Make WordPress Secure Without Plugins

For the last seven years, running a blog with blogger and making its page rank reached 3 at one point of time is absolutely wonderful achievement which no one even can think of. At first, beginning the blog of the motive of creating casual blog writings then slowly moving towards more serious writing which gives some ample presentation of satisfaction of writing new articles which has been read by many at different points of time. Sometimes, writing many travel articles and sometimes writing articles on

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India votes for change

India got its independence in the 1947, but. It got its constitution in 1950. It provided ways for establishing an institution of universal adult franchise for world’s largest democracy. China has the highest population and India is second in population. China does not prefer democracy, but India does. That is why. India has become world’s largest democracy. In the last general election, just concluded recently, runs for more than a month amidst different segments of voting sections. Democracy is a way of life, and it

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Bathing Festival of Lord

These are festive time amidst hot summer. It is unbearable to its most climax experience. The temperature is 42 degrees centigrade but due to the presence of sea; it becomes virtually 48 degree centigrade. It is not tolerable and people always want to stay within the air condition to go out from this torrid summer. While unlocking galaxy phone powered by Android, I first test the temperature from its weather widget. With Android update, this widget looks nice and slowly, it indicates the level of current Continue reading

Barriers to entrepreneurial culture in large organization

Organizations might like to blame government for inhibiting entrepreneurial instinct. Most of the real problems are cultural and may exist inside the organizations. This, of course, is usually the result of an unfortunate pattern: success leads to size; size leads to complexity; together, size and complexity can bury the entrepreneurial spirit. This is the part where the notions of leadership have to be redefined in larger organizations. Community leaders have to move from management by control to lead by facilitating, coaching Continue reading

Why are organizational culture changes?

In the present global economy, the organizations that do not move with agility will fall over themselves. Strengths and talents will always be best cultivated in the framework of a worthwhile organizational purpose. Turbulent markets present unique opportunities for business that are aware. What matters today is how quickly business can react to shifting conditions and leverage them into opportunities to build values. Ideally, an organization having a strong entrepreneurial culture strives to constantly Continue reading

Travel to Alarnath

On one fine morning, Daddy told us to plan for a visit to Alarnath. It is plus 19 kilometers away from Puri and is famous during the period between Bath Festival of Lord Jagannath and world famous car festival. During this time fever catches Lord and then he takes rest for 14 days. During that time public darshan of the Lord is not allowed and for this people reach to Alarnath to see him. He is considered as Lord jagannath and when people see him it is considered as pious and according to supreme religious thinking Continue reading

Walled garden

With increasing use of smartphone and mobile devices, Google and Apple are leading in providing unlimited storage spaces to users. Google is providing through its android image application unlimited storage options, with unlimited uploading capacity of Android to Google services of images and videos. Both Google and Apple are offering a vast ecosystem of applications and interconnectivity options which realizes deeper user interaction and providing adequate storage options to save the file for a lifetime. Continue reading