Cloud computing for mobile users

The prevalence of android device present in everywhere either due to strong marketing possibilities of Google or due to superb and continuous adaptation of android provides users with faster access to the latest developments. It is a truth that slowly we are moving towards an arena where now we have found complete development and supercharged android enabled devices slowly engulfing its competitors on the way. We have seen completely outward movement of Symbian operating system and showy Windows Mobile also losing its charm and Apple Mobile operating system is continuously getting challenges from android and apparently some of android customisations Continue Reading »

Niche Marketing Strategies

Talking about expanding from the current source of related sources where the presence of contemporary market exists, there comes the additional forms of exclusive actions to search for some niche findings where we could move towards achieving the more performances and outputs through the initiation of niche marketing that has never ever been there in the initial stages of marketing. Sometimes, it is easier said than done that we have to find as such but the real marketing geniuses lies in inhibiting and incorporating such actions and turning them into some real processes where the performances and its corresponding results Continue Reading »

How to achieve greatness in your life

Greatness can have wildest potential among most of the work force to see through how they achieve the continuous development and confer it from time to time with differential value additions. Every human have talent but sadly very few people able to recognise this and contribute to the farthermost success level so that the path to greatness can easily be achieved. What negates them to work in their fullest potential is the ability to overcome internal as well as external stop over agents that continue to provide different hurdles to them. These sorts of factors trying to showcase and provide Continue Reading »

Politics of strategic decision making in high-velocity environments

Many feel and claim that the process of administration has always been a difficult subject. There is no hard and fast rule to this and also it is unique and it appears differently under different circumstances. This means that no one could easily think of applying some sort of easier access as well as formulae to attend and find out the real meanings attached with it. In the management lessons, there are many related subjects which elaborates and corroborates different managerial decision making but in realities and true circumstances we could not find the real attachments with it. This is Continue Reading »

Effects of consumer buying decisions on promotional choices of discounts and freebies

There has been enormous interest of people in general dealing with aspects of what is free or freebies that has been offered. People are fond of seeing and enjoying the aspects of freebies offered as well as the most mighty demonstration of rebates that have been shown in these cases. While walking past the main market, we have a tendency to look at the shops mostly the garmented shops to see the rebated amounts in festive seasons. Somewhere it should be 20 percentages and somewhere it could be 50 percentages or somewhere if you buy one shirt then another one Continue Reading »

How Samsung is regaining smart phone share in India?

In the era of business management everyone thinks about perfection of transparency and its related embodiment of attachment of ethics so as to present consumer with mass adherences of stringent ethics that should bind each and every person with the strongest bonds ever possible. That creates the perceived attendances of getting closer towards the idea of dealing with mass performances of grand buildings which ultimately put forward wide array of thought processes of making and adhering the brand loyalties in longer terms. That create wide array of stupendous possibilities for brands to create more and more exercises within perimeters of Continue Reading »