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Security tips for Android Application Developers

After thoroughly writing in detail about WordPress security, windows security and android security now is the time to write about security tips for an application developer. In android developing of a good android application can be monetised to have good amount of income on one side and if all of the security parameters are not Continue Reading »

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide

WordPress security is taken most seriously. Due to its open source in nature, it is important to take some precautions otherwise the security course of WordPress might have seen difficulties. There are some the very basic security concepts which every webmaster need to understand about it and follow these guidelines in order to make their Continue Reading »

Get the most out of your Android Lollipop device

Android Lollipop was launched in way back in 2014 and it continues to be there with many devices. Due to faster launching time of Android operating system updates within some years even the latest operating system becomes older or seems older. Google now is providing more and more ways to make your device relevant and Continue Reading »

How to secure WordPress working environment?

Security is never absolute. With WordPress and its continuous updates it is taken seriously but still there are some security holes that need to be patched. WordPress is a system and this is inevitable that with every system there needs to be potential security holes and that needs to be patched from time to

What can I do to protect my PC from the Meltdown and Spectre flaws?

The massive design flaw detected in computer processor and the manufacturers are working over night to fix it up. Still, there is no clear cut patches in this. There are two security holes detected in computer processors and only one hole is patched. The problem is that intel chips used in Windows and Mac computers Continue Reading »

Strangers in my native land

In the land of known figures, despite being away for some time from time to time you will find so many of familiar figures that always make you feel in the society. In the land where one is born despite being away for some time still there are so many familiar faces here and there Continue Reading »

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