Why Hinduism is Science-proof?

The relationship between Hinduism and science is very complex. Hinduism has no centralized authorities like other religions so clearly defined of such traits are hard to find. In the case of Hinduism, there are individual Hindu group may declare some statements but overall if we see and perceive the way Hinduism works it is for people to take the implications of these.

The complex relationship between Hinduism and science:

That is why it is always difficult to generalize, but the more you try to analyze more and more you the complex relationships between Hinduism and science.

The key points of Hinduism are the presence of metaphysical world and closeness to nature and respect to each and every species and from it the derived concepts of science to materialize.

The real value and ethics attached with rituals of Hinduism are nearer to science:

Hinduism for people of observing this is to analyze and let them make it personal and there is no centralize in order to obey but still people from generations to generation passing on those traits to their children and so on.

Some say it is liberal and some say it is conservative but Hinduism does indicate and provide solace to persons to observe it at their own behest, let them love and respect God anything they think it in the right way.

There are limitations to science too:

There are Vedas and there are some rituals which most of the followers do follow and this religion becomes entirely personal and there is no one from outside or centralized organization to provide order in the face of fear as people observe it for their own conveniences and own comfort.

There are so many unwritten holy books of Hinduism that even after so many years from person to person it slows down and comes to live even as of today.

This is the power which can be compared with science too as we have seen in science the power of everything is to overcome the time and sound speed limits.

When we enter into Temple, there are some holy practices as of us we tend to observe automatically without waiting for others and this makes the process of learning and the practices of this great religion automatic.

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In Holy Vedas, there is one chapter known as “Sankhya Yoga” or counting enumeration or analysis:

That is the special as no one is there to teach them even if there are hue and cries but still it is completely personal.

In Holy Vedas, there is one chapter known as “Sankhya Yoga” or counting enumeration or analysis. This is the first example of how Hinduism is completely practical so as to say here we do see the matter is divided into eight constituent or elements and if we analyse it further we do find that this is the initial presence of periodic table which we feel and find it in modern science.

In terms of adding the forms and factors of natural science in Hinduism the formation and ideas of the early part of periodic table comes about and this can be called and renowned as the first part of science where the ideas of such complex mechanisms and calculations comes from the natural entities and this relates further Hinduism into science.

Hinduism has always come closer to think about the relationships between metaphysical reality with that of physical reality:

If we closely look at what modern science is doing we then comes to the conclusion that most of the ancient Hindu thinkers are thinking about science and what they developed the platform for it in most cases comes absolutely closer towards thinking about what the development science comes about.

In modern day science, we are just doing the same to overcome the differences and distances occurring as the result of such thinking.

Science says that we do not include the metaphysical realities but in absolute terms, science has not overcome everything and there is of course many such instances, where science has not be able to overcome and there are still so many questions that needs to be solved but science has not be done this so far.

So far science not been able to convince that there is no difference between physical realities and spiritual realities and that is why we have not been able to solve the mysteries of the universe, the space time limits and some unacceptable alien existences. What this makes is that Hinduism is the most modern philosophy and it is eternal and evergreen as most of its traits and rituals have scientific validity.

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In Holy Vedas, there is one chapter known as “Sankhya Yoga” or counting enumeration or analysis:

Hinduism accepts science but it does feel that the knowledge of modern science should include each and every aspect of knowledge and should include the metaphysical form of reality in order to resolve and solve unsolved mysteries.

The mysteries which science has yet to solve should not be limited only for the practical applicable mind is who knew there could have been, many such ideas which need to be well attended and compared in order to solve the science in its fullest capacity.

Science should adopt each and every form of ideas that materialize and could provide the lead so as to make it the most amenable movement towards understanding unsolved mysteries of the world.

Science has no answer for the presence of ghosts:

Simply, science is so far not accepting spirits as the true phenomenon of science but still the fear of it there among people and when science does not accept it should we negate it then how come the fear and anxious elements towards of its existence is there and even in this world of extreme science we still find the traces of it.

There comes the metaphysical realities of science where the acceptance or non-acceptance does not matter but the principle point of action is the existence of it and how comes such fear is there for ages and probably the existence of ghosts will continue even if science is still trying to find the related mysteries that unraveled with it.

Should any modern school of thoughts be it the physical science whether not allowing the metaphysical realities comes to the standstill when there are many unanswered and unattended questions still loom large with it:

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When we do see the new branch of science such as quantum mechanics, particles and string theories, cosmology which go beyond the absolute realities stages of science to move into different dynamics and parts of metaphysical realities which Hinduism for so many of years moving from generation to generations and printed on the mind of practicing Hindus as always.

Science is still not finding many answers to mysteries and it is time for science to accept metaphysical realities which Hinduism has always been and it is time to explore those mysteries and in that way of explorations, science will be able to find out the real secrecy behind all of those mysteries that are waiting to be unraveled.


Science must and should move beyond its basic mechanical view and to find out the practical output as even in all of those mechanical understandings there are many sources which are still to be better understood and such invisible forces of unexplained phenomenon such as why there is frictional output and why there is such the level of differentiation.

Why the total power of wind and so on comes from and why energy can neither be created or attended or is it controlled by some other metaphysical forces which Hinduism always says so should be seen in complete discussion and complete amalgamation of ideas that servers its purposes.

It is important to understand the process of space what science left and should be thought of from the perspective of anything that matters it the most and for it the important facet is to find out the most vivid understanding of solving the mysteries and if the presence of such mysteries such as that of spiritual realities in the perspective of Hinduism comes upfront then be it and use it for complete analysis of science for the betterment of solving the mysteries of universe.

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