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What will Web 3.0 have in store for us?

So, a wide and complex world of internet now been resolved and it is been constantly crawled and indexed. The problem now is web is now more advanced and it now not a mere box of information. Now more and more user generated content , social features and twitter which updates like never before and gives tons of information through its never ending updates of limited words and then the face book which gave the users opportunity to share anything they want and then the YouTube enables users to show video and embed it on any page with some simple coding and make it online.

So, how these can be indexed a difficult question but still these information flows needs to be indexed then came the concept of real time search , video search and so on. Now users can share any event or any important concepts through various likes, or tweets or through buzz and these information spreads like never before you can imagine upon.

For the search engines this is a great difficulty to track and update in their crawler engines. They constantly update their engine to do so and also grab some innovative ideas in order to cope with this constantly evolved changing world arena.

Google’s new cooperative movement like custom search engines and Google web master have been a hit among the users and also it is directly giving benefits to Google as first and the foremost is user stay with Google for the longer periods and thus benefitting Google as their primary goal is to control the internet though various acceptable means and the second part is this helps Google to crawl and index website more faster and with the above tools which basically deals with the users and must be considered acceptable search limits and goggle is benefitting with it as its search for relevant searches now becoming a reality.

Now the coming of ad sense and ad words have some interesting effects on the user generated content now the user is accepting the fact that you can earn money from internet though it can be a small amount but you can do so it . The prime factor is the content generation and then crawl it though Google so that more visitors will come to yours website through Google and other search engines.

The more good writing the more chances of ad sense revenue and also for this the user try to add meta tag and then header information and also registering with Google webmaster and then visiting some more content rich sharing website and then the back links and then the back linking through Disqus and intense debate and so on.

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