Opera Launches Opera Touch Browser for Android with One-Hand Support

Last updated on December 15th, 2018 at 10:51 am

On April 25, 2018, as previously announced Opera 2 or reborn opera comes out with both of brand new versions of Android and desktop web browser. Its Android version is known as Opera Touch and it is fully designed to accustom to faster web searching. It is also best to be used with one hand mobile operations and it is easier to share things with opera browsers for PCs and vice versa through its new Flow feature.

Instant Search:

The all-new Opera web browser for PCs is a completely new one with Instant Search which lets you search internet faster and to have more clarity in search settings. In addition to this Opera Flow makes it easier to share things between PCs and smartphones.

The purpose of this feature is self-explanatory. It is a new feature embedded with Opera search. Update desktop Opera browser to have this new feature. Since the long times, Opera has been famous to introduce the newer feature to help users to have more comfortable while browsing the web.

Instant Search is available in a pop-up window at the same tab and it is supposed to help you find out anything while you browse a website. Most of the other web browsers do have this feature with or without plugins but Opera finds out this interesting way to change focus and browse web instantly without replacing the current tab.

How to access instant search in Opera web browser:

Instant Search is available with Opera 52 and with all supported Windows operating system platform. It can be directly accessed by pressing alt+space bar of a keyboard at a time. This will appear, in the same tab and this all work without disturbing your current work on the tab and this can then be dismissed.

It is available with Opera 52 for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems for desktop PCs. It is important to update your Opera browser to its latest version. In order to check it go to Menu then About Opera and then Version Information. Here, in Version if it is written as Opera is up to date then this means that you have the latest version of Opera.

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An instant Search feature is only available in a desktop version of Opera, and it is not available with the Android version of Opera. Instant Search launch with Opera for PCs can be done either two ways through the hotkey method or with the mouse. With hotkey, you need to press two keys at one single time that is ALT and SPACE bar.

Instant search in Google Chrome vs Opera web browser:

In the case of a mouse, you have to click on the newly added magnifying glass icon at the sidebar to launch Instant Search feature. Instant Search works faster than Google Chrome search and the most of convenient search results come even before you finish typing Instant Search results. It displays a Google icon along with a box, and you just have to put the keyword and then the relevant search results appear all after it.

Another interesting feature of Instant Search is that it lets you search tabs on Opera browsers. There are plenty of people who opened many tabs all at one time and in this way, Instant Search helps you find tabs which you are searching now. Simply by writing tab, this will show recently, closed tab, and all pieces of information about tabs opened and closed. It is quite useful for people who want to run many tabs and at the same time wants to find relevant pieces of information about tas.

According to Opera,

“A quarter of the respondents we asked in our US survey said they usually have several tabs open in their browser and can’t seem to locate the exact one they would like to be working with. Based on this research and our own experiences, we decided to solve this common problem once and for all,”

Opera provides configuration of different search engines such as Bing to its address bar search:

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You can quickly close Instant Search by pressing the ESCAPE key or by clicking anywhere on the tab. There are limitations to Instant Search. It cannot be configured to be used with other search providers.

Opera provides configuration of different search engines such as Bing to its address bar search but it is not proving alternative search. This means Instant Search now only works with Google.

Alternatively, you can change the setting of browser search to supposedly Bing and the Instant Search remains the same with Google.

Opera Touch and Instant Search to make your mobile and PC browsing with one flow:

While searching Opera in the search bar of Google Play Store, you will find a new Opera product known as Opera Touch browser. It is a completely new Android web browser with one hand browsing support. It is different from Opera Mini and other Opera browser of Android.

It aims to be used with one hand in touch sensitive mobiles. It has Fast Action Button (FAB) so that most of these features with gestures can be controlled and managed with your thumb easily. It is clearly placed in the lower half of the web browser and can easily be activated with the single tap.

Even touching and holding the thumb on the button brings about more and newer features such as Google Search and instant access to tabs and so on.

Opera Touch comes equipped with Flow:

It is a beacon feature which makes browser synchronized with Desktop version so as to transfer files from PCs to Android mobile easily. Opera Flow feature works nicely, and it only requires the mobile browser scans the QR code of Desktop browser to establish the connection between these browsers and then both Android and desktop browsers connected without requiring logins and passwords.

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Opera Touch comes up with dynamic speed dials which provides the most visited sites in speed dial and it is one of the borrowed features from Opera desktop browser and this makes browsing easier. It comes up with built-in ad blocker and crypto jacking protection and this means you are well protected from all of this malware. Opera Touch works with Android 5 or later versions.

Desktop and mobile synchronisation of Opera flow:

In the first attempt despite two times scanning of QR code, it fails to connect. Perhaps it requires administrative privileges. I will try it later on. Opera Touch is fast and secure due to the presence of adblocking and crypto mining currency prevention.

It does not put out ads like its Opera Mini and Opera News apps. Opera tries hard to provide seamless internet connectivity between Opera for desktop and Opera Mobile.

Its iOS version will come out later on this year. So far in my first impression is that though Instant Search is a good feature I feel in times to comes this will be very much useful for students, researchers and the persons who used to work with many tabs all at one time.


So far in the case with Opera Flow features I am still trying to interconnect Opera browser between desktop and Android and me do hope will succeed. The flow feature automatically works with Google Chrome if you have the same account enabled with both the devices.

Google Chrome with the same account on desktop PC and Android works seamlessly and without a doubt works faster and with the introduction of this feature with Opera, am sure Opera lover will love to see this.

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