Artificial intelligence and the problem of programming creativity

Brain of a human mind is a set up of complex structure where the passages of thoughts, spoken words and different senses come into light due to several simultaneous states of structures built into it. The human brain is the compositor of a multiple number of knowledges and reasonings which comes into light into different parameters where storages of each and every processes are well guarded and renewed from time to time. It is important for scientists to learn about these super flow of thoughts that appeared from here and provide awesome ways to manage and create the entire processes Continue Reading »

Summer bliss at Kasauli

Everywhere you look at the presence of magical and beautiful hill station Kasauli comes forward with the point where seemingly it present the perception precept of divulging of unplugging of nature all at its mightiest best to present the mammoth beauty of nature within realms of impressive place where all forms of magical representation of nature comes to the halt within the glimpses of eyes where the visitors does seemingly confounded with the presence of paradise everywhere the eyes meets. The fragmented landscapes at different levels presents the myths of excellence within realms of ambit of nature where everywhere you Continue Reading »

WordPress security best practices

In the initial years of blogging, I supposedly continue for the sake of writing informations related to the fast development in the arena of websites and internet. In these times of slow internet, where the construction of sites is such so that even dial-up connectivity one could eventually open the website and gather informations around it. During those time unlike present times waiting for website loading times did not feel boring. When thinking about dial-up days verses the days of faster fourth generation of internet of volte I could feel that even in proportion to the present times as that Continue Reading »

How to Add Google Custom Search to WordPress

WordPress as a blog about running has it’s everything there. It has search functions, and it has various functions to stop spamming which is inbuilt inside of it. Still, many of us webmasters continue our endeavour to attach more and more plugins for adding extra features. Some days back I wrote an article about how not to be used any comment spam stopper plugins but still you can stop comments spam effortlessly. Now, I should let you understand about how to add Google custom search engine to WordPress. Google in its help file have detailed on it, but there is Continue Reading »

Single best invention of life

The road towards the nearby townships seems to be at the stretch of never ending route. The entire route is filled with solitary driver as no other vehicle not passing or behind it. It was afternoon of spring. Surprisingly entire sky is filled with plenty of clouds moving here and there in random manners. Most of these clouds are black and it does seem to convey that somewhere nearer this time there could have been the greater possibilities of rain out there. So for rain is not there but the winds are now cooler. He stops air condition and opens Continue Reading »