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How to connect from other device to portable Wi Fi hotspot:

Join a personal area network with Windows 8

It is decreasing start up time booting. It starts in a zippy and the waiting time on it fewer and the sleep mode is nice and a good and for those who want to get into the act within a few seconds. In sleep mode, you stop the work as it is and when it awakes, you can work from the stage from where you have left. The networking option this is vast. Do not concentrate only on mobile vendor’s proprietor’s software.

Here, I am talking about Nokia suit or PC Suit and Samsung Kies. From one find numerous links where many personal users are feeling grunt of compatibility issues with their respective personal computers. With this operating system one can connect a mobile device preferably for Internet connectivity by employing Bluetooth and using network and then mobile AP. Then go to your smart phone, here I am talking about Android Smart phones, here unlock the phone and from ribbon bar go to then turn Wi Fi and see the networks and then choose the that is your and connect by giving the code there.

How to connect from other device to portable Wi Fi hotspot:

It should be SSID and security settings security settings could of security In this share connection mobile android phone, menu and Here, you can share your device mobile connection via USB, Bluetooth. 2) click on hotspots. It AndroidAP other Wi Fi on the computer goes to settings, networks and Wi Fi. Search for available networks. Prior to this to determine turn on and available selects connect AP by entering password should there your with a Wi Fi one device is connected enjoy proper web to connect from other internet connection by personal area network: 1) Switch on connection a personal Go to charm right edge of the screen and search for of tooth pair the your phone. 2) from set. Bluetooth make your computer you phrase write that numbers on mobile confirm Bluetooth.

Now go to Bluetooth at your and then reach a personal network, then area your be there it using access now dialogue will Now, your phone connected personal Internet your being done wireless.


With advent of computing more and more sophisticated methods are one use; wireless Internet connectivity is one of in previous have talked about how to wireless listen music from one smart phone to personal computer, have my best to you connectivity, some preconditions attached with these like that you should a genuine Windows and also it is a smart phone. I prefer to buy the same brand of stylish phone and desktop replacements. Modern desktop replacement does have Bluetooth installed. One should purchase the device that has a portable Wi Fi hotspot modem with it so that you can create networking here.

How to Fix Audio or Sound Problems in Windows 7, 8,10

Most significant problem of Windows 8 and 10 is that of the defect or use of not so compatible audio drivers and that makes the problem of running of Windows difficult. Most of windows restart problem begins with that of defect audio drivers. Similar happens to my Samsung laptop when I upgraded to Windows 10. My laptop screen shivers and in that Windows comes with dancing screen and for it I reached to laptop repair shop.

The mechanic of that shop said that the laptop screen needs to be replaced and that costs 3500 rupees and the guarantee period will be that of three months. Then he repaired the side panel of the screen that connects with the laptop keyboard with that of a one screw and which is working now nicely. He said to me that I should open the screen of laptop with due care so that, the broke down between laptop screen and the inbuilt keyboard needs to be taken with due care.

Then he also advised us to install Windows 10 as it is latest operating system and it works nicely and he charged additional 350 rupees for it. Now, it is working nicely and we bought the laptop home and in the next day, I switched on and the laptop runs for ten minutes and then it stops working and it switched off automatically. After seeing this trend for continuance for more that more often then I decided to see what is the real crux of the problem and after seeing the fault code I could see the real problem is that of faulty audio driver and it needs to be fixed at the important time.

Then, I download Samsung Software update and then it asks for software update, and then the series of update comes and then I download the realtek audio driver and then, update the graphic driver and then checks all of these and restart the computer again and again to make it best for to see how this is showing up. I found computer is working nicely.

In order to check whether this hardware changes is occurring nicely or not open control panel and then to device manager. Then, open sound, video and game controllers. Then, right click on realtek high definition audio and then update driver software and if update comes again and then see how it performs and if updates or say if it is already updated then this means yours hardware device is now up-to-date.

All of this comes at the slightest catch of time when we do find that, these short of ideas and short cut decision making can reach us towards absolute confidence of understanding these phenomenon. These short cut ideas make the understanding of running of computer good. In this way, we can understand how computer is running and what are the short falls to it and we can at best with the decent internet connectivity can easily solve all of these problems without any doubt.

This computing experience at best provides the best possible, solutions towards understanding the best possible solutions, No mechanic can solve all of these and it is important to understand that, one need to see how such and such problems can be solved with equal ease and in this way, one can find everything inside Windows computer and one need to understand and find the crux of problem with the help of problem solving situations from, Microsoft helps centers in the form of device manager and its connection to understand which is the best possible solutions for your computer.

Why you should join Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 is one of the major release which impact computer world with an efficient and most prolific operating system most probably after Windows XP and Windows 7.Before it releases Microsoft provides its different versions to users to use it and provide loopholes to understand what can be done to improve this operating system. It was a work in progress and Microsoft takes back the feedback and then update it with these features.

Microsoft takes the opinion seriously and see what can be improved upon the suggestions and then it moves on. With the regular updates with continuous feedback ultimately Windows 10 becomes as it is now. It is important one should join Windows 10 technical preview and if Microsoft approves you then you will get a full version of windows 10 technical preview free of cost and then you have to install on one of computer and then log into it with the help of Microsoft email account and register it.

It is important for you to create a microsoft outlook account with your full name and address so that you will provide authentic address so that Microsoft will authenticate your address and assign you the process of yours authenticate windows 10 technical preview. With this comes, you can use Windows for free and most probably Microsoft perhaps am not sure but heard of it provides full versions to software testers who participated its technical preview process, and with it also you are recognised by Microsoft.

With this  installation you only have to run Windows and though some features might be still not there, but still you can use it for regular activities, and see what is good and bad and what are additional augmentation in general processes. With this you can find, feedback option where you can contact directly to Microsoft and provide your valuable feedback. Keep providing feedback and valuable suggestions so that ultimately Microsoft learns from it and then improve and add these features in the final release of Windows.

As we know technical preview the feature provided for technical experts,  and it is not the full system and it is meant for software testers and with their valuable feedback it is intended that the final version that is to be released for general people based on these improvements.

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How to use Windows 8 as Home Server for Android Devices?

This article is about how to utilize Windows 8 or Widows 10 as home and compact home server for individual use and how to make it server for the majority of yours android gadgets at home so that everything work as per it. I have Windows 8 from Samsung. First download Samsung Update programming from site and afterward introduce it on your PC.

It works with Samsung workstations just on or after Windows 8. At that point run Samsung Update and update all of programming and drivers. It is from Samsung and formally it refreshes Samsung drivers and it is critical to refresh all drivers and it takes tremendous measure of web data transfer capacity. It works with Samsung PC Windows 7.

Introduce Settings from the rundown of updates. It may have been to take download up to more than 250 MB. Introduce it and afterward you may have been restart Windows and after that utilization it for better advancement and customization of Windows. It likewise includes an ever increasing number of new and imaginative capacities and new additional items, for example, inception of Sound Alive and different capacities, for example, make the Windows Hotspot or tying of associations with the goal that your PC can fill in as web sharing base in and on home areas.

Presently with web tying through Settings capacity of Samsung and afterward you can impart web association with PC as and when you feel so and after that you can turn on WiFi of mobiles and after that interface with it and offer your web association with other android or apple gadgets. Thusly, presently, you can utilize your Samsung PC as web sharing focus only like telephone tying and your PC works like it.

These capacities are not accessible legitimately with Windows 8, as the center Windows 8 framework does not work that way and these capacities, for example, making your Windows to perform tying capacities accompanies establishment of Setting application from Samsung yet it work with establishment of Settings elements of Samsung.

Presently, in the event that you have top of the line Samsung Mobile gadget, at that point you can utilize your PC as Windows server for tunes. Associate top of the line Samsung android gadget to WiFi web of Samsung workstation. Presently, open Samsung Music from Samsung android and after that associate it with WiFi music and enable it to interface with by permitting WiFi settings. During these procedure you will locate that some permit of capacities inside PC and after that the greater part of these melodies will be obvious to android portable eve if these tunes are not there inside your android gadgets.

Along these lines at home you will make home server which won’t just impart web to the majority of yours cell phones yet in addition it can impart melodies from PC to raced to android gadgets and that implies at home you can play tunes put away inside PC and run it with android gadgets.

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