Save Barunei Hills

Barunei was famous for rich cultural heritage, with paika (Soldier) and some of the most memorable place to visit when you were at Odisha the eastern state of India. It was three-kilometres from Khurda, the district headquarters of the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar.

Barunei Is a shakti pitha:

Here many pilgrims reached for devotions as well as for picnic purposes , but there were not much of development in these regions as well as the security in these areas was not that great, considering that this region was nearer to Khurda road and also some of the most criminal minded people reside, in the villages nearby , so security should be of highest quality so that more and more pilgrims and visitors would reach here for picnic.

Every day through out the year, there were many pilgrims flocked here, so security should be more vigilant as well as in the winter there would be more and more visitors here. Here, the main problem was the drinking water, and due to less availability of this, the visitors had been in a problem in getting this, in the summer there had been more heat generated and for this water was the must so this aspect needed to be looked upon seriously here.

Water was one aspect, otherwise called as the life, and also if it was contaminated then it would generate a hell lot of problems and it was high time to use it reasonably and also there should be plenty of water available with clean water considering visitor’s health.

Barunnei was at a beautiful place, having 483.6-hectare jungle all around it, with the natural stream running through it, the flora and fauna of natural beauty were at its peak. There was a hill of the height of 304.8 meters and in its peak, goddess Barunnei and the name of the place was done according to goddess name.

This place was famous for the goddess and from far corners of the state and from outside of the state people came flowing into this sacred place to have the glimpse of the great goddess.

The most productive time for visitors was between the month of November and February, during these times, when the visitors reached here in plenty to have jungle feast, a rare kind of experience when there would be cooking at the somewhat simulated jungle environment like that of Barunie and here people really enjoy the cool atmosphere.

In the year, from the beginning of December 2012, there had been plenty of people out here for jungle feast and also for devotion to Goddess Barunei. There were plenty of difficulties for them, though, as while the visitors did flock here in large numbers, but the after-effects of their foods and other let-offs stayed here, and that amass the problems of visitors who reached here.

There was much garbage dumped here, and these were not being removed continuously that lead to further deteriorating environmental hazards. The cleaning of garbage and to make the entire area garbage free had been in the hands of Khurda Municipality and they should make it cleaner for the visitors as during this time the picnic season was on the rise.

The most significant part of it was that there was no facility for drinking water, in this area, having it true to the sense that, in the vicinity, you would not be getting drinking water nearby that adds to the problems.

There had been instances of more and more cleaning of these areas of late, but there were not enough tankers out here so the transportation of enough drinking water was causing enough problems here. The related environments could have been more beautiful if these were constantly developed and then it could be attracting more and more visitors at Barunei. There was a bathing place for pilgrims but that was in a dangerous state.

There were no steps that could lead to the bathing place, so it had been very dangerously placed and at any time mishap could happen there. One more aspect was that there was no a separate place for bath and latrines purposes for the ladies and it should be done as this place was situated out of town and for these emergency purposes these latrines and bathrooms for the ladies should be there.

People also left this place just after noon as there had been anti-social elements in the afternoon and for this, the family persons should leave the place just before afternoon for their safety of life and property. There were not enough lighting facilities here and due to anti-social elements had been there at afternoon, it seemed that this place with less light in the evening had been their paradise so it was best to go to your home before afternoon.

The road that led to Barunei had been broken severely, from the hat square, then to national high way number five and then go over the bridge and then the road to Barunei had been packed with potholes.

There were many developmental works had been here, with one guest house was in the process of construction, though it did take time, but the satisfactory part was that it was on its way, the road that leads from national high way over bridge to Barunei had been in construction and it was expected to be finished and then the bypass road that was to reach to Barunei would be great for visitors.

The road was narrower in the earlier time and now it would be wider and that would be great as it seemed that the bus and the four-wheeler would have very fascinating time to reach there. There would be big drains on both sides and there would meridians so that the drainage problems would be over soon here.

As many visitors who had reached here for jungle feast had been in search of water after they realize that the condition of stream water was not good, so it doubles up their misery there.

Some girls said that they had gone there, in 30 numbers from ladies hostel, and after reaching there some anti-social elements had commented them, and they terrified and fled from that place as they said there were no security persons to give the sense of security there, this was some of the negatives which could, in the long run, jeopardize the reputation of this wonderful place.

As it was high time the concerned authorities should look beyond and think overhead, as at first, they should concentrate on three aspects, prime was the security of visitors and ladies, so these anti-social elements must be booked and drive out from the place, and then the second point of action was the availability of plenty of drinking water in and around these areas and the third was the plenty of artificial lighting and medical facilities for emergency situations .

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