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Combining enjoyment with nutrition

Combining enjoyment with nutrition This incident dates back to the time when I was a little bit child and my parents are posted in western hill town of western Odisha. The town named is Tensa. It is a tiny town with all cement structures all over in that area and the size of population is Continue Reading »

An unbelievable and shocking experience

She woke up suddenly with some surprised presence of some invisible. It is the feeling no one can sustain and able to describe in full detail as it deals with personal experience and in that specified time one should not realize why such thing happens and during that moment the entire world seemed to be Continue Reading »

Mysterious happening with some invisible hand

It seems that clouds are hovering all around the sky and in the sky they are travelling with an unbelievable speed as the vehicle moves around the posh area or such as vehicles moving out of the stadium after a match. The black clouds sends her message that she would be staying at home, as Continue Reading »

Weekend’s syndrome

It is early morning with the flattering sounds of birds and the sirens from cuckoo making the entire atmosphere of realizing that it has been the morning now. It was already seven in the morning, plenty of works to be finished before reaching for her professional work space. She got up from the sleeping posture Continue Reading »

Let’s not forget that the little emotions

How greed takes over the real emotions and how all had been thinking a lot about many ideas and possibilities and still not finding solutions is the actual dream that is going and fluttering into shatters. For the sake of money, all the relationships is going into tatters and breaking into small pieces and how Continue Reading »

Thinking about the love of him

It was dark night. There was shivering lightning passing through the top of mountains, slightly howling the deep dense forests that were embedded within stiff mountains.  Suddenly, beautiful mountain seems like a long stretch of mountain range. The gorgeous looking mountain was fast becoming a ferocious devil to her and the sheer imagination of it Continue Reading »

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