Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Review

Continuing your network secure and dependable and barricading blanking out scourges menaces to sensitive selective information are without doubt; certainly yours top status established in order of importance or urgency and antecedence and priorities but with the internet getting strong as to be

irresistible significant in our day to day affairs, external menaces can get past in to your home computer when you have been used to form the superlative when you least expect them.

Bringing in the number one antivirus discipline dealing with antivirus technology, the industry leader the next propagation of internet security 1 ranked, For 2013, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus brings the privacy and the security to an entirely new domain.

No other antivirus ever reached to with Bitdefender’s line of 2013 security solutions brings home the bacon easy to use, the highest degree of development of an art or technique descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on events or stimuli or processes that occur subsequently with proactive inhibition and proactive inhibition from e-threats , to so extreme degree the viruses, spyware, hackers , spam and phishing offensive against your personal home computing system.

They also include more forward beforehand advanced precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury and feature rich features, including parental controls, online backup, social networking protection and more!

Preparing for installation:

• Make sure the computer you are planning to install BitDefender meets the basic criteria of installation.
• Log on to computer using Administration account.
• Remove any other security software from you computer.
• Disable Windows Firewall program.
• BitDefender will validate your system before installation and if it does not meet the minimum system requirement then it will stop the installation process abruptly.
• The welcome screen will let you to choose the type of installation you want to possess.
• For recommended settings then click install to have a complete installation.
• Agree to End User License Agreement.
• Enable Anonymous Usages reports.
• You can configure proxy settings.
• Wait for the installation process to complete and detail information about the progress is displayed.
• Critical system areas will be scanned for viruses and latest versions of applications will be downloaded and installed.
• Summary of installation is displayed if any malware detected it will be removed while the scan is in progress.
• Now you can close the window.

A brief overview of what BitDefender is:

Bitdefender is the originator of the reward winning the world endorsed authoritatively attested Internet Security and Antivirus software. From that time its origination in it has ceaselessly elicited the standards in proactive threat perceptual experience and virus in many instances indicating the most important performer in the best Internet security detection techniques to preclude the disperse of beady-eyes

Due to its number one product and with the state of the art technology the company with movements entering into leaders. It has now offices in UK, USA, Germany, France and Spain and strategically coalition with local vendors which has it to open and enter into one hundred countries the world. They have partnership with big brands like IBM and Virgin Media.

The year of 2011 has been a year of success and pride with a new corporate identity , for the first time it has unique achievement to be voted as 1 choice in regards to internet security by top three independent security assessment organizations through out the world.

Bitdefender provides for corporate networks, from the small business right through to the global enterprise, protecting all endpoints that include award-winning technology that include new and innovative ideas that include the leading and latest trends in the information security industry and it is continually getting the much-deserved recognition from respected independent security assessment organizations like that of Av-Test[.]org, Virus Bulletin, ICSA Lab, Checkmark, PC World Top 100, just to name but a few. Bitdefender reaches without variation in every to make something new technology to remain one footmark in the front to make life ease of the clients for best antivirus detection compounded with conciliatory usability and functional execution.

Bitdefender’s features list includes antiphishing, parental controls, firewall, secure online storage, ID security, USB device security, process behavior monitoring, and a vulnerability scanner. Other important tools like SafePay browser for complete secure online transactions, Personal Data Defender that keeps your personal and private collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn safe at home, Device Anti-Theft which can in a remote manner locate, lock and wipe protected defended device that is in close association with the internet.

One more existing feature of Bitdefender Total Security2013 is that it can uninstall any existing antivirus that is on your personal computer, though in the case of Microsoft Security Essentials, the un-installation is completely manual.

It has Autopilot feature in its set up which will keep the pop-ups during the installation process to the minimal level, Automatic Game Mode is enabled by default, and if you do not like this feature or you do not play PC games then you can disable after the installation. Bitdefender’s Connection Filters is very nice and it can automatically detect any internet connection and thus make it more and more secure.

Bitdefender’s central interface is also popularly known as the Dashboard and it is very simple and intuitive. Set up SafeGo the social networking feature rich protection for safeguard from Facebook, Twiter and a whole lot of popular social networking site. It does not slow down the social networks at all while it is monitoring it.

It is suggestible to create a MyBitdefender account online so that you can have permission to access a whole lot of security features and prominent attributes. With Bitdefender Total Security 2013 you will be free form e-threats can perform secure online financial and monetary business transactions and can defend your privacy on social networks as sometimes there are instances that social networks can inhibit and steal your privacy but with Bitdefender Total Security 2013 you will be able to address the privacy concerns and also safe and preserve your privacy with it. Parental Control preserves privacy, restricts the script block content and web access for your children activities. USB Immunizer vaccinates Flash Drive from when they are inserted into your computer. Active Virus Control which is the better management system, it sees and suspicious activities through various tagged activities and it does in real time,

There is the Rescue Mode with Bitdefender Total Security 2013, if any e-threats cannot be removed, then PC will be restarted in a safer environment and then it removes the virus and makes the whole OS safer and cleaner. Vulnerability Scanner of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 will scan for outdated software installed in OS, it will scan for Windows security patches and missing software and then it will prompt for download. Bitdefender Autopilot will work in artificial management environment as it will make its decision on personal computer on it own and it will be a environment without any sort of interference to you so that you can make your work in a completely undisturbed environment.

Search Advisor – The Link Filter of Total Security 2013 will connect to Bitdefender cloud services to flag and stop and phishing related activities and thus prevents you from click jacking and downloads. reports you and block phishing website that are being involved in scams, financial luring scams and other related phishing attempts. Dispatcher will see if your system resource is going upwards and in this manner hanging the entire system , and for this it will , scan the resource and act like as the resource firewall so that resource usages falls below certain threshold levels.

The newer addition into Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is Bitdefender SafePay , Device Anti-Theft , USB Immunizer , Security Widget , Windows 8 Compatible .

For those who pass time in a specific ways and most of the works with internet, network safeguard is not something as they receive it in a light manner. If you are writing and earning money with internet, it is essential to remove all such gaps so much so that, all your earnings will be safer and smoother and so that it will not go to some other person by shielding your entire network. If not then you could be losing money instead of earning it.

Additional Product Info:

Bitdefender’s line of 2013 security solutions provide state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats, such as viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, and phishing attacks. They also offer more advanced safeguards and rich features, including parental controls, online backup, social networking protection, and more!

The most notable feature is Bitdefender Safepay –Bitdefender’s proprietary secured browser that safeguards your online transactions and home banking applications from all tampering attempts.

Bitdefender’s 2013 solutions are designed to operate on multiple computer environments, including PCs that function mostly off-line or in a secure LAN, to computers with always-on, unfiltered Internet connections.

This year also comes with an increased focus on useful services such as Safebox, Device Anti-Theft, and Parental Control, but also on the secure and convenient management of your services – with the new MyBitdefender. Its improved dashboard also allows you to view and even control installed applications and mobile devices.

Brand guidelines:

The Bitdefender logo is subtly mixing dynamism, strength and boldness with tremendous control and focus, which makes it the forerunner and most concentrated manifestation of the brand.


It is a top rated security system to protect and safeguard your computers. It is very light on system resources and you can easily work of some other multi tasking while the protection is on or scanning is undergoing. It is a hassle free security system. According to Version 6.0″ PC MAG, Feb 2012 its phishing protection is best and even far better than Norton 360.

After being awarded as the “Best Security Product for 2011” by AV-Test, it is more and more going upwards in its performance in terms of Protection, Repair and Usability. It performs superlatively against malware infections. Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is first class fantabulous ease of use with high safeguard rates, and great strong shield ability to quarantine and remove the unwanted infections.

It is then fasted in detecting the proactive detection of new viruses and it quarantines those before they enter into computer. The most attractive part of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is its monetary value which is very smart and also eases on consumer’s pocket. It is a complete product with having every necessary or normal part or component or step with the accomplished internet and virus security solutions for a computer.

SafePay browser:

SafePay browser comes with Bitdefender Total Security 2013, is a new product , it employs the sandboxing technology which was earlier introduced in previous versions and then while any transactions it isolates all the other parts of OS so that the infection and hacking will be not be the reality and your transactions will remain secure . IN this way it creates a safer place for your browser and OS.

The finest functioning of SafePay browser is that it will not communicate with other processes in the OS, here the main attraction is on virtualization of entire processes of financial transactions, so here the security matters the most. One excellent functionality is bookmarking of banking and transactions websites so that the next time you open SafePay browser, you do not have to call back the websites again, as all will be at the bookmarking bar.

In addition to these features, it also offers virtual keyboard and Wi-Fi protection. When the user tries to access the online payment sites it will show a message and alert the user about it. In this it will take your online transactions and proceedings into a safe environment. It is also true while you feel like browsing like that of some other sites but you cannot access any part of OS while SafePay browser is


You can configure product behavior with Bitdefender by turning on or off Autopilot, Automatic Laptop mode, and Automatic Game Mode. With Automatic Laptop mode it will automatically detects when the laptop is low on batteries and then it will disable some power mongering processes so that laptop batteries will not be drained out unwanted.

The magnificent connection filter of Bitdefender , Firewall, Web Antimalware, , Antifraud and Search Advisor. From time to time you can open Bitdefender Dashboard and fix the existing issues. If you have some issues while dealing with Bitdefender then check of some common issues, and go for the step by step detailed description of it.

Critical issues alert is essential and it requires your immediate attention. It will keep the detailed log about all activities and will show you in an inbox manner clear and lucid reading. Bitdefender interface has main window, setting window and security widgets.

At panel you can directly manage Bitdefender modules. You can organize your panels as you wish. The antivirus panel has , full system, custom, vulnerability scan and rescue mode. By clicking managing adapters inside you can configure general connection settings for network adapters. Bitdefender Tune-up has personal computer optimization functionalities.

Safe box lets you back your important files to secure online servers and then them between your devices and can manage them down menu. Safego helps you to stay secure on social networks as you can activate your Facebook and through your online Bitdefender account and with it becomes more and and your data stay safeguarded from any other hassles.

Encryption creates password protected logical drive in your computer. You can activate ID theft protection the identity threat protection through your online Bitdefender account and can track the whole lot of logs and activities. Security widget is the fast track to monitor prevents threats with Bitdefender Total Security 2013.

It gives and manages the overall security status of your computer. With my Bitdefender account you can retrieve your lost Bitdefender key, configure parental controls, Safe box files to secure server, Safego ,antitheft and other management tasks of Bitdefender Total Security is performed. You’re my Bitdefender account can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet at Keeping, checking and performing Bitdefender up to date is essential for a secure health of your system.

It is advisable not to change the update location server of Bitdefender. the With Safebox online back up you can by going to your online Bitdefender account and then go to Safebox and back up your contents and also if you want to share with your friends then also you can do it and share some files with – all sharing will be secured. Bitdefender offers you 2GB of free online space for your data. The NeuNet performs and scans a set of tests based on heuristic and set the threshold level and then detect the spam rates with it.

One of the principal reason and the ugly side of internet use you are being always targeted by spammers, viruses and all the other harmful scripts and others, it is a grave matter and in order to stay secure you can go for the 1 antivirus software provider and Editor’s Choice from CNET and PCMag the reputed institutions and you can depend on this and go for Bitdefender Total Security 2013, to stay and float in all kinds of internet . Being someone who is very good at technology, I prefer to suggest to my readers to go with Bitdefender Total Security 2013, so that their personal computers will be in place than ever.

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