Unleashing a caged tiger

With the complete spreading of globalization in far and wide area of the world it seems obvious that slowly the world had been becoming a flat surface. The movement of goods and services from one part of the world towards the other is fast and the processes of implementation does not take a minuscule of time. There had been many changes and examples of successes and discontents of the trends related to globalization but still we could find many such illuminated aspects were the most positive and vibrant presentation of this idea moves into different and dynamic spheres. In these Continue Reading »

Is mathematics a practical Odyssey

The goal, of has never ever been easier t achieve. It continues to provide differential calculative amendments to thoughts were at some point in time there had been greater confusion about whereabouts the arm that should have been the proper place that it was anticipated to be in the first place. It is the path of perfection that enables the achiever towards meeting it and moving towards the point of action where there could have been the role models and other calculative mind that pushes with it and find the real point of action with it. It has been estimated Continue Reading »

Anthropological Approach to Consumer Science

In this world of constant development and economic empowerment the micro side of progress still needs to be looked into greater detail. The assertive macro decision making gives way to wider connotations in terms of principle as well as far reaching destination of attending the mass advance. It provides the most assertive part and parcel of developmental orientations where every possible positive principles give way to more and more populist attainments of understanding of what should be the real development at the micro side of economic affairs. Most of the macro developmental decision making process come into light with the Continue Reading »

Opera Neon: a web browser built for speed, simplicity and security

In the race of web browsers since the age of Windows XP, we had seen the emergence of many such web browsers which continuously posed many challenges to default web browser of Windows operating system. For longer time Microsoft did not improve the default web browser and it continues to be underdeveloped in accordance with time. Due to circulation of a large number of Internet-related audiences people did wish o has more and more feature oriented web browsers so that they could perform better with it. Internet slowly seemed to be the real world instead of virtual ones and it Continue Reading »

Final examination: The Journey to Heaven

This story revolves around at the time of end of the great war of Mahabharat. Pandavas won this war and at the end of their rule. They decide to move towards paradise. At the first row, elder brother Yudhisthira riding the holy mountain of the Himalayas. It is estimated that at the end of this mountain the road to paradise begins. His four younger brothers from time to time at different path of mountain climbing could not surpass to the last path. Yudhistir continues to climb these rocky mountains and move with vigor and strength of concentration to reach nearer Continue Reading »