Transit in Transfer

My new office was located nearby market on the way to the regional college of that southern city. The weather was nice even during midsummer times. It makes me feel refreshed even after almost 23 hours of relentless journeys. I reached the door of the office and the guard was there, I showed him the transfer letter and he smiled back and saluted and then open the gate and I asked him about guest house and he showed me the staircase and at the second floor, he conveyed the message to me.

Reached new office:

Another guard who was off duty, there took my luggage and came with me and we reached the second floor and the guest house was just over the branch office and it was very comfortable from the first look of it.

The entry of the room which is the living room with big chairs and a vast LCD television and the bedroom was nice with air condition, was there and attaches the bathroom on the left side of it. I went there and switched on the bathroom light.

Due to nature of my job I had been transferred to different zones and for this almost fortnight of mine always been going with tours and have to stay at guesthouses or hotels and for this, it was my habits to switch on the bathroom lights.

I checked back on the television to be seen whether it was running or not and it was running. I sat for some time and then took the bath and the shower of the bathroom was running nice and the force of the water was good enough to make a happy bath. I returned back and then went to bed.

I slept for twelve hours:

I was very tired and how much of the time I slept for during these durations I could not remember as I looked outside where the main market was clearly visible. It was dark and there was hardly a person inside the market. I was looking at the mobile and saw almost six missed calls.

I was looking for it as it was from parents, as I was so tired that I could not receive their call as I could not wake up to mobile rings. I looked at the travelling it was 1 am of the night. I almost sleep for 12 or more hours. It was the signs of my tiredness that makes me so left out that after taking a bath I could not get up from there.

This means at least for today’s night I just have to sleep without food. Now, I called parents and they must be worried as I could not receive their calls and then I inform them and them till that time had not been sleeping at all.

I checked back with the app where I see almost over ten messages from the young sibling who was also worried and I sent the message to her and she also replied immediately after that.

Now, it was one am in the night and I was feeling hungry. There might have been some apples inside luggage and I remember it and then search for it and found some and at all of these and then back to my bed with television switched on.

Using some mobile apps:

I changed some of the channels, but it seems most of the channels did provide the same news again and again. I open up my mobile to browse some of my favourite websites including of mine. I see the Google Apps find out recent news updates.

It is a nice application where most of the relevant contents of importance are there and I could know everything about recent political, technical, Android, WordPress updates to keep me updated even while I was on the go.

This has been the change of time, even if you are posted at some of the remotest places of the earth but if there has been networking and mobile connectivity one could easily know what is happening anywhere and also find out the latest news.

Then, I browsed to Facebook and updated my location with some snaps taken during the journey as well as I found the climate of this place was extremely cooler even during these summer nights.

Before venturing out here, I heard about this place from some of my colleagues as well as from my schoolmates about how cooler this place could be and ultimately I found it to be.

At first, when I reached here, I was surprised to find some of the blankets are there, as I thought for some time why during these time of the day there is the need for such blankets and I could realize this as it was almost cooler than what I think of it.

Social networking to end boring:

I opened my laptop to write some of my experiences during this whole journey. I was eager to find more about this place during tomorrow as it was Sunday and hence thereafter I could take charge and for this, I wish to see the entire town and wish to understand this place in complete detail about it.

While writing about this place I used to write it from the perspective of its history and for this I searched on the internet and found some interesting information about it and continue to find some of the most relevant information which I suppose could go to these places and write more about it during future course of times.


There have been so many wonderful places nearby that while travelling to these places during leisure times as well as taking some snaps and reading the place in deeper could write some of the most interesting articles for readers.

When blog writers failed to find some of the most important need for the inspiration for stories and contents they should revert to the nature for this and found out what makes it the most wonderful place to observe as we could learn a lot from nature and could find much more such inspiration of writing and finding answer to everything which we have been searching for.

I wish to write everything I have been experiencing and wish to provide some of the most meaningful life experiences for the readers so that they could read my experience of life. Especially during this transit and transfer processes to find out the most interesting aspect of understanding of what the prudent of life could produce one of the most outstanding forms of attendances to solve every mysteries surrounding the life.

I think everyone should write down the such and such state of their life so that everyone could have the opportunities to read and understand what should have been the different colours of life factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision of Laptops.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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