The Beginner’s Guide to Technical SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the absolute strategies, techniques and performance parameters that have been in use for scoring higher rankings of websites. The more the higher rank of the website the more and more visibility into web search engines comes about.

It aims to find out your target audiences and provide them with much-needed efficiency in terms of devising more and more perspectives towards developing a through data mining of resources so that they always come to your web presence in terms of return visitors.

There are no shortcuts to any strategies. Most of these strategies can only work with a single website and for the other website, the same strategies might not work fully. It all depends upon the formulation of ideas that create and organize such strategies that would make it the most successful and sophisticated proposition.

There are two distinct elements of search engine optimization techniques, one is that of technical SEO and the other is that of content marketing and for webmaster which one to choose depends upon his or her proficiency to understand what suits the best for his or her website. In this article, we will not be reaching any conclusion but try hard to find out which one it should suit the best and which one is the best of the lot.

Technical Search engine optimization (SEO):

Technical SEO is the set up of processes which technical search spiders would want to see on your website so that ultimately. The process of searching from the website does not matter and the speed of providing information to search spiders comes about. These set up for information search engine spiders learn from the website and extract the meaningful contents from it.

The only drawback is the level of limitations in technical search engine optimizations. We all knew what is the series of processes that are to be included into it, such as ‘Robots.txt’, ‘meta robots tag’, ‘XML sitemap’, ‘Page Speed’, ‘Structure Data’, ‘Responsive design’.


This is a text file that stays at the root of your web directory. It aims to convey search engine crawlers to crawl these aspects of websites and do not crawl such and such aspect of links to the website. If you do not want such and such pages not to be indexed with search engine spiders then, you can add those links to this file.

With this, you can edit or disallow duplicate pages and other contents which you do not like these to be indexed. This means it is the most technical and sophisticated ways to inform search engines about your web presence.

2.Meta robots tag:

It is similar to the robots.txt but it is more precise and nearer to describing the contents of the page whether the search engine of the attribute of the page whether to allow such page or whether not to allow such page through no index and no follow attributes.

3.XML sitemaps:

Generally most of the web spiders are technology driven software. In order to read a page or help them to read faster, we do need XML sitemaps of the website which, lists links to web pages inside the website and it is more or less easily readable with search engine spiders to index website easily and faster.

4.Page speed:

Even if we are moving into the world of the fourth generation Volte, LTE connectivity we still want web pages to load faster and the information which we want the web pages should be visible instantly. The loading of web pages on user’s computer, with optimized images and use of gzip compression, can improve page loading time of website considerably.

5.Structured data:

It provides the aim of artificial intelligence to the website to learn about the contents and the original meanings of the word that I involved in it and thus it provides fruitful detection of the aim of the article that has been written on a particular page.

Day by day search engine wants the results which they are providing should be fruitful and more towards an exact understanding of semantics in order to have the most correct search formats and structure data tool helps search engines to find these in the most right way.

6.Responsive design:

Due to the advent of the mobile operating system from Google and Apply mostly there has been huge surge of depository of browsing website through mobile-optimized browsers and for this well-made responsive design of website to be visible as it is with complete legible manner in each and every device comes in the form of responsive designing.

Due to such designing, the webmaster is not necessary to create separate versions of websites for each and every device and that makes legible part of the website to run with complete comfort. Due to the presence of all such attributes of Technical SEO ultimately linking website directly to search engine spiders that make running of the website more comfortable.

It does not depend upon always considering the ranking factors alone but with due course of time, it provides some of the most precious understanding of a website constituted and it makes a website perfect for each and every occasion.

This creates long-term standing of a website and thus it produces some of the most outstanding achievements of understanding of how a website and its inner constituents are constructed upon.

These are well-established processes one needs to take track of it and after doing this from time to time periodical augmentation of circulating your contents does not need more and as with due course of time due to the presence of such modules of technical SEO, most of the links of your website should be visible in search engines.

This provides suitable ability to get indexed as from time to time we do know that SEO can have the deeper boost to circulate the contents of your website and ultimately this makes most of the website popular and thus increase of website rankings. All of this helps Google bots to search for links and add them suitably without any signs of difficulties and this makes indexing of web pages swifter than even if you think of as it continues for 24 hours of a day and without any delay.

For all of these, you need a good site and with a good on-page search engine optimization. First of all, you do need a reliable and faster website. The loading time of the website should be swift and there should be the way unnecessary clutters all over and around on the website. I generally prefer to write about WordPress website. The theme of the website should be simple just like I have used on my site the default ‘Twenty Twelve ’ theme.

First to add read more links to each and every article you posted and if you want to do it from a text editor then you can do it or alternatively, if you want to do it automatically then you can do it through editing of the file from the host. Then at the end of the front page, you need pagination of the web page so that whenever visitors visit your website they can find well-made and well-cleared pagination tools so that browsing of web pages becomes easier.

Then, you need breadcrumbs so that you let the readers and web engine know the linking of website, categories and the article and the location of it. Apart from this from time to time you should update your knowledge about it so that ultimately you could update your website from time to time to suit into the needs of users as well as search engine spiders which have become one of the most important element to provide well-made semantic suggestions.

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