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How Google Search Algorithm Works

In the field of Internet Google’s presence is everywhere. What we search for and what to search all depends upon the search results from Google. There is completely absolute dependance over Google and that is why Google always tries hard to make this product search absolute and relevant. Most of times the first two to […]

How to browse website faster with Google Chrome

Google Chrome provides faster internet browsing experience with its always on updates and addition of new innovating experiences and it is important to find out how to optimize browsing experience to its maximum possible levels. Plugins are third party browser add ons, and it is important to look at these third party browser plugins whether […]

Which Browser Consumes Less Data Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or FireFox

In the age of fast internet and digital data, when the cost of mobile and computer goes downwards, the choice of choosing a better and faster internet web browser becomes important. Internet Explorer or Edge is default in all windows operating system and is available as download option is android mobile operating system. When we […]

Genuine Search Results

Throughout this write up I have emphasized of the search results that can have the possibility of more and more correct results and these can be only done through some smart algorithms and in this way the market leader for search engines is Google and it is now followed by the challenger Bing and in […]

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