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Hinduism and science

The relationship between Hinduism and science is very complex. Hinduism has no centralized authorities like other religions so clearly defined of such traits are hard to find. In the case of Hinduism, there are individual Hindu group may declare some statements but overall if we see and perceive the way Hinduism works it is for Continue Reading »

How cryogenic sleep might become a reality?

Long-term hibernate sleep is the reality behind space voyages. It secures the rest of human life and that enables the journey for farther distance deeper into the universe possible. It is also known as cryogenic sleep which is there in science fiction but making towards absolute reality is the great leaf towards making possible towards Continue Reading »

Whether suspended animation could allow astronauts to survive missions to space and beyond

In the tilt of time when it seems that everything is blinded into the boundaries of 24 hours and the day, still there is scope when we move towards other parts of the universe I ours endeavor towards discovering in unknown places. In order to find whether there is any traces of civilization elsewhere at Continue Reading »

How Space Elevators Will Work?

Space elevator is an alternative method of space transportation. The tether substance would be there as geo-stationary orbit and to be in the state of anchor and from there it would be prolonged to outer space. Tether substance is made of cables. This designing philosophy would help out a vehicle to move from the earth Continue Reading »

Cosmic mysteries that scientists still hope to solve

There are many seasons inside Earth’s atmosphere and continuously we do see the presence of changing of the season and with it come to different climatic conditions. As we know, Earth has a special atmosphere so far than any other planets or moons where the presence of life and its support system have always been Continue Reading »

Saturn’s moon Enceladus may contain a form of chemical energy that life can feed on

In the recent discoveries of finding two “ocean world” with moons within the solar system creates absolute probabilities of sustenance of life within the solar system. It strengthens move for future space missions to these locations so as to find more and deeper information of finding the life within these moons of solar systems. Enceladus Continue Reading »

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