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The Dark Knight (2008) Movie shows sacrifice of Batman

The Dark night is a superb batman movie. It is one of most popular batman movie. This article is first hand movie review of The Dark Night. In the imaginary city of Gothic, due to Batman peace prevails everywhere. This is not going to stay for longer duration. A psychotic criminal named “Joker” who created havoc by doing extremely deeper crimes. Stole banks and killed person and his only demand is that the mask of Batman to be unraveled and the real person behind batman must come forward.

Batman never divulge his secrets of who is batman and he continues to work with masks and make a safer place for people living inside the imaginary city of Gothic. Now, he is facing his real test. People now wants real face of batman to be revealed so that the criminal joker will not create crime again. This is a catch 22 situation for batman.

Joker’s aim is not to steal money. He loot banks and then burn all the notes. His only motive to unravel concept of batman such as de-masked him so that he will not come out again. He continue to kill one by one and ask Batman to reveal his identity so that he will not kill the next person. The hero of Gothic city is slowly becoming the villain. On one point there is a choice to save for batman of his former girlfriend and the other courageous officer.

New Shuttle Train memu
New Shuttle Train Memu

Batman chooses the later but ultimately he will become the main villain in the next series of The Dark Night which is The Dark Night Rises. Batman regrets of no saving his former girl friend. His former girl friend had given a letter to associate of Batman, and after her death Batman read that letter which contents that after there is peace in the city of Gotham, Batman will not do that savior and she would want a happy life with him.

Batman regrets this and this stays with him for the rest of life. In the middle of movie, joker was caught by Batman and given to police head and he was sent to prison. This was the plan of joker to reach to prison. Batman earlier caught the main don tycoon of China and this was the plan of joker to release him. During the main course of this movie police and batman are confused with the joker’s action and most of time reach in catch 22 situations.

Unlike other superheroes such as spider man and avengers, batman does not have super powers. He works everything with science and technology. This makes watching him on his mission more human friendly and genuine. Batman works with superior technology and most of times he is a normal human comes to the forefront. This makes watching batman movie excellent. This is a must watch movie and with continual action and never stop excitement. Batman can jump from one skyscraper to another but it comes with science.

This little bit of nearer to reality make watching batman as career praise worth. It is important to watch The Dark Night and then its next version The Dark Night Rises in order to understand what the stories and the series of connection with these two movies had.

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The Raid: Redemption The Death Raid

I am not sure it might have some relation with the movie The Raid. Which was of small budget but it works nicely and do have huge profit. The second version of this movie is called as the The Raid: Redemption. Originally in Indonesian movie which has original title named as ‘Serbuan Maut’ and the original English title of this movie is called as The Death Raid. Director changed it to The Raid: Redemption.

This movie was released in 2001 and it was huge success and the imdb rating is that of 7.6 out of 10. It is a story of capture of a dangerous don and how a S.W.A.T. team enters into its own domain of don and how they face opposition and how there are ruthless fight and the movie is a non-stop action endeavor. The protagonist of this movie is Iko Uwais who is a fantastic actor and his action and kung fu action in this movie becomes highly natural fighter.

The plot of this movie is very simple and not so difficult to understand. A plenty of special cops invade in an apartment building where at the top of the building that is of at 15th floor and the don is there and the super cops need to go from floor to floor and in order to capture him but that is not so easy as the super cops thought it initially.

The movement of the story is super fast and there is no time to breath for some time as the thriller and action in these sequence seems nice and non-ending. The story is not so new as you can find plenty of similar stories but still you can see, the treatment by the director Gareth is super as the movement of this movie is brilliant and the fight sequences are super-fast and very realistic.

There is the suspense element in this movie as it unfolds at certain point of time but it is not so expected and at some point of time the dialogue delivery is not so good but still it provides awesome level of management of movie as speed of action makes this movie very interesting. In terms of violence in this movie it is bit on higher side as there are plenty of other related sequences, but the movement of violence in this movie is on higher side.

There is lesser amount of story in this movie and it is a bit of fight movie, and it is a great movie for the action-packed movie lovers. At some point of time you could see the lieutenants of don only using manual weapons instead of guns but still it is one the best martial arts movie where in each and every fight sequence is very heart-touching and brilliant. It is similar to star wars action movie but the fight sequence is at its peak and the movies is fast.

How to improve FM signal reception?

FM radio is pretty popular because of many versatile reasons and it is also true that it had stood and attend it positions through many obstacles and it is here and it is always been with you. The fantastic part of all these has been the quality of sound it is receiving as with it the whole sort of listening environment, like that of whether you are in the party or at some sort of musical environment or at office or inside car driving the long way then the nearby fm station will be your friend as always.

Many a times it is your friend and it can relieve you from tensions and also in big hotels inside they will run the music slowly and the audience and the people around there would listen to this great symphonic music and will feel the beats of music into their hearts. FM is all about listening to music and how it will run into your veins and how these will make you happier and more merrier and the most better part is the flawless signal and this is of utmost importance when you are listening to any sort of FM reception and these are all not very symbolic but are true to the biggest of senses.

The quality of reception does depend upon many part and facets and it does goes on with some sort of better management of exceptional areas that are being embedded within it. The way the signal works and the continuation of its flow is sure to be hurt by many factors such as cement , buildings, concrete, electronic equipments on the way and inside of the home and the direction of inbuilt antenna and so on.

All these factors does have more bearings and it does obstruct the ways of the signal that has been circulated and in this way all has been some sort of facets and better understandings of it , as the radio signal got obstructed from within it and how to make it more and more parallel and semantic is the order and the first and the foremost metric for the better signal reception and in this article I will divulge some of the most easiest and also tried and tested method of using and augmenting FM signal so that you can know some of the better secrets of augmenting how to use all these so that you can have richer benefits from among these.

Location advantage:

It is one of the significant factors and that cannot be undermined as with the complete straight forward location advantages upon other significant factors the reception can have some straight forward additional advantages. The minimalist advantageous upon staying your radio set with FM nearer to the windows and the antenna will stay and feel the direct prosper of air so that the reception parameters will be of better and higher quantified measurement, and the signal will reach without any sort of hindrances and it is also advised if your home has two storied buildings and one side where your neighbor’s building is not up to two storied , it is up to one storied than you can , this means that on one side of the neighbor’s building is smaller than that of yours then it is simple that on that side of your building it is of more free and the air and the light will come towards your home.

It is also true that suppose in your house hold one side is such that it is being looked upon as with the fresh air yours house hold will get plenty of air that is indeed needed for this very purposes and also on the other hand this also tells the real story that is when the air is free then also the signals that comes with it and in this case we are being talking about FM radios signals and this all has been some of the spectacular areas where the signal will work like never before. The manner the signal strength will be boosted as you keep you FM radio set nearer to the windows pane at the second storied building and where the neighbor’s building is smaller than that of yours.

With this the reception will be clearer and the signal strength will be on higher side and in this way also by placing your FM radios set nearer to windows you could not find some sort of clarity in the signal strength of stations and your favorite ones. In this subsequent write ups I will divulge more about how to get stronger signal with some sort of wonderful techniques as these are not all the technical in the widest sense of imaginations. So, till now we have learnt how to make better placements of your radio set and with it the whole number of counting of yours FM stations will be on rise and there are some times if the weather permits then you will be finding some FM that are more that miles away from your home so enjoy.

Aerial of FM radio:

It is important that the aerial of FM should be longer and while you are on the purchasing trend, then look for some of the better equipped FM antenna so that you can get the better reception and so as some of the more FM stations at your kitty and obviously with it you can vouch for more and more choices. Aerial is one of most significant factor with which you can get some of more smarter and better reception and augmenting with above written suitable placements , then the signal strength will be tripled and for this you will have to be conscious of a good antenna settings of your FM stations.

It is also believed and widely accepted that FM signal is better with vertical standing antenna but it is not that true indeed and with vertical standing antenna, the signal will be poorer and the reasons for this is FM signals spreads in parallel and that is why the aerial of FM radio must be in the parallel mode so that it will catch the signal in full strength and with this the entire cache of signal will be received and the tone and flavor of FM will be listened in full swing. The manner and the way these signals are being telecasted from base stations has been fantastic and in this manner it is destined for parallel mode due to the fact that it is mainly intended for some short distance broadcasting and it is meant for good quality that is why the parallel signal mode is the order of the day.

With this the entire strength of the signal and its continuity is being observed in its fullest of full swings and the quality of signal does not distorted by any sort of electromagnetic radioactive agents. While most of AM stations broadcast with vertical point of view as they aim for more and more distances so that they can cover most of the areas and these are not meant for any sort of entertainment purposes, they are solely meant for services but where as the concept of FM is meant for towns and cities and it is for every one to realize that these are some of the parallel signals and with it And for this sole purposes it is always advisable to place the antenna of FM slightly parallel so that it can catch and receive the signal in full strength.

Mono or Stereo mode:

In the modern times FM radio has evolved from its analogue mode to that of stereo mode where lesser distortion and smarter and beautiful sounds on the cards, and with the introduction of stereo mode the more digitalization of FM broad casts on the cards and there are many positives and some negatives attached with it as we are in the discussion about how to get good signals and it is not about being discussed here as to how to get good quality signal. With the digitalization the signal strength can be lesser at some part of the point of the city you are living and if unfortunately that signal is not so good at your place then it is better to change the FM radio broad casting to mono from its stereo mode.

It is imperative considering the prospect that if you see one station is strong for some time at stereo mode and with due course of time the signal becomes weaker then do not lose your heart just simply change the setting from stereo to mono mode and then adjust the tuning part slowly and you ill get that stations more strongly that stereo reception and enjoy that station , and many a times the reception with stereo can be slower as usual due to digital quality which can moderate the high pitched sounds and if you want to have full sense of volume and does not feel slightly degrading quality of broadcast then it is better for you to make it more and more to wards mono side of broadcasting. If the reception is on higher side and if you want to find more and more stations nearby from you FM then it is for sure to go for mono mode so that it can show more and more stations in its kitty,

As some of stations broadcasts with mono band in FM so if you are in stereo mode then it is for sure you will not receive those stations while at stereo mode. So, as per conclusion here you can always go for mono mode first and then tune stations to get the complete list of the stations and then if you want to listen some of particular stations then it is for sure you can go for stereo mode to have better sounds as usual.

Electromagnetic radiation obstruction:

In the modern era and households there are plenty of arrangements for electric gadgets and these are all at different side of home and these can obstruct the signal of FM and with it , can withheld the entire signal and the strength of signal can be lowered as specified . The interference of signals can be undone by intelligently placing all electronic gadgets and the woods in between them so that the radiation can be curtailed , so in this scenario the planning and the execution part must be good so that all these cannot have some sort of interferences inside of signals. So, it is always significant to place the FM radio in such a place so much so that it cannot be obstructed by electromagnetic radiation that can have the potential to break the signal and with no interference from these lector magnetic substances your FM receiver can boost its signal to its perfect level.


There are some modes that have been in spread at the internet about building outside antenna at the top of the roof and connect it to your FM so that it can get the signal and it is true but I have deliberately not included in this post the sole reason for this is it will take some technical mind and also it is full of wires and it is not good for beauty of home and also it can be at times risky on the part that if it is raining or at snow heavily then it can take current and if you are tuning your radio that has been in connection with external antenna then it can be at times you can get the shock of electricity and it is not good and also the sole purpose of writing this article is that the reader can easily make some amendments to existing locations of their house holds so that they can get adequate signals and with it they also can enjoy the real beauty of music .

The last not the least suggestion is that, if all these suggestion do not work at all then it is better to open your computer and run some of the internet based FM stations and run them and they will give you the music twenty four hours and the internet cost will be much lower as go to settings and make the signal reception quality to standard not high. The other alternative if you have smart phones or higher , then you will find some suitable applications inside your multimedia settings and there you can go for internet radio application and also remember to make the setting standard so that the internet usages will be lower.

Then you can search for thousands of stations and make some of them favorites so that every time you go for internet radio then those favorite will be there and in this way with the help of internet you can listen many stations and the only requirement in this case is your service provider signal quality, which is now-a-days have improved significantly. The one mode to listen to FM stations is that if you have iTunes then with computer with internet connectivity or with Apple products you can hear FM on the go or in front of computers.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman. She is an American Hollywood actress. She is a famous Hollywood actress. She has dual citizenship. She is a citizen of America and Israel. Her debut is his Hollywood movie in 1994. The name of the movie was “Leon the professional”. She was destitute in the movie. The struggle of the character in the movie produces considerable stress in the lives of her. She tasted grand success in the movie series of “Star Wars series. It is a set of three excellent movie works related to “Star Wars”. Something released all three “Star Wars” in 1999, 2002, and 2005. She was Princess Models in these Series. She continued her education while acting on movies. She joined Harvard University to study psychology in 1999. She graduated successfully from there in 2003.

She started a public theatre production organization at New York in 2001. They nominated her for prestigious academy awards for the first time in 2005. She won a golden globe award in that year. Later on in the movie “Ghoyas Ghost” in 2006 and “the other Böllen girl” in 2008 she had the example her strongest acting talent. She attended the Cannes Film Festival jury in 2008. She created the record of the youngest jury member of the Canes Film Festival.

Primary Life

She was born on 9th June 1981. Her birth place was Jerusalem of Israel. Shelly was the name of her mother. Avenor Horselag was the name of his father. Her mother was from America and her father was from Israel. Natalie Portman is from the family of Jews. Her parents changed their native places to different countries because of compulsions. They stayed Israel, Poland, and Romania before returning to America for a safe stay. Her parents first met each other at Ohio, in a Jews related religious conglomeration. That was meant for Jewish religious students. Her parents attended that meeting there. They dated each other. After religious conglomeration ended, her father returned to Israel. Her parents continued to be in touch with each other.

After a few years of continuous and loyal dating, her parents tied the knots. They returned to America in 1984 when Natalie Portman was three years old. Her father received a medical degree there and accepts the citizenship of America to stay there forever. So, Portman completes her education in America.


She started her education in America. Her first school was “Charles E. Smith Jews Day”. Her mother tongue was Hebrew. Afterwards, she admitted into Jews elementary school namely “Solomon Day School”. She completed her education at Soset High School. The hidden talent of acting was imminent since her child-hood. She had been in close contact with various theatres and drama institutions throughout her school. She was a born actor.

She could perform mature performance with ease during her teen days. She had few movies released in 1999. She acted as the first heroine in Star War Trilogy. This brought the reputation to her. The phantom menace was the first of the Star War trilogy. From 1999 to 2003, she was at Harvard University, pursuing higher education on. In these years, it confused her between education and film-career. She knew acting was her first weakness.

During this time, in an interview with the New York Post, she staunchly advocated that she would like to stop to school if she had to choose one between it and movies. She was excellent at schooling. As a student, she published two research papers. Those studies were published in some reputed science monthly of America. People appreciated her research work at Harvard University in the stream of psychology.

Personal Life

She had her childhood, education and career in America. She had the great liking towards Israel since childhood. Always she expressed in the public about her hidden desire of staying in Israel. It blends her heart for Israel. Israel citizenship was her indistinguishable identity. She wanted to continue with it. She wanted to complete her rest of life at Jerusalem. She wanted her better-half should respect her religion. Her first love began while shooting “carmensita” song set. She dated Devendra Born Heart. He was a famous folk singer of America.

After a few days, they both had separation. In 2009, while shooting at the set of “Black Swan” she fell in love with Ballet Dancer Benjamin. They met each other on the set of this film. Benjamin was the choreographer. In 2009, Natalie Portman announced her pregnancy. In 2011, she gave birth to a son of Benjamin Aleph Portman Milefide. She was silent about her relationship with Benjamin Milefide. For the first time, during academy awards 2012 dress rehearsals, she wore an engagement ring and reached there with Benjamin Milefide. This was her first public statement about the relationship with Benjamin Milefide. She was silent about their marriage dates. They tied knots according to rituals of Jews in that year. They performed these rituals at California.

song set. She dated Devendra Born Heart. He was a famous folk singer of America. After a few days, they both had separation. In 2009, while shooting at the set of “Black Swan” she fell in love with Ballet Dancer Benjamin. They met each other on the set of this film. Benjamin was the choreographer. In 2009, Natalie Portman announced her pregnancy. In 2011, she gave birth to a son of Benjamin Aleph Portman Milefide. She was silent about her relationship with Benjamin Milefide. For the first time, during academy awards 2012 dress rehearsals, she wore an engagement ring and reached there with Benjamin Milefide. This was her first public statement about the relationship with Benjamin Milefide. She was silent about their marriage dates. They tied knots according to rituals of Jews in that year. They performed these rituals at California.

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Idiot Box analogies

Running a blog is not such a huge task as it is meant to be and many times could feel something weariness that undergoing each letter that has been inhibited with it and many a times , if at all at any point of time you are not feeling good but still you have to write it out and also that is the position , when you feel the real brunt of it , the pain at which it may hurt you but you have to write it out , may be at some time the thought comes into your mind.

The mind is a process which compelled afloat and it goes with it and many a times the real passionate and the understanding that has been brought to an article is of it that can crave for it is the way you have to work it with as you have to continue it as in the long run it is giving you the richer benefits and it is good for you get it on with difficult time with much ease as , no work is difficult to achieve and attain.

It is now the month of January and the cold waves everywhere and it is in the news that is making it to show as where it is the coldest day of the country, and it is the real and it comes about many a times through out each year but they could not realize it so as on to say the least of it.

Many a times I had seen at some good news channels had been showing the most spelling mistakes headlines and that makes me wonder how this could be done as they could not attend the process through which it could not be done so as it is the main that the linguistics part should be there at full length , it to be near the setting where will give the good quotient of your writing styles and the way the communication should be done and it ought to be done with care and with intimate styling but that was not the case with as I could sense and feel how the news channels and its linguistics has been time and again being hurt as I still have to find it out the best spelled English news channel with it no mistakes at all and I had to learn it so could be the real feeling it that learning from it some time and every time , but many a time this has not been done with and that is why many a times it is not good to learn and study in the case with. Daddy has been saying the mistakes had been there always and I just worried to see how these prime news channels had been getting into mistakes, they should have appointed person with good English language capabilities so that these mistakes will not be there again and again. I know my English is not good but I do expect from professional news channels like that of these English news channels to have a good sense in headlines breaking news so that they at least look decent in reading.

Similar is the state of the commentary in sports cricketing channels , where you can see , whether your team is doing good or not but they will most of the times will say in supporting of the opposite teams as if there were speaking for some other countries and perhaps they ought to believe that this commentary broadcasting is mainly for domestic audiences and for this they have to speak for their team always and this should be the trend as they should learn this secret of commentary from their foreign counterparts like that of commenter like that of Australia and England , where their players and other commenter always in support of their team whether in times of bad phase or they are doing excellent in normal whatever they are speaking been always in the state for their own country and for this they should be supporting with their voices on the domestic country and for this if any commentator has been doing this then he has been doing the greatest services to their country and it is the secret of commentator’s and they could doing and in shortest time they could ride and then will very popular.

This real trend and the fundamental of success which each and every commentator should follow. The next success fundamental of soaps that been channels been the real tricky one but in search of TRP and other related resources there has been the real easy and fun way to get to the top of the chart and for this the most easiest for of riding into ladder is to make your serial into a positive note as in every case there will be the loss for villain at no time the villain should win the race and this should ultimate aim for serial makers as personally I do not like the serial that of , Sathiyan cases villain Rasi will winning most of the time and whenever you waited for long to see her defeated and entire works of her to be a open book at that time you could realize that her in just changed the give and this is not good as with the case with every one the villain should lost at each and every plot and that makes the viewers the most memorable moments to stand it out for and with it the extreme end was not going out of the race at point time and you could realize that in real terms and the longer run if you go with a positive note then your serial will be a real winner and you will always be winning with each and every part of it.

One more instance positive is the Hitler Didi this serial has been so positive as with each and every passage it could be seen that villain is always at the losing side and that gives the real sense of the joy to the audiences as this serial has been so popular that , at one point of time makers of serial decided finish it but that was the case with it as with time demand was serial again and now is in its seasons as this has been case with it and with it you could feel that the villain always losing, similar things must be done with films and also this should be related to domestic audiences so that they relate themselves and make them most good attendances that with and . As the basic tenets of human civilization that is the most significant part of it is that they always wants that the evils and other related issues should be diminished as they wants all the positive for them and a good and wonderful place to live and let live as the history of human civilization corresponds to the tune of every thing is that those who explicitly with villainous tended down and is even that at many a times the history ignores them and it is for them the right time to go the of human is to manage and go for the most understanding and wonderful part of the civilization traits that is be positive and go for the good way.

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