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TIme Machine

Time Machine is the word relate with prepositions towards nderstanding to remove all baricades of time and move to some other times especially for the journey to past or even to present. It believes in the process that everything that occurred in past and that will be occuring in the future  has the time stamp embeded into it nd for this one can with such machine can move beyond tim and watch what has happended in the past and what will happen in the future.

With due curse of time it is ruled under this events that everything had been in the past is continuing to have time stamp of events just like now have Google Photos where everything in the photo segment is there in the time formats and we can browe easily with an internet connection with it and for this it is similar as that too understanding the time machine which is a mchine probably move us to the same time slowt of the past and then move again to the presenct time slot.

We canot stop time even if we stopped at some point of time. It is constantly moving phenomenon with some measures of variables which has been accepted world wide with coplete ease and movement of momentarily facts that has complete synchronisation to the time and distance units or universe.It is a concept but each and every concepts of physics comes from the concepts and then becomes the reality.

When we thin of conquering of time then we think as the hypothesis that time has rested its various time prints and stamps into it the sequel of events and when we read history as the result of it and if this concept could become one day true then we can reach to that segment of history and then undertand whether it is on truth or not and can reexaine what historians have so far written on that events on the particular day of the pasts.

The first and the best of security that could have been with time machine is that we should make it full proof that the persons who are at the different stages of time  machine must return to the original time other wise there would be difficult to understand what would be there faith by not returning from the time zone which they should have been in terms of past or future. If that so then how could we cope with it and ho coud we find them and then make their return to the present time.

This is a completely awkward situation which we may consuder to think and hat about their rest of life if they are not retunign from the past and stay in the times of opast or future. It is important to know entire process detail and  where to apply the forms and factors of security where as and when the individuals will be sent to the times stamps of future or of the past needs to be wel protected so that at any point of tie they will have the conveniece to return to the presence as and when they wish to and want.

What if some one reaches at the tie of  a barbaric leaders who execurtes many people and in this event of the past he finds himself in the state of bsolute danger and in such cirucmstance he should have the liberties to reach to the present time at his or her will otherwise there would be time mismatch as he is not the past person but the presence but stays in the pst which ridiculously does not solve this mysteries at all.

Only creating a time machine which is still an absurd concept and then sending prson to different time samps to learn about anthropological apporaches to humans and raveling mysteries of universe does not imply any good still we have no right to destroy what has happended in the past and what will happen in future as all of these are not to be known by humans to say the least.

As humans we do not have the rights to change what has happened in the past and what should be happening in the future and for this it is always important to learn about how to keep everything intact and how to see the past or the future with the eyes of camera of with the eyes of us so that  the people of the past should not realise that any person from their future is looking at them and if that process of scientific observation becomes correct then we can watch the incidents of pasts without modifying it.

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Can Humans Live on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

The moving ring of Saturn planet provides awesome interest for many scientists and since the age of immemorial it has been the power of good and bad and it slowly depends upon the way we want to deal with it. Humans can never ever stay there because due to presence of ring that is constructed due to large amount of gases and that lacks the surface in Saturn and that means humans can never ever live there due to presence of high amount of gas and lack of surface there.

We can call Saturn as the large giant of gas and it seems as if now, we cannot live on Saturn but it has many moons like ours earth has one, ours favourite moon. Two most important moon of Saturn planet are that of Titan and Enceladus. When we reach there probably we can stay there and probably one of the moon or both the moon do have environment specifically, relates nearer to the climate of earth as and when the research finds information about this.

When we overcome the time and move for journey into space, at some point of time when the space craft wants to land and stay for sometime, then Titan or Enceladus can be the good point to land on and take some break out there. It seems atmospheric pressure of Titan is that of one and half times of earth. Its climate is very cooler, and humans need to have specialised suits that would keep them warmer, and humans can stay there as there is atmosphere, eas and the amount of gases are there provided that water can be there.

The surface of Titans lack mountains and its surfaces are covered with large amount of plain lands, sees and this means it can be a great place for humans to live. Surprisingly, gravitational force of Titan is only one fourteenth that of earth’s gravitation so while walking one needs to jump from one side to other in order to have the perfectio of walking.

The most difficult part of living inside Titan as well as the other moon of Saturn is the presence of large amount of ice and cool environment. The temperature of these two moon are very cold and humans need to manage artificial environment to keep these places warmer. In the south pole of Enceladus, the tiger stripes produces high amount of heat and the power can be generated from these areas, where the heat and cold remains at the same place.

It throws high amount of ice particles to the air and this means there are storages of high amount of electricity can be produced here. According to the estimation there could have been the power generations equivalent to that of 20 thermal coal power plants there. This means whenever we go towards the inter space voyage then when we want to stay a some place to stay for some respite then Saturn can be used as the platform to stay and for refueling and power generating purposes, we can use Enceladus to refuel and energise the rest of the space journey.

Beide tiger stripes at Enceladus there are almost 30 to 40 kilometers of frozen ice sea and there is the possibility of the presence of primeval forms of life that could have been there inside core of ocean. Millions of years ago when earth is at its primeval form the first form of life existed inside this form inside ocean. This means inside Enceladus the prime form of one cell life or even more can be found there. Titan’s moon Enceladus is very small so if life stays inside that ocean which possibly can then it can have the possibility of human harbor in the days to come.

As per reports in this small moon there is the atmosphere and this means that, harboring of life is a possibility. The water vapours that are in constant sprinkling to its atmosphere is the presence of ionised forms of molecules and this means that life form water present is there inside Enceladus. The springing of tiny ice particles to the surface of atmosphere could possibly lead to the solutions of the constant ring that is there all over around Saturn.

Scientists also feel that due to presence of alternative atmosphere, which provides continuous spray of geysers, ice cubes the presence aliens or extra terrestrial lives which can survive under this alternative space of atmosphere could possibly provide lead to the presence of alien life. Though there is lesser presence of oxygen but with the presence of extremely hot hardrock mountain and the sea and entire area of Enceladus is very small then simultaneous reaction of extreme heat and extreme cold can provide adequate part of pressure for some specialised living beings could possibly be there.

Single celled organisms that is the first form of life that stay inside ocean during the early stages of earth origin could possibly be there inside enceladus and could possibly the similar situational environment where the single celled organisms could possibly be there and could possibly after million of years the atmosphere of Enceladus could possibly after million of years humans can stay or similar living organisms like humans on earth could possibly be there.

Without sunlight and the presence of oxygen could possibly we find the presence of single celled organisms, which can live in these atmosphere and before million of years earth does have similar environment too so there is the possibility of developing earth like atmosphere and presence of living organisms in the years to come.  

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Road to Mars

It is a fascinating story about the roads to mars, where we do find that space voyage is itself a difficult task as permutations and combinations in moving towards space journey is itself very difficult to find it out. The space is an empty space and during the course of the journey we travel towards, empty space and what point of time we do not know what should be reaching to us and what kind of reaction and situation that come towards us at any moment.

While creating space shuttle we still have no idea of what construction of materials need to be done in order to make space shuttle to tolerate all walks of life during the course of jounrey, and that should provide insulation to astronauts those are moving inside space shuttle and that makes the movement of journey and reaching to unknown land at Mars planet better with due course of time.

The distance between Mars and Earth have at some point of time, coupled with such narrow terrains, and movement must be such as that slightest movement in thee narrow paths, otherwise space voyages could be facing such dangerous situations and space shuttle could be i the state of absolute tatters. The movement of asteroids and other space materials could provide destructions to path that moves the entire space voyages into very difficult situations.

The amount of gasoline that requires also take huge amount of weight and for this one need to find out how to solve this problem in order to make the entire space journey absolutely easier. First one should find out auto-refueling system so that need for gasolene for longer duration should not be there, so that auto refueling system must be there so that it should not take a huge amount of weight inside space shuttle should not be there at all. 

It provides a huge amount of other essentials inside space shuttle and that will enable us to provide huge amount of space for essentials for space journey. Other important considerations to reach out to Mars, is to find out other space dimensions so that mysteries surroundings space must be revealed. 

Otherwise we should be entangled with direction, height and space and in order to find out other dimensions and that will make running in these directions the most precious part of understanding the most essential is that the secret of everything is there for all the times and we need to find out more and more revealing of our life in order to find out the real dimensions of life.

With due course of time we found the real part of comparison where when we move from our atmosphere to another land we do find that everything is alien here and wherever we do find any reminiscence of studying an alternative calculations where the normal course of permutations and combinations does not work out in serious complications of management of ideas. 

We need to find solve the mysteries of life and find out what might have repercussions to it and the way to deal with it manages the most problematic solutions into normal and incidental manner. The road to Mars might have been difficult to find but not the difficult or impossible as with due course of time we have to solve all the  mysteries of nature and reach out to complete management of ideas where the shortest possible route tht provide alternative movement of space voyages at its best.

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Space Infrastructure

While talking about space we do not know what kind of dimensions such as three dimensions or four or five or more dimensions as we know e do not know what kind of dimensions we are dealing with it. Inside atmosphere of earth we can fly easily as the process of gravity moves into it, as it can be taken into consideration while dealing with movement of space shuttle while moving with it. When we move beyond atmosphere of earth then we move into the arena of space, as we do not know infrastructure of space as we cannot know and cannot move beyond speed of light as and when we we do see find that gravity can be used as another dimension but in which way.

When we calculate space and time, we do not know what kind of time movement either with light year, or either with the process of calculating the movement of sun or related gravity or ours gravity stays with the time of earth or relates with suns or related with gravitational power of other planets or starts. The revolve in these space comes from in which direction we do not know in which direction it is going and it is not easy, to move space shuttle just like that of movement within roads and this means what kind of understanding the movement of space shuttle into the unknown arena.

In the between of space voyages we find that the force of gravitational from all over areas, such as that from either side or when we move inside our solar system we find that gravitation of solar system always control ours movement and that creates the movement and control of time as and when relativity with the movement of sun and we need to find the way out of it, and we need to move cme the force of gravitational powers so that time could not manipulate as and when it wants to. We move with time limits and zones in relation with gravitational power then we also need to find out the way out of this so that we can find the really smartest possible route to travel in space.

Can we move with the space voyage with the solid infrastructure so that another environment of atmosphere that should have its own gravitational powers, that should be better than any gravitational powers relates with nearby stars and moon so that the management of gravitational powers and its influence towards understanding of overlapping or minimisation of gravitational powers, and maximisation of atmosphere of space shuttle that can transcend the boundaries attached with winning of different dimensions.

If you have seen the movie ‘Interstellar’  then you must realise that the concept at the end of the movie is that everything what will happen now and what happened in the future, and what is happening are time stamps because in each and every environment, where the dimensions as it considers gravity as the fifth dimensions and it is related with everything that passed with its own time dimension of it so at some times when we find something hazy while moving at any point of time, during its stoppages we do find the presence of future timestamps which might have been observed at the other solar systems due to more powerful gravitational powers.

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