Japan Diary- Connector Inventions

It started with syndication get together amenities in the entire work field. There the work culture is totally different from that of US or Indian work cultures. It seems everyone seemingly work like the similar to robots, where there is hardly talk out there and most of them are busy while performing assigning task to them. At the first instance, it should feel astonished to see but with due course of time their dedication towards work cultures is of immense importance to all of us. At the first instance, the entire syndication arranged the entire facilities as if all of Continue Reading »

Life of humans are vital above anything else

The earth is the most important and significant planet within the cosmos. We know that almost 90 percentages of areas of the universe are preoccupied with unknown matters which are renowned as dark matter and the dark energies that are found within it expands those areas further. That is why there has been unbelievable expansions of dark matters but in the case of presence of planets and galaxies those areas continue to be as it is due to the peculiar nature of traditional forces which contracts and that is the soil needed for a stable atmosphere. Entire universe is filled Continue Reading »

Role of media and networking in our life

While dealing with various aspects of understandings of the way the logic matters and the most vitality of discussions comes to the forefront in the form of dynamic assertions of understandings the way we perceive the matter. Once a while I have been watching an interview with an eminent personality in the field of journalisms and he described how the current journalists and journalisms are losing their way out. Currently the television media is overpowered and over crowded with seven to eight prominent journalists and they try their hand to provide justifications the way news meant to be understood. Journalistic Continue Reading »

There are some things in this universe humans are not meant to understand

There are so many unsolved mysteries in the realms of science. In the field of astro-physics, the more we discover parts of the cosmos more and more unknown facts coupled with extreme confusing elements of doubts come upfront. Physics is to determine what is already there and nothing new. In the realms of astro-physics, there is nothing that sort of newer reform of ideas but the more we move closer to solve these mysteries, the more and more difficulties we come forward with a confusing phenomenon of ideas and thoughts comes time and again to minds. The frontal representation of Continue Reading »

Nano seconds to measure rate of displacements of planetary distances to negate negativity arising out of varying velocity derivatives

For last ten days, I have been thinking about some of the innovative ways to see the world that should not be seen in the same way by others. Still thinking in detail about to perceive the believes to cross the threshold of the universe. There has been so many brilliant theories related to the origin of the universe but still to date the clear cut mention and movement of ideas dealing with the passing phases of the universe, are not been completely deciphered. The primary reason behind this is the right time and again encountering of phase of limitations. Continue Reading »