Revelation of Lord Jagannatha

In the eyes of devotees, the presence of the Lord in conscience has more significant values additions than seeing in the present. Lord stays always with him irrespective of each and every portions of thought processes as well as assimilated amalgamation of attached thoughts that continues to provide awesome and well managed ways to understand what consists of life and what is the importance of divine presence with it. Lord Jagannatha in the eyes of the common man does not move yet. He is there everywhere. He is omnipresent and resides everywhere and whichever stage we are we could find Continue Reading »

Secrecy in God-Devotee relationship

Every relationships has the efficacies for strongest desire for privacy and intimacy that enables every other persons to move towards the state of ultimate perfection which tend to move towards complete and marvelous revelation of stupendous adventurous intimacies that enables the secrecy elements that might not be open to the outer world. Among all such relationships in the principal amount of relationship are the relationships between God and devotees. It is usually kept in complete secrecy and should be related to God and devotee and no one else should be attached with it. Great Odia poet Mayadhar Mansingh in his Continue Reading »

Twenty two steps towards abode of Lord Jagannath

Inside Jagannath Temple complex of Puri, odisha existential presence of twenty two steps colloquially known as ‘Baaishi Pahaach’ made of stone are renowned world wide among believers of Hinduism as the holy steps before reaching to sanctum sanctorium of Lord Jagannath inside of main temple. There has been four gates all around the main temple complex and the principal is being known as Lion’s gate which is colloquially known as Singhadwara. It is located at the eastern side of the temple, and in the front of it there exists the presence of Aruna Sthambha or large pillar which is considered Continue Reading »

Rath Yatra 2016

One could find that at some point of places during these festive occasions some people are giving free water pouches to people and distributing them and people tend to take these due to advent of strongest and mightiest form of humidity during these occasions but still one need to remember that during all these years one can find the more and more positive aspect of finding that it has been seen that these water pouches does have contaminated waters and mostly these are ordinary waters packaged in the form of mean water. Like these people should take all such immediate Continue Reading »

Revolutionize your best cloud photo management solution Google Photos with these easy tips

Android operating system provides a huge array of opportunities for users to customize the operating system in accordance with their need and wishes. Most of android devices do have huge set up application ecosystems and many developers constantly have been finding various opportunities to showcase different versions of similar applications. Most of these original equipment manufacturers do provide a vast array of default applications which mostly do help users in creating and finding out different works. Google has been very instrumental in developing a wide array of applications which mostly work within cloud systems so as to provide the user Continue Reading »

Secret of lost world and death planet

Why humans should not learn the good things from such creatures and should we not be inspired by the sheer presence of nature and the calmness of trees that has been around all over us and tend to provide the single most messages of peace all over in those arenas without any slightest bit of hesitation and should we not be inspired from it so that we should be stronger and mightiest than the standing trees so as to see the most form of difficulties passing from these routes without any form of difficulties. That is the life which every Continue Reading »