affordable 4G smart phones. Its latest Lyf brand phone model C451 has seen a huge price cut in terms of offering…

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Protect your devices from malware and hackers

In each and every sphere of technology the prominent part in dealing with strengthening the aspects of technological security is to strengthen the security of each and every apps and devices. Beginning from Microsoft towards each and every portions of technological fine print we do find the traces of the greatest movement of technology towards…

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Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Android is open source. That is why I have some apprehensions about its security. With constant updates and additions of more and more layered tools in its kitty and continuous involvement of Google to improve overall android experience makes it more prone for Supercharged security environment. In this process of open source movement of mobile…

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How to use Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology is a short distance wireless technology. Given the fact two or more blue tooth enabled electronic devices situated within short ranges to each other to share audio, network pairing and sharing of multimedia elements. Apart from electronic devices, Bluetooth works nicely with multimedia devices such as wireless ear phones, hands free phone calls,…

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Simple tips to speed up LYF Water 7

In this article we specifically talks about how to enhance the sounds of LYF Water 7 so that the viewing of multimedia components and other effects should have been of a better and nicer hearing experiences and that should also provide awesome viewing experiences for users and I do hope that one could use all of these three experiences to find out what works better for yours phone as ultimately the smart phone does need good sounds and nice sound environment and even if it does not have so still one can find these tips useful of various phones and just try it out and find out the end results of it.

Change has its enemies

Change is permanent. It is always there. Surprisingly, many have been contradictory to it. Change is real time and the flow of ideas comes about. If we look around and observe the trends of changing dynamics that have been there during childhood days still-to-date, there has been huge forms of changes all over without a…

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Google Pixel XL Review

Smartphone market is facing a huge surge of demands. Google’s android is slowly penetrating into the smart phone market. Due to affordable pricing and smart marketing with complete security environments slowly Google and its distance competitor Apple is taking control of android phone markets. Google is not aiming to capture smart phone market with the…

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