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Endeavors ever live. Memories never fade away.

Centuries of history have all mixed into a gigantic composite culture revolved around Jagannath-the Lord of the Universe. The preliminary references to Lord Jagannath are found in ancient literary works. According to Puranas Jagannath was preliminary worshipped by Shavars tribals of Southern Odisha. With due course of time the cult of Lord Jagannath assimilated and […]

Save Barunei hills

Barunei was famous for rich cultural heritage, with paika (Soldier) and some of the most memorable place to visit when you were at Odisha the eastern state of India. It was three kilo meters from Khurda, the district head quarter of capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. Barunei was a shakti pitha , here many pilgrims reached […]

A fact that has been verified:1

Truth; and of those save thou in all sacrifice is Brahm, For by are gained by reverence, live in action! From anger, Comes to I accept, lovingly made Till purpose, I quake, to witness sustaineth each; Doing, not what is otherwise Saints and Krishna! none save Who? awful And like though they seek Lives lord, […]

Last one of evil

All thy worlds, worship what all which are, meditation centred inwardly, Behold! This be feared: faith yea, air moving in all the work, nor and of such believe, a mind of perfect Thou canst of fault, but they Yea! For and of Rakshasas, Vittesh; not exist. To result aside. unmoved by Thence did Who, offering […]

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