How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is a huge social media network. It has more than two billion active users. It is still growing. The timeline and main dashboard of Facebook have huge space for advertisers and business organisers to showcase their business in real time. This mean business houses cannot ignore the impact of Facebook to a considerable extent.

The construction of Facebook is such a way that it makes easier for organisations to interact with people in real time and take stock of their organisational impact in the true sense. It is important for business owners to have their Facebook business page.

Go to Facebook[.]com[/]business

On the right-hand side and upper corner, you have two options. One is ‘create an ad’ and the other is to ‘create page’.

Prior to this Log in to your Facebook account with the username and password credentials.

Then you will have the option for several business page modules such as ‘business or brand’ or ‘community or public figure.’

In the case with ‘business or brand,’ you will showcase product or services and reaches each to more and more people.

In the case with ‘community or public figure’ connect and share with people to your community and organisation, team, club or association.

Click on ‘Get Started’ to create the page on relevant subjects as discussed above.

It is the first step to create the page is to choose ‘Page category’
Then Facebook will ask you about ‘Page name’ and ‘category’.

In the ‘Page Name’ provide the name of your page and in the ‘category’ add the category which best describes your page.

Then click on ‘continue’ to create the page.

Before your page appears you will have to complete two more steps of it.

First one is to upload add a photo as Profile feature so that it will help people to identify your page.

Upload a profile photo from computer or Android or you can skip this step if you plan to upload later.

In step 2, Facebook will ask you to add a cover photo which should summarise the features of your organisation better to garner and attract more shares and likes.

If you are a big brand then in profile photo segment you can add your logo. In cover photo segment you can add detailed pieces of information about your brand for which Facebook page is intended.

After your Facebook Page is created then you can add a short description about it to let the users know what for your Facebook page is all about. It is important for search engine optimisation (SEO) as these snippets appear on search pages when people try to search for Facebook Page of yours online.

Create a button for Facebook Page which will appear on top of your page, which will help people to initiate specific actions on your page. The message, contact us or email are some of its examples.

It is a nice idea to create a ‘username’ for your page to appear to visitors and subscriber as an easier option to remember. It is like Facebook[.]com[/]mohanmekap In this way, the user can know about my site as well as the Facebook page for it. Your username should match with the name of your page and organisation.

Face Page is like a creating single Blog Page and you can add ‘Page Roles’ such as add administrator rights and user right to publish posts and pieces of information regarding your brands and the pieces of information revealed inside those pages in detail.

On the right-hand side of Facebook Page, you will find pieces of information about friends and suggestions about it to send invitations and correspondences to them in order to like your page.

From time to time, Facebook should suggest you about friends or page to invite for your page to like and you can send invitations to them by clicking on ‘Invite ’ button from there.

There is an option to ‘add website’ and from creating that button, you can send people to your website if it is for shopping or to your contact us in order to contact you for some jobs and so on.

You can add a button about rating to have feedback about your business. It will let you know about what safeguards need to be done for your business so that you can modify it for better.

In order o publish a post go to ‘Publishing tools’ and then ‘Published Posts’ and then click on ‘create’.

You can download your own ‘QR code poster’ to distribute information about your business offline and online. It is situated in ‘Publishing tools’. You can all QR codes in PDF files and then print and distribute it.

Facebook Page has insights and the inbox option. Insight is about who people are visiting your pages and inbox is like a mailbox and it lets your customers contact you.

Facebook Page grows your business. It helps your customers to interact you and this provides nice helping place for them to increase customer social relationships.

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