When flow of data becomes larger than the radius of space?

There are from many ways flow of countless data reaches to the server. No one has ever imagined that such humongous data would crop into server side that perhaps it would be hard to manage all these data for future. Data flow comes from social media networking, blogging, website, articles, commenting, applications, operating systems, mobiles and in numerous ways. In the past, no one ever imagined that data mining proves to be more difficult than it is ever thought to be.

With social media, people update their statuses and slowly everything comes to the forefront, with the advent of various other mediums such as adding multimedia to the post and uploading various images and videos.

All these come with numerous shares and reshapes across all platform adding to worry of servers who have to face with a daunting task of managing huge flow of data.

The amount of data comes from different areas across the world is not worrying factor but how to store these data in distant servers for many years so that all these can be accessible just like ancient books and other original works which are reachable from different excavations.

So far we have not yet covered the enormity and vastness of the universe from Earth. It seems almost impossible for us to cover these areas. All these pose the great risk for a voyage beyond generations. In this way, the life of humanity is almost restricted to cover far away distance space.

Then, the question arises for all of us if one day after such long stretch of usages, data becomes bigger than the radius of space then how we can contain all these data inside the earth. Then, will some data will be deleted and this is proof how these perpetual securities of data can be possible.

All these go on to show, the facing problem of the future that will be encountered by us or future generations in keeping data on physical servers at different locations far away from Earth.

Data flow on the internet is virtually as it deals with the connection of computer from computer thus making a large chunk of the internet worldwide, but in reality, data are saved on physical servers by cloud hosting companies such as Google, Dropbox and so on.

Even in this age, there are some services which are offering data management for free but slowly they are deleting this options and what you will do to save such humongous part of data and how could you download to your physical hard disc and then upload to the different server or cloud hosting companies. Recently, I received a letter from Norton Zone cloud hosting service at the termination of Norton zone and this is really shocking to me.

It has been offering free cloud space for five GB and it has automatic camera uploads and this can be useful when you want to upload android images in full form directly from the camera. Google offers this unlimited space to the users of the Android device powered by Google, but with standard size as it is evident from that Google offers in the concise format and this is not a good way to preserve all images for future reference.

Google is reliable and it can protect your data for future reference and it is true that it will be alive on our lifetime, as there is no way one could know after 500 years ours data will be still saved with Google, or else Google will be still there after 500 years.

When saving data, one should always think that after 1000 years or so there would be one day of future generations can find out some device to retrieve such data if they are preserved at some point at any such distinct location.

If these trends continue the earth will be full of physical servers where everywhere there would be servers and data will be preserved. Then where did people will stay and earn their livelihood from at discrete locations?

Like the emergence of populations all around the world which is making space to live very desperate and dangerous to survive, as always it is intimidated to know about that one day locations of high number of physical server containing data could prove to be catastrophe for humans or can there be any such alternative mechanisms will be discovered to store such vast scale of data all cross world and day by day with spreading of internet all around the world flow of data are enormous and unbelievable.

Like the umpteenth of space, all around where the determination of distance is still only rambling of thoughts similarly could one day we relocate these server locations to other destinations such as the moon or places of earth of some nearby asteroids which are roaming in the space between piles of earth and mars.

It is possible and the only point of connection of the Internet can be done with satellites which can send receive data at higher speeds and this can make the entire server space transactions at a great neck speed to sustain the brunt of space lost.

It can be made and scientists should seriously consider such convenience of shifting servers to different planets of asteroids as with this space of earth will be increased further and there is no way shortages of data from around the world.

The world is a vast space and space is numerous as we are still not able to grasp the entire distance around the world. There are some problems attached to the safeguarding of these servers.

As of for every space travel the most difficult part associated with is high and expensive cost and this makes the entire possibility of transforming some of the other works to other planets and sub-planets. We should seriously look forward to searching for newer mechanisms in order to reduce the cost of space travel from expensive ones.

Then the complete shift of different ideas can be transported from Earth to different planets. Then, we have to look for gravitational forces of other planets which can have different impacts of transmission and then whether such transmissions can be done uninterruptedly from other planets to Earth.

The seamless flow of data and accessing of data can be done easily by servers. Then security of such servers in those faraway lands is major questions that have to be seriously answered.

No one knows the presence of aliens or the different form of living species and what if they are there or have been reaching to the moon or other planets and in seeing such acquisition of land by physical servers they can steal data or can attack from those communication routes. No one knows these aliens are better than we or they are more capable than we to fight against such imminent postures.

All these create a sense of hope and aspirations to sustain different alternative routes to encase the possibility of storing huge amount of data in alternative locations. In reality, we have the mass number of space all around and it is high time browse through such different locations and finds out what suits best of convenience for all of us.

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