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What to Blog about?

You have to consider the two aspects in this situation first one is whether to find out all the burning topics inside internet and then make it resize and reappear inside your blog post and the other aspect is to write the original content and that should straight come from your cognition and imagination and your innovative ideas.

The first one is not bad as it is sounding as it comes with a hell lot of internet research and understanding of content and finding the right one in the right place and assigning and collecting all the links and makes them available at one place. People will prefer to come to your website as they are finding all the contents in the catalogue manner instead and in this way you can rest assume that even people will reach to your blogger blog first before venturing out to the original website, this is interesting and carefully considerate option.

The negative part is that to many it seems that it is the boring stuffs and also it is not related to creating your perfect identity and also the page rank will not be better with it.If you are planning to write down the original stuff then it is better to be a good writer and good command over the language concerned. How can you assume that you are a good writer, it is better to make the self assessment and also get the reviews from honest and good persons so that you would know your boundaries?

Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi
Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi

Ask your friends, close ones, near and dear ones, those whom to you rely upon and they will tell you the exact truth and then you can proceed with your writings. The very idea of your own blog with good and original writing seems always enchanting but it is not the roses all the way there are thorns waiting to be hurt at you so better prepared for it and go it accordingly.

Try your hand at writing and slowly and securely you would find that you are better than what you supposed to and slowly and smoothly develop your writing styles. Make it as a practice and daily routines and slowly and simply you would become pro and with this your writing will get the real identity.Now you should be blogging aboutwhat you are the most comfortable with. That is with the subject related to what you have known and what can make you a geek with the considerable writing proportions.

Take for my example, I am comfortable with technology related writings and in this blog you would find a lot of stuff on these and many a times my past time hobbies like that of videos and also some cool travel articles. In the morning while walking I saw two calf are locking their horns and it seems that they are playing and they have no horns but they are doing campfires the friendly fight and they I shoot that video and about to upload and planning to write one write up on this subject.

To prolong the point the topic should be such that it will flow when you are typing with the type writer and the thoughts and the process of writing will come undisturbed and without any stoppages or gaps. If your writing is dry still people will read it if it offers some fresh and innovative points and with this the entire process of writing should be original and on the subject that is best known to you so that with it you could feel the comfortable in writings.

All related to passion and if you are passionate about any subject, even if it is short still people will read about it and support your entire writing styles. In this way you can garner the entire audience and their speculations and their hopes and aspirations.

Some times blogger fear that their subject of specialty is most common and the people will not find any sort of interest in this topic. This is totally not correct and this fear can be called upon as the fear to lose in the jungle and this should not be the case here.

If you think some topic is interesting and you can handle it very good then do not think twice , type it and then publish it on your blog , you will never know it can be the real it among the most common writings and in this manner you can gain more coverage as this may be the common subject and searched by many but still you have done the inevitable by reaching top of the Google searches and in this way your audience circle increases and also the entire spasm of your writings will be noted by many.

A good blog with a new or little discussed topic and with a niche idea and followers will gain the right thrust in the blogging sphere.How much links should be inside your blog post?This is difficult and depending on your writing style it can be less of more and normally in the bloggers blog it is advisable to use lesser links so that it will be indexed earlier with Google and this will augur well for your blog as it can gain the better visibility.

If you like that sort of essay or model type then few or no links but if you going for the conventional ones with lots of relevant link then you will need this. It is you should think about this whether to go for it or not but it is better to go with fewer number of links so that your blogger blog will load faster as before loading it tries to get the connections and then connect as it can increase the loading times with it so it is better to have fewer links with it.

If you are doing one of the technology blog then the links at the end of the article is necessary to relate the product or the reviews you are preparing for it and also if you are writing on societal issues then the links in the middle of the article is necessary.

One aspect is important do not over do the links as it can ruin all the contents of the articles and also if you are opting for any sort of link based advertisement it is one of the better idea not to go for it as though with due process it can garner some money but in the longer run it will ruin your popularity and also bloggers blog loading time will increase considerably, the quality of indexing by search engines will be less due too much of hyperlinks.If it your personal opinion then you can write freely but if you are writing from the sources then it is always better to give respect to the original source and the links attached to it. Then you should definitely quote the source and then hyper link them.

This will make your blog more and more credible and more towards the originality and people will appreciate your efforts and brilliant work in the longer run. It really should not matter who got it really fast it the real writing and the sublet matter that is of very significantly important. Even in many well made blog tries to lift from some other blogs and then insert it into your blog to receive more attributes.

You will find these trends in some of the more real and good popular ones so that the writing part will not be seen as monotonous. To get the general idea you should view some other blog to know how they are working it and how your blog is progressing as with new blogger interface you can get the daily status and source of audiences.

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If you have not visited Manali, visit it; if you have gone in the past, go again and, if you have gone a few times in the past, visit again and again. This is my feeling culled out of my intensive experience at Manali. The place is a visitors paradise: a place where nature has descended to spread its fragrance and to give its feel to each and every man everywhere.From the tourism point of view, Manali may not be the substitute of Srinagar, but, certainly, an alternative.

It has to offer so many breath-taking places to the tourists and visitors that you have to stay a minimum of fifteen to twenty days, if not more, to enjoy your outing to the brim.

  • Manali is mountainous valley in the right lap of the Himalayan ranges.
  • Himachal Pradesh is known as Apple-land of India and Manali has a great share ofapple production of the state.
  • I, with my family, left for New Delhi Airport from Bhubaneswar Airport by Indian for a two-hour journey during Mid-August, generally considered as an off-season chosen by me as ideal because I got all my reservations for journey and lodging at a big discount.
  • The next morning, an eighteen-seator single-engined aircraft was ready to start at 06.30AM, but took off at 09.30AM as the climate in the Himalayan ranges was cloudy.
  • Ultimately at about 10.30AM, we reached Kullu Airport.The experience inside the aircraft was very exciting because co-passengers were only four, not to speak of the pilot who could be considered as a co-passenger in the sense that his driving seat was at our front like the seat in a luxury bus and he was a nice fellow who talked to us all through our journey.
  • He, also, had tea, coffee and snacks for us and a packet full of chocolates besides fruit juice. There was no air-hostess or attendant and self-service was the provision.
  • But what was irritating was the sound of the aircraft; but to get something you have to give up something and at the end of the journey, we were disappointed that such an exhilarating experience had come to an end.


  • Kullu area is a valley and very nice in every way.
  • The Dussera Festival here is observed with much pomp and ceremony and the Kullu King leads a huge procession which is almost the best in the country and must be seen to be believed.
  • We hired a pre-paid taxi to Manali from the Kullu Airport and reached Manali at about 02.00PM and went straight to our officers` association guest house arranged in a star hotel at a nominal cost of Rs100/- per day, though the actual cost would have been Rs3000/- per day during off-season.
  • So, comfort at less cost guaranteed us a longer stay at negligible cost. Also, that being an off-season, we could extend our stay for fourteen days at a stretch, though we had to change to three rooms in the process.
  • Off-season, also, gave us discount of 25% in our boarding bill.

Know about Manali Area:

  • Know about ManaliArea 7.12 Sq. Kms.Altitude 2,050 Mtrs approx..
  • Temperature Max. / Min.Summer 28 °C / 20 °CWinter 18 °C / 2 °CLanguages Himachali, Hindi, EnglishReligion Hinduism, Buddhism.
  • Best Time to visit Kullu Manali April – June / September – DecemberManali is located at an altitude of 2050 m along the banks of the Beas.STD Code 01902Hospitals:
  • Civil Hospital, The Mall, Manali, Tel: 253385Lady Willington’s Mission Hospital Manali Tel: 253714Population 6,265 (2001 census)What to SeeHadimba Temple:
  • This pagoda temple dates back to 1553, enshrines the footprints of the goddess Hadimba, the wife of Bhima, one of the five great Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata.
  • The Museum of Traditional Himachal Culture, near the Hadimba temple houses artifacts of folk art of the entire Kullu valley.
  • Manu Temple: It is the ancient temple of the sage Manu and Manali is named after him.
  • It is at a distance of 3 km northwest of Manali, ie.Old Manali, famous for its orchards and old guesthouses.
  • Monasteries: Manali also has three Tibetan monasteries built recently.Arjun Gufa: Arjuna, one of the five Pandava brothers, is believed to have performed his penance here.Vashisht Temple: Situated at a distance of three kms From Manali, It is believed to be the abode of Vashisht, the famous sage, which is renowned for its hot sulpher springs.
  • Some old temples are also close to it.Jagatsukh: Jagatsukh has the Gayatri Temple built by Pandva’s.Solang Valley:
  • The Solang valley is around 18 kilo meters from Manali has the glacier nearest to the resort. Adventurous ski sports are played here during January – February.Rohtang Pass: Located at a height of 3980 m, the Rohtang Pass is snow-clad and famous for skiing and tourist enjoyment.
  • Rahalla Falls- Sixteen kms from Manali and before the Rohtang Pass at an altitude of 2500m, this wonderful fall is situated.
  • Nehru Kund: It is a beautiful spring situated six kms from Manali, on the way to KeylongThe Manali market is crowded Tibetans selling carpets and crafts.
  • Manali has Mountaineering Institute, a popular base for trekking and mountaineering in summer and skiing in winter. Over the high passes are available tourist huts and rest houses for trekking enthusiasts.
  • Naggar Fort: is a castle converted into a rest house and luxury hotel. It has architecture and design from the Pal Dynasty.Manali is known for its shiny gompas or Buddhist monasteries.
  • The smaller and more modern Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa stands nearer the bazaar. It has a colossal gold-faced Buddha.Naggar , Naggar was the old capital of Kullu District.
  • This castle is now converted into Heritage Hotel by Himachal Tourism. Roerich Art Gallery made by the famous Russian painter to be seen, also.
  • Manikaran: It is 86 km from Manali. Here icy cold waters of the Parvati river and hot-water springs co-existHow to Get ThereBy air:
  • The nearest airport is at Bhuntar (Kullu), 50kms from Manali.By rail: The nearest narrow gauge railhead is at Jogindernagar (135 km).
  • The nearest broad gauge railway station is Chandigarh (310 km).By road:From Delhi – 585 km via Mandi.clip_image001[1] From Simla the distance is 270 km.

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Customizing Google Analytics

Google is always a customer friendly company and in order to suit and assist the customer better it had introduced a customization dashboard and in this dash board user can make it just like drag and drop down lists so that with this all the important information can be obtained for the single dash board and with it you can find the entire details of information and that would make you feel about the entire state of the art situations , in this way with the customization dash boards , you get all the advance form of  information of your website that has linked with Google Analytics (GA).

In this way the information of your website like acquired visits , goals and rate of bounces all the information can be obtained form your customization dash boars as you can modify according to your need. Users can track and compare the entire details and also the track and analyses reports with the records of the last months, or may be fortnight comparisons what ever be the case as it may be decided by the user,thus with the date tracker it would be showing all the information in

detail to you and it calculates the differentiation and thus creates the quick overview of the comparison. There are also schedule mail options from time to time you will get the information to your, inbox straight and then you can view the detailed analytics and also other options like that of export data tom PDF are available . So, in short within the dash board you can compare your GA data and then compare and see the provision and the performances within.

Now the third most significant element of GA is that of date range. You can use the sort of date options efficiently, and further you can go for date range drop- down selection to select the week, month or day of their choice.  The scheduled report is to be emailed for further archive purposes and in this way you can receive and then employ all the data that had been originating out of your GA data. At times when you had ad blocker or context blocker enabled, you are unable to log into GA account and for this email feature is more than handy and by employing this you could find more and more interesting trail of events even if you are not able to log into GA website.

You have the option to receive GA reports daily, weekly or monthly and if you enable these functions then it will automatically receive the information according to your specifications. The date range options has been made sticky if the report was scheduled to show up in thirty days, the next email will pull automatically pull the last 30 days. If you are running any kind of marketing campaigns for promotional brand mechanisms then it is inevitable to know from where you will be getting the direct visit and their websites as this can make your contact list more and more productive, many a times large number of direct visits does come from URL shortners.

How to enable campaign tracking?  

In order to enable campaign tracking in GA one needs to tag website URLs with parameters and the user need to share them with URL shortened  Then you can receive insight of marketing campaigns report under Traffic sources > Sources

How to use funnels of GA?

For e-commerce website, with steep competition from among all the other like-minded websites, funnel is a great feature to employ as from it new strategies and the visitor’s goals and actions can be seen and better understood. Here, you can learn how many people went to conversion process but not finish it and from these data, you can personally contact those people to know about what was the reason for not finishing the conversion process and then you can present customized solutions to them according to their need and assistance.

Many a times you just been surprised to see that the website you used for half a conversion process is contacting you and how they knew this, this is due to the fact of funnels of GA and that was the principal reason for this for them to employ this and in this manner you can bring forward the real aspect of your business and in this way you can manage the great customer satisfaction index which matter a whole lot for you. User first fills out the ‘Define Funnel page’ with Goal URL in the exact order visitor’s follows them. Then, the recipe and context add on and after following this feature user shall get Abandoned Funnels report along with Funnel Visualization in user’s GA report.

Enable site feed:

Site speed is a clean and non intrusive feature of GA, from which you can find the exact speed of the site and how it performs and in which way it would go and in what manner it is visible inside search engines so and so. It also gives you input about how your website or blog is performing in the internet in terms of search engine visibility. From this user can understand fully which page is loading perfectly in terms of search engine visibility and which page is not loading and then user can go to that page through the links specified and then correct the errors so that in the future the specific page will load at speedier than that of earlier. In this way, you can improve the traction for the websites. You can go to performance tab to locate and understand the different aspects and buckets of websites and how they are performing.

In-Page Analytics:

Now, there is the every possibility for you to know at which positions of a particular page user clicked and this is very helpful to anticipate the hot zones the zones most famous for visitor’s click and in this way you can garner access to all these information. This is helpful in case you want to place the ads on a place where there is every chance the user can click on it and in this way you would get the most wonderful aspect of it and also through this all these parameters can be conditioned and perfect placement of your articles will garner more for you in terms of traffic and also visibility.  

With this tool , you can know from the various portions of website and could understand the different aspects of click through rates and in this manner the different aspects of all these parameters can be get through and in which the entire path and the structure of click through rates can be garnered with.


An absorbing internet waiting for us

We are living in the world of internet. Now, we can connect to each and every devices and can control thee devices even if we are far from such devices. Internet is not only limited to multimedia contents but also it is now full of self-display beautiful websites. The elements of website is far from thinkable aspects some years ago. Due to advent of element that are nearer to understanding of providing to reduce server resources it provides one of most outstanding part ot create website as per one’s design strengths and managements.

Now we have content delivery networks such as cloud flare which reduces server resources and distribute websites to produce its similar versions in different geo-locations. Thus it reduces server latent timing and loads web pages in super fast manner. One has to choose from paid as well as free version of CDN. The free version of cloudflare is more than enough for individual web masters and they can go with its various optimisations as well as providing the better way to manage wordpress or other related website to produce more satisfying web performance on one side and on the other side reduce server load and this means yours website stays always on line mode.

Cloudflare content delivery network provides various caching of server resources so that it optimised webpages for each visitors and sends these webpages with faster loading times so that visitors would find it helpful as well as it should reduce server loading time and reduce latency time of loading of web pages. It uses modern encryption technologies so that it reduces the coding size and speeds up website to make every visitor see the website at each and every seconds when they browse your website.

Apart from this modern back up solutions such as code guard does provide excellent and continuous backing up solutions and make website to stay secure even if it sees the outrage or other eminent possibilities of deletion of website. In these circumstances it make live another version of website that is saved at the latest time. In this way, you are now fully sure that your website is now secure and it will be always online.

There are other ways to secure yours website such as use of third party firewall which redirects each and every users to their firewall and sees whether these are real visitors such as organic visitors or are from other internet automated bots and if it finds he later then it slowly removes those bots and make your website to appear fat its fullest server side for the organic visitors. In this way by stopping automated internet bots most of server resources are now saved for the better and organic visitors have now full time to see how and when they visit yours website and during those times yours website stays at the point of active or alertness.

It provides awesome level of chances for modern website designers who always see the better and far reaching side of it and it provides them with excellent opportunities to create the one of most outstanding website presence and in this way it provides the most intuitive and most provision free website development so that it will not be blocked by any sort of barriers from it. Even hosting providers provides some of the most outstanding cache management such as that of Varnish cache which cache static and dynamic files and send to the visitor’s browser even without using parts of server resources.

What it all summaries to the point is that an interesting and and an absorbing internet is waiting for us and it is for web masters to take the help of these developments and make their websites to see through such advantageous points so that ultimately we could see these live in action and perform all these in stupendous ways so that ultimately it becomes one of visitor’s delight.

Free e toilets in Bhubaneswar

Web Automation: Putting the Internet to Work

Web is multifaceted and it has many directions and fast becoming part and parcel of life. Take some break out of your daily schedule and then think all about it all over again , you will realize how important this phenomenon is as with due course of time , it had gained popularity and everyone is trying out newer possibilities to reach out to internet to make it more user-friendly and customized to suit your needs. With the advent of Web 2.0 the web has become more social and the bright example of this is the latest updates from Firefox 17 , now the social networking can be integration and that is making it more and more user friendly to suit all the needs that was indeed attune to the user. Now, people have more than one Facebook account and separate accounts on blog and for and with the whole trends fast becoming more easier.

Marina Beach Artificial Waterfall
Marina Beach, Artificial Waterfall

With the advent of cloud other related internet work people want it to become more more automated so it suit needs of people. Then, the question arises why not automated process for all the online social networking accounts and then another question pops up not so that more care can share all information equally on each and every social networks and that would made it more and more user friendly and that can suit the needs of people that what ought to be favorite your timeline and then making visible according to your liking and that have made the whole process of sharing a lot more easier than you would normally thought of and are options account Facebook sole to it and in what you of posted to Facebook automatically and thus it would save yourself from manual posting and thus the required time and then it would save the bandwidth costs and in this way the entire process is automated, is not this a smarter move to say to the least.

What is smarter is that does not to you the additional knowledge of coding as the entire process based on API and Oath and that will connected your and with this control should be and what not be automation: If a task using IFTTT Probably the used If This-Then That’, better known it provides the most minimalistic approach to save the task or the recipes and makes it and more automated. suggests you ‘If This’ then job The condition in this instance as trigger and then the as an action does all the services of Google so on with this can make into that can called as shelves such way, you put one the other that as trigger all the totality it is being called as shelves.

What is task?

Task is an automation rule defined by the user on account account at you to these channels Oauth as most of the do these of Facebook, YouTube and so on and for this you do not have to send your pass is why this is method of hadthrough the entire process of task automation, and now it is the time to act upon the tasks, then log in to your dash board and there you would see the number of channels which have and with list and you can go for the task that is the automation the user had done it for the of the dashboard you would see click task will to there click the big blue us assume want then on the , thus your channel now active tasks that is part, and will ‘You are in photo ’and you tagged in a photo , this action may produce slight delay in action though , as Ifttt polls your data in every fifteen minutes interval .

Then you will be asked about necessary details, then add tags that has to be easily found and this way the drop box saving done, is to do it. task is save the picture to drop box from a specific URL, first activate Drop Box channel by using credentials, select the necessary order to complete the action , then select the image source to be the file URL , and designate the path to save the picture to drop box. Web automation putting the internet to work: Tasker Your phone can be configured to automate several tasks which you can perform on a daily basis. You how nearly any Tasker Tasker without doubt the most powerful tool for automation. It is not free, it costs pretty hefty in Play Store. It is more than its worth and for sure you will find favorable rich benefits it will be for you can it for seven days and get the test drive of it from it developer website. You might need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in your phone’s settings to” install.apk” files.

There are three principal components for installing Tasker: Actions, Contexts and Tasks. It comes under “Tasker profile” . Context sets up the task; it determines what starts up your task. It can include opening and closing of an app. When the handset to be plugged into charger , whether to receive annoyance sms or not , whether to use or toggle Bluetooth, WiFi radio all these can perform of tasks. So, any logically tasks be performed by Tasker with ease, it can go beyond your imagination.

Suppose, you want to start music player whenever, you want to plug-in ear phones, then start the:

• Tasker , create a profile and rename Choose ‘state’ then under category. Select hardware Go to App ‘option under Action category’. Select ‘Load App’ choose the app want to load ‘green check activate and the application your notification preferable the hand top of the lightning icon will in plug your ear and be amazed see as the music automatically run. Here are some tasks to try out with Tasker:

• You can turn on GPS automatically whenever you open Google Maps and this works for stock Android 2.2 or lesser.

• Whenever you place upside down would the to-do in morning

• Automatically turn off brightness the battery in evening it on in the you a reminder whenever it is your friend’s Google Calendar. your inside car will to your or when can use some specific application to display the on your lock It will automatically unlock can automatically perform up action and then upload your important contents to Drop Box or Google Drive etc.

• There are free alternatives to Tasker like that of Auotmate It! And Llama but Tasker performs all the tasks efficiently.

Web automation putting the internet to work: Microsoft On{x} Your phone can be configured to automate several tasks which you can perform on a daily better alternatives in these is surprisingly Microsoft and it to platforms only not with of its JavaScript API creates the automation will remind you to buy sugar on the way back from work, automatically sending out SMS when you leave from office.

Its creation of task is known as recipe and the first time user some matter with due course of work and for sure rocket to try how you can use automate tasks on your device:

• Download for app the Google this app is currently under Facebook credentials it log Facebook. head then in the log in there you tasks to perform with your phone. Simply clicking ‘add’ these will be pushed to your phone and the tasks will start performing immediately.

• You can customize any recipes or tasks , you can specify your home or office locations by bringing into Bing maps , or if any task like SMS that require any sort of phone number then you can provide it and ‘On{x}’ will perform the task for you immediately.

• It also supports NFC better known as near communications draws references on to ‘tags’ that supports two way communications.

Its task launcher allows you to automate action by tapping your phone against NFC tag. You can perform an action like turning on the Wi-Fi or turning up the ringer volume all the way. So, with a mere tap any task can be performed all the way. It is the futuristic technology and plenty of work needs to be done make easier. Smart have evolved at a the now it is smarter than laptop. In this workshop I have showed you how to automate certain repetitive tasks on your phone and turn your gadget a true extension of your brain. Here we have learnt about some futuristic stuff using NFC tags and device’s NFC chip.

What are advantages of PHP based CMS

You have a website and want to accept users and expand the business, and want to show yours clients the preview of your products offered through your website. Site design is the tedious and difficult task and you must have spent so many hours in designing this. It is now time to find out the bugs and update your website and bring in some of the newer feature attached to it If you cannot afford the web designing part then it is better to go for content CMS. It easiest way to make your content dynamic and to suit your needs.

What is CMS?

It is the system dynamic and web many a times it requires a special kind of software constructing It makes the development websites easier and with this your website will become more and more dynamic and adhere to demand modern website standards. It is you just to upload install your it gives the much time and management get to your of based are various kinds of content management systems and there are choose it from for you. The principal among them the PHP-based and management The former is than some advantages if use the content management system:

PHP relatively easy programming interface and it is easy is the platform interface, you do not have to worry about any sort of operating system compatibility as it is supported by the operating It is a strong community of enthusiasts developers and they will help you any sort of queries and difficulties. Most these content management free and this economically these content systems. management systems to modify you need and also it is ideal for small business and individual developers as it is easy and economically viable.

Most of the and popular PHP hosting compatibility will never be issue for you if you are employing PHP based content management system on your server. System the very system. With large user base free to use and been released under general public license, originally developed by Thatware. Earlier versions of PHP Nuke are available for free the latest It is a content management system which can turn it according to yours convenience. It plenty of features and suitable customizations which you need for further development of your web server website. Of solely server immediate environment.

PHP-Nuke download management system with advance options. It has WYSIWYG editor for posting news and articles and updates your website and blogs. It has one of best forum system powered by it is suitable the developers who want to augment their website with some of the good and relevant content in their active interaction and dynamic interactions through support forums. journals and blogs for the registered users and also additional support for newsletter and bulletins.

The installation part of the PHP-Nuke could have more adhered to security parameters so that the user will feel after installing their server. The installation: Installing the under is very the detailed installation part is as follows. Download the latest version of PHP-Nuke from the website and after downloading the installation, extract the PHP-Nuke achieve and you can use any good achiever this purpose. After the extraction look the folder and are copy the .sql file from the sql folder to the desktop. Now let us assume that we will be installing the PHP-Nuke in a directory called the nuke1.

Then, create the new folder namely the nuke1 and then copy the entire contents of html into it. Then move the nuke1 folder inside the www directory in C:\Program Files\EasyPHPx-x\ and then make sure that EasyPHP is running . Then, point your browser to , if EasyPHP is running , then you will be logging into PhpMyAdmin and the default user name for MySql on EasyPHp is root and password is disabled here you can user name and of yours main administration PHPMyAdmin menu under.

Create new database enter the database name phpnuke and then left click on Create and wait for the database creation and if it is successful then the phpnuke database is created. Under the phpnuke database go to the top bar and find SQLand left click on it , then under the sub element heading Location of the text file click browse and then select nuke.sql file and now click on Go . To enter the details about your server, you need to at C:\Pogram Files \EastyPHPx-x\www\nuke1\ nd their edit the configuration file. It is easy , under $dbuname enter root it is your MySql user name , and this filed will remain blank and then change the value of $advanced editor filed to If you have followed all these steps in the right manner then it are done.

Then point your web browser to and you you own now on homepage of PHP-Nuke installation create a link to make it the super user , then left click on it and then details register account turned into as the administration and here you your now go to the administration and logged into it and start to modify yours website and make then requisite changes to it make it more customized and suitable to the needs of the user.

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