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6 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu OS is a free operating system and comes under Linux distribution , it is very popular with a beautiful default user graphical interface for the GNOME-3 desktop environment. Followings are some of the good tips and tricks that can be essential for you in the long term use of Ubuntu as with due course of time it is now being offered for long term service and that is good for you considering that Microsoft operating system does have limited time opportune and for this the use of this operating system makes sense for the business entity as well as that of individuals who always goes for long term solution , with personal computer hardware compatibility.

Let us take an example , I wanted to buy Windows 8 for my desktop , which was over three years old and for this I downloaded Windows update adviser from Microsoft website , but sadly it was not compatible with my computer hardware and that did hurt me, emotionally, as I had to buy now Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 and then I thought while sipping one coffee in the after noon why did the companies not looking for the hardware compatibility as was there not any solution to run the operating system on my personal computer hardware configuration, as my PC was not that old enough , it was not a high-end PC but it did work fine and it was three years old, then why such one operating system that would not be compatible with my personal computer and I had to buy the slight older OS for this and in my case it was Windows 7 , then the thought ended there.

While using Ubuntu , you could feel that it was slight different from that of traditional Windows OS , then , you could go out and try for Linux Mint Cinnamon edition and you would be guaranteed with a much smarter OS nearer to the look and feel of Windows OS, try it out and you could be feel at home there , if you were Windows OS user at all the times. Launcher icon size adjustment: If you do feel that the size of the system menu is bigger than what you would have thought and it was unnecessary space then you can re-size it , and adjust it to smaller one or in reverse if you do feel that it is smaller and is hurting your eyes then you can adjust it to larger size to accommodate your sight.

Go to control gear , then system settings , appearances , personal then under the look tab , drag the icon named as Launcher icon size to the left to make it smaller or make it to right to make the icon size bigger. It was like the earlier Opera image re-sizer , where you could do the size of the viewing angle just by dragging that image bar. With this much easier setting on , the encapsulation of visibility could be very well attained. Hide the launcher: If you dislike the attendances of launcher at the screen , there are provisions for you to hide it at once and thus it guarantees you more and more space for you while working at the desktop environment.Go to control gear , then system settings , appearances , personal then go to behavior and then Auto-hide the Launcher to hide the launcher.

If you want to get the essential presence of launcher then you should be press and hold the Super , here super does mean corresponds to Desktop , so whenever I write super then you understand it is the desktop version of desktop. Then the launcher will appear for short time. The sensibility level could be done with the help of slide or if it did not work it for you then , the muse control option there for it work it for.

Clean India Do not use Plastic bags
Clean India Do not use Plastic bags

Quick lists:

It is just like jump lists of Windows 7 , press Ctrl-Alt-T to call up for terminal , then under Ctrl-Shift-V to paste into terminal , the following codes , it was derived from here :

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:alanbell/unity sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install unity-window-checklists sudo sed -i ‘s/OnlyShowIn=UNITY/OnlyShowIn=Unity/g’ /etc/xdg/autostart/unity-window-quicklists.desktop

(This command line allows for the Unity Window Quicklists to start automatically when you log into the system.)

Then , log out and log in and then right click on any of the icon on the Launcher and then select it in quick lists to appear inside it. Why this is necessary even though there are options with Launcher, the probability of this is that with Launcher the concerned icon will launch more rapidly than it was ever anticipated. Shopping Lens disability: It is like Google instant search , but this time the search when you are doing within the dash within Ubuntu , while doing this it offers more suggestion qualities inside the local search result by default .

The shopping lens does include suggestions from Amazon shopping site and many times it does feel boring with it and for this if you want to disable this feature , followings is the way out for you. Followings are the code that to be put into the terminal so as to disable or enable it according to it. In order to work it for you, have to log out and log in so that it will work for you at the right time. here is the code:

To disable:

sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping To re-enable: sudo apt-get install unity-lens-shopping If this process feels you that it is beyond you then there are other turn around with it, go to control gear , system setting , personal , privacy under the search result tab turn off “When searching in the Dash: Include online search results”.

The global menu:

The application menu will always be at the top bar through default settings and if you want to remove it so have to have good amount space within your desktop environment then you are right here .Open the terminal window as described above and then copy and paste the following code to run it smoother and smarter.

Paste this command line

sudo apt-get autoremove appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt into the Terminal, and press Enter. then log out and log in to disable the global menu. If at any point of time if you want to get it back the global menu then open the terminal window , Paste this command line sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-qt into the Terminal, and press

Enter. and then log out and log in to get it back the the global menu at the top of desktop environment. Adjust Windows control buttons to the right : With the practice with Windows , where the close and the open buttons are in the right side of upper part of Windows and most of the computer enthusiasts has been grown up with this special features that Windows generally makes us the habit of , so when you do use Ubuntu then it can be at odd for you , then, you must want it to change to the other side so that when you are working with it then it will be a good comfortable for you to do the basic opening and closing of Windows then you are at the right place as with this tutorials you will be knowing very much about how to change the side of control buttons and how it can be brought to the right side. You can do this by following these simple steps at your disposal.

Press Alt-F2, then type dconf-editor into the box, and press Enter to run it. Browse to org > gnome > desktop > wm > preferences, look for “button_layout” on the right panel. Change the value in the “button_layout” from close,minimize,maximize: to :minimize,maximize,close and press the Enter key.

The back side of it is that , these will work when your Windows are all at non-maximized state and for these trick will work , however , when the Windows will be at the maximised state then Windows control buttons will go to left side of desktop.


Believe me Ubuntu is a great Linux desktop environment to work it for you as it is fast and also it more lovable like that of Windows with more similarity at its store. Here, whatever be written are few points of actions , if you are a die-hard Windows user then it is the ultimate Linux distribution you should be trying this out , it is easy and very good at it and with it you will find some of the better Linux management and with its more and more customization at its disposal and in store for you so you can like Firefox use and employ the terminal command windows at your perusal to make it happen for you at all times , these are like plug ins and also there are plenty if tutorials available inside , internet to master it and also happily you could learn about more and more Linux customization and that will work great for you in the longer prospect . In this way , you will be accustomed with basic Linux instructions and there are always been some sort of calling to the mind that Linux is difficult and with Ubuntu this myth is fast fading to anonymity.

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Surf Anonymously with VPN Services

Internet is fast becoming the compulsory habits for many individuals who are utilizing this to its fullest intent for their proper fascination of ideas and other related matters. Many a times you can be at some region where there can be blockages of some of internet essential service which you might think that it may be use ful for you but sad at not reaching to that site. Many a times you want to browse anonymously so that you want to preserve your privacy on internet. You want to access many blocked website anonymously and want to hide you IP address so that you want to attain to your complete privacy.

You can all do this with proper and reputed virtual private network service providers and for this you will have to join some reputed one. IN this write up I will be telling you about one such provider of virtual private network which can give access to you all these facilities with secure and fast system logging and also you will be getting all these with very little money. It is known as VPN softwareVPN and with it you will have several opportunities to utilize its potential. It gives one additional layer of anonymity for you as it is hiding your real IP address from the web. It does not keep any logs and you are behind its server and as my experience goes it does load heavy sites with a decent connection faster and you can then browse your favourite site more smarter and with equally security frame work.

By using this VPN you can get smart access to the sites which are exclusively for US and UK residents only like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC iPlayer, ITV. You cans simply browse and also enjoy the prudent of all these above mentioned sites. It can also unblock the application like that of Skype and VOIP which may be banned in your locality or at your working organization. If you are web master or using Chitka which the ads can be shown only in US and UK then you can use this service to see how your website is working and how it is been viewed in US and UK conditions and residents and also you can see how the Chitka ads are showing to US and UK locality and with this you can test all these parameters with equal ease and can convenience how your international clients has been seeing your website.

The Lord Naga of Puri
The Lord Naga of PuriThe Lord Naga of Puri

It is perfect for your site as a web master you can see your site how it is loading at US and UK environments and also if you are dealing with search engine optimization technologies then with this VPN service you can watch and observe your site positions on Google while making the search. One point is noted in the VPN softwareVPN is that the sites powered by blogger in UK conditions take sometimes to load this may be unique on my situations but I have felt that way, what is the reason or may be due to the related reason of my special internet connection but it is doing this way for me but other two connection like that of US is working perfectly.It is all about security and with VPN softwareVPN you will be getting good amount of security with its excellent infrastructure and management. It creates the tunnel and then encrypts all the incoming and outgoing data in the server.

No one can access your information and if you are on a insecure Wi-Fi connections then it is the must for you and you should be doing this so that your Wi-Fi will not be hacked in the manner. VPN can be used from any locations that have the internet connection and it is very easy to use. When you choose any VPN service provider though personally my favorite is VPN softwareVPN , you can access any website restriction countries with equal ease by assigning the IP address of that country and can access the related contents of it. Reliability is always important and also the speed of connectivity should be seen and the way it is working and all these parameters is better with VPN softwareVPN.

If you want to use VPN softwareVPN then first opt in for the trieal option and it is for twenty four hours and within this span of time you can acclimatize with the conditions in which it is passing through and can get on with how it is working and can then opt for its free service. No credit card required for this free trial. There are also many freebies are in offer from time to time at VPN softwareVPN and you can subscribe their blog and also on twitter and Facebook to win the chance to get back the free six months virtual private network connection from their Netherlands server so it is better you can regular visit their site, nevertheless you can get the free offer for six moths then it is the most beautiful achievement you will ever had. Installation is very easy and it is written elaborately in their website so to find it is no problem and also the entire and clear description on different OS platforms is clearly described so that is why I am not writing about the installation part of it.

VPN softwareVPN employs Microsoft point to point protocol to create the secure VPN for PPTP. It has relatively somewhat low overhead and it is advisable to use it as it can make the internet more and more fast. In this way you can protect your internet connection and also the speed limit will not be slower with it and that is why it is mostly preferred by many web masters as well as internet users. With proxy services you will mask or hide your IP addresses and your location information from lurking eyes and it is mainly used for saving your privacy and it is a way to protect your privacy.

With virtual private network in action you can send large volume of confidential information while on travel to yours clients and in this way your competitor will not have that much chance to spy on you as this is important for the security of your organizations. .Proxy is less secure than VPN but the speed of proxy is faster than that of VPN.

Proxy does not need client software most of them use cookies in your browser of some sort of plug in or add-on. Many sites are now a days are more protected with high level of encryption and https security layer and also with one plug in of Firefox you can access the web https everywhere so all these aspects needs to be recognized and for this if you have a good and decent connection then you can vouch for VPN and especially VPN.

I recommend this one as I have been using for the last four to five months with optimum level of satisfaction. With VPN you will have both the services in yours kitty , the Proxy and also the VPN services and with it you can choose which one to use so art one price you get both the options and it is up to you to choose and manage and opt for which service which you likeHow to connect VPN software PPTP status and browse the internet:First get the free for twenty four hours or buy the service from the following link and then wait for the email from .VPN software in your inbox.

It generally comes after one or two days with your user name and password. Keep those in the safer place and then download the client software from VPN software website. It is now updated to its second version and it is within two to three mega bytes download. Disconnect your internet connection and then install the software, it is self guided and you can do it. Then run the software and put user name and password in the log in information and then click on the check box to remember it so that you do not have to put it again and again. It is advisable to uptick start from Windows session as when you need it you can use it at your will by opening the program.

Uninstall any of the ad mucher or ad stopper software that you are using while running the program. You can install the add on ad block plus on Firefox and similar utilities in some other browsers which is your favorite. To day I will be writing about Firefox configuration. The connect the VPN connection and choose your connection as VPN software is offering three zones individually or else with an added package the three zone can be combined to a single package.

Let us assume you have picked and choose or bought the US Wilmington package and choose that in VPN software client software and then from server choose that location and then from Protocol choose PPTP as I have written above why as single user you should this one as with this you will get a decent speed and also good encryption.

Please read above part of the article to know more about it.To day I will be talking about how to configure Firefox, and for it download the latest versions of it and then install in your computer as the installation is self-explanatory.. hen install the add on FoxyProxy standard it is free and it has the premium version , so which you can get it and then install . I will advise you to first test the standard version which can do all the jobs for you.

Then open the FoxyProxy standard and from its file menu select Add New Proxy , then select the manual proxy configuration , then at host or IP address put the IP address sent to you from VPN software as let us assume that you have purchase US version of it then put that IP and in the port session you have three options of ports and put it one and then give it some color as per FoxyProxy standard and then save it.

Close the browser and then connect your internet connection and then open client software from VPN software and log in as you have selected earlier that remember the password and user name so just log in and after some time then click on the connect at VPN connection , here by default the UK proxy is shown so from the drop down menu select the US connection as we are assuming that you are using the US VPN connection and then connect and after few seconds it will show at your task bar that US VPN connection now connected and then you can now open Fire fox browser.

After opening it a pop up window will open and that will ask you to put user name and password of US connection proxy of Firefox, here put the user name and password of your given VPN connection which you have earlier received in your inbox and then log in and select to remember it so that you do not have to put it every time when the browser starts and then open any website you want and see the action.

As you will see it the live in action with completely protected your privacy and your connection to the server is encrypted so no spying eyes and you can now have the worry free internet browsing experience. With due course of time I will be writing about how to use this with Opera, Chrome and IE and get the most of it with this excellent virtual private network, To support my article and also want to get VPN software then you can go with the affiliate link of mine and if you purchase through this route then I could be getting twenty percentages so decision is yours.

Customizing Google Analytics

Google is always a customer friendly company and in order to suit and assist the customer better it had introduced a customization dashboard and in this dash board user can make it just like drag and drop down lists so that with this all the important information can be obtained for the single dash board and with it you can find the entire details of information and that would make you feel about the entire state of the art situations , in this way with the customization dash boards , you get all the advance form of  information of your website that has linked with Google Analytics (GA).

In this way the information of your website like acquired visits , goals and rate of bounces all the information can be obtained form your customization dash boars as you can modify according to your need. Users can track and compare the entire details and also the track and analyses reports with the records of the last months, or may be fortnight comparisons what ever be the case as it may be decided by the user,thus with the date tracker it would be showing all the information in

detail to you and it calculates the differentiation and thus creates the quick overview of the comparison. There are also schedule mail options from time to time you will get the information to your, inbox straight and then you can view the detailed analytics and also other options like that of export data tom PDF are available . So, in short within the dash board you can compare your GA data and then compare and see the provision and the performances within.

Now the third most significant element of GA is that of date range. You can use the sort of date options efficiently, and further you can go for date range drop- down selection to select the week, month or day of their choice.  The scheduled report is to be emailed for further archive purposes and in this way you can receive and then employ all the data that had been originating out of your GA data. At times when you had ad blocker or context blocker enabled, you are unable to log into GA account and for this email feature is more than handy and by employing this you could find more and more interesting trail of events even if you are not able to log into GA website.

You have the option to receive GA reports daily, weekly or monthly and if you enable these functions then it will automatically receive the information according to your specifications. The date range options has been made sticky if the report was scheduled to show up in thirty days, the next email will pull automatically pull the last 30 days. If you are running any kind of marketing campaigns for promotional brand mechanisms then it is inevitable to know from where you will be getting the direct visit and their websites as this can make your contact list more and more productive, many a times large number of direct visits does come from URL shortners.

How to enable campaign tracking?  

In order to enable campaign tracking in GA one needs to tag website URLs with parameters and the user need to share them with URL shortened  Then you can receive insight of marketing campaigns report under Traffic sources > Sources

How to use funnels of GA?

For e-commerce website, with steep competition from among all the other like-minded websites, funnel is a great feature to employ as from it new strategies and the visitor’s goals and actions can be seen and better understood. Here, you can learn how many people went to conversion process but not finish it and from these data, you can personally contact those people to know about what was the reason for not finishing the conversion process and then you can present customized solutions to them according to their need and assistance.

Many a times you just been surprised to see that the website you used for half a conversion process is contacting you and how they knew this, this is due to the fact of funnels of GA and that was the principal reason for this for them to employ this and in this manner you can bring forward the real aspect of your business and in this way you can manage the great customer satisfaction index which matter a whole lot for you. User first fills out the ‘Define Funnel page’ with Goal URL in the exact order visitor’s follows them. Then, the recipe and context add on and after following this feature user shall get Abandoned Funnels report along with Funnel Visualization in user’s GA report.

Enable site feed:

Site speed is a clean and non intrusive feature of GA, from which you can find the exact speed of the site and how it performs and in which way it would go and in what manner it is visible inside search engines so and so. It also gives you input about how your website or blog is performing in the internet in terms of search engine visibility. From this user can understand fully which page is loading perfectly in terms of search engine visibility and which page is not loading and then user can go to that page through the links specified and then correct the errors so that in the future the specific page will load at speedier than that of earlier. In this way, you can improve the traction for the websites. You can go to performance tab to locate and understand the different aspects and buckets of websites and how they are performing.

In-Page Analytics:

Now, there is the every possibility for you to know at which positions of a particular page user clicked and this is very helpful to anticipate the hot zones the zones most famous for visitor’s click and in this way you can garner access to all these information. This is helpful in case you want to place the ads on a place where there is every chance the user can click on it and in this way you would get the most wonderful aspect of it and also through this all these parameters can be conditioned and perfect placement of your articles will garner more for you in terms of traffic and also visibility.  

With this tool , you can know from the various portions of website and could understand the different aspects of click through rates and in this manner the different aspects of all these parameters can be get through and in which the entire path and the structure of click through rates can be garnered with.



The Dark Knight (2008) Movie shows sacrifice of Batman

The Dark night is a superb batman movie. It is one of most popular batman movie. This article is first hand movie review of The Dark Night. In the imaginary city of Gothic, due to Batman peace prevails everywhere. This is not going to stay for longer duration. A psychotic criminal named “Joker” who created havoc by doing extremely deeper crimes. Stole banks and killed person and his only demand is that the mask of Batman to be unraveled and the real person behind batman must come forward.

Batman never divulge his secrets of who is batman and he continues to work with masks and make a safer place for people living inside the imaginary city of Gothic. Now, he is facing his real test. People now wants real face of batman to be revealed so that the criminal joker will not create crime again. This is a catch 22 situation for batman.

Joker’s aim is not to steal money. He loot banks and then burn all the notes. His only motive to unravel concept of batman such as de-masked him so that he will not come out again. He continue to kill one by one and ask Batman to reveal his identity so that he will not kill the next person. The hero of Gothic city is slowly becoming the villain. On one point there is a choice to save for batman of his former girlfriend and the other courageous officer.

New Shuttle Train memu
New Shuttle Train Memu

Batman chooses the later but ultimately he will become the main villain in the next series of The Dark Night which is The Dark Night Rises. Batman regrets of no saving his former girl friend. His former girl friend had given a letter to associate of Batman, and after her death Batman read that letter which contents that after there is peace in the city of Gotham, Batman will not do that savior and she would want a happy life with him.

Batman regrets this and this stays with him for the rest of life. In the middle of movie, joker was caught by Batman and given to police head and he was sent to prison. This was the plan of joker to reach to prison. Batman earlier caught the main don tycoon of China and this was the plan of joker to release him. During the main course of this movie police and batman are confused with the joker’s action and most of time reach in catch 22 situations.

Unlike other superheroes such as spider man and avengers, batman does not have super powers. He works everything with science and technology. This makes watching him on his mission more human friendly and genuine. Batman works with superior technology and most of times he is a normal human comes to the forefront. This makes watching batman movie excellent. This is a must watch movie and with continual action and never stop excitement. Batman can jump from one skyscraper to another but it comes with science.

This little bit of nearer to reality make watching batman as career praise worth. It is important to watch The Dark Night and then its next version The Dark Night Rises in order to understand what the stories and the series of connection with these two movies had.

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The Raid: Redemption The Death Raid

I am not sure it might have some relation with the movie The Raid. Which was of small budget but it works nicely and do have huge profit. The second version of this movie is called as the The Raid: Redemption. Originally in Indonesian movie which has original title named as ‘Serbuan Maut’ and the original English title of this movie is called as The Death Raid. Director changed it to The Raid: Redemption.

This movie was released in 2001 and it was huge success and the imdb rating is that of 7.6 out of 10. It is a story of capture of a dangerous don and how a S.W.A.T. team enters into its own domain of don and how they face opposition and how there are ruthless fight and the movie is a non-stop action endeavor. The protagonist of this movie is Iko Uwais who is a fantastic actor and his action and kung fu action in this movie becomes highly natural fighter.

The plot of this movie is very simple and not so difficult to understand. A plenty of special cops invade in an apartment building where at the top of the building that is of at 15th floor and the don is there and the super cops need to go from floor to floor and in order to capture him but that is not so easy as the super cops thought it initially.

The movement of the story is super fast and there is no time to breath for some time as the thriller and action in these sequence seems nice and non-ending. The story is not so new as you can find plenty of similar stories but still you can see, the treatment by the director Gareth is super as the movement of this movie is brilliant and the fight sequences are super-fast and very realistic.

There is the suspense element in this movie as it unfolds at certain point of time but it is not so expected and at some point of time the dialogue delivery is not so good but still it provides awesome level of management of movie as speed of action makes this movie very interesting. In terms of violence in this movie it is bit on higher side as there are plenty of other related sequences, but the movement of violence in this movie is on higher side.

There is lesser amount of story in this movie and it is a bit of fight movie, and it is a great movie for the action-packed movie lovers. At some point of time you could see the lieutenants of don only using manual weapons instead of guns but still it is one the best martial arts movie where in each and every fight sequence is very heart-touching and brilliant. It is similar to star wars action movie but the fight sequence is at its peak and the movies is fast.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Xiaomi is the smartphone brand from China. But it removes the myth associated with Chinese products which is cheap and could at least go for utmost two to three months. it removes these tags and provide one of most assured and long lasting products with vast customisation of Mi user interface that is based on android operating system.

After that it comes up with other branded products such as shoes, wrist brands, televisions and so on and provides excellent ways for low cost products which becomes powerful and circulating in large numbers and people went for buying such products due to cost effective and long lasting of products.

Redmi Note 4 is the comparatively newer products as its revenues crosses one billion marks and that is the perfect testimony how successful this product has been and the way people of this nations has been buying this smartphone. When Samsung phones failed to provide such price margin Xiaomi comes into market to grab such in order to provide cost per product and in making and distributing and reaching smartphone experience to larger decibel of people.

This product is made of all over metal body and this is almost same as that of Redmi Note 3 and 3S. It comes up with Qualcomm chip. Presence of rear camera with dual led flash and the presence of fingerprint sensor makes it easier to access and secure phone more. The power and volume buttons are in the right and slightly below from the top of right so as to hold the phone without touching these phones comfortably.

you can hold this phone with one hand and it is one gram heavier than its previous version of same series of phones and even one handed operation becomes ot so difficult with this phone. It comes up with 5.5 inch full high definition display and its razor sharp image make worth viewing experience. The reading mode viewing experience provides display with slightly reddish sharpness makes reading of anything worth for while using this device.

There is also good amount of settings inside adjusting the brightness level as this makes using the smartphone more comfortable. It comes up with three RAM variants with inbuilt storages and the prices slightly become up and down within these specifications. It comes up with external storages facility of 128 GB, where as this external storage facility in Redmi Note 3 phone comes up with 32 GB variants.

It comes up with 4100 battery slightly bigger than Redmi Note 3 variants. It comes up with 13 GB back and 5GB front facing camera. Picture quality is good and provides extremely lighter version of phone and this makes running of camera with Google Photos unlimited backup options makes it most vital part of good camera phone. It has no NFC connectivity and it comes up with 4G and volte which makes co=all quality extremely nice and convenient to use.

It comes up with Android 6 and the MiUi interface with android 6 comes up with more smoother and faster mobile touching experience. It has MiUI 8 and for the first time gallery app is there and it backed up images and provides editing and other animations feature, and it becomes more fluid interface. It has also lesser use quick ball feature and it provides user five short cuts, i order to run any of top five apps with greater and faster speeds. This feature is there in MiUi 10 also.

It has dual aps and second space feature. It has two of most outstanding features which is more towards privacy related. With dual ap two instances of the same app can be created and this way , certain apps such as future pay, whats app, facebook can have instances of two app on one phone with two simultaneous running of google services all at one go.

With Second space another partition with another Google account can be created and this way one profile for home another profile for office can easily be created and this way it can work like an enterprise way to manage two simultaneous accounts all at one go. The inbuilt dialer app of Xiaomi is light now and opens faster than Google’s contact app and this make running of these apps within splash of seconds.

With its revamped message version important sms from banks, railways tickets all can be saved to separate folders in order to see prioritisation of all informations and this makes easier for users to find and known about what informations should be at what folder. The themes app provides huge collection of wallpapers, ringtones, themes and so on to customise your phone further with your own list of theme customisation.

There are number of preloaded apps from Xiaomi but sadly even at the stage with MiUi 10 one cannot delete or uninstall such large number f preloaded apps and most of these apps comes up with its own set up advertisements. even its security software comes u with advertisements, its music and video app also has the similar state of providing advertising from time to time and this way it provides one of annoyances but you cannot remove such adverts with any such possibility.

Its camera quality has vast improvement that its predecessor and provides some prebuilt forms as well as its internal viewing parameters comes up with more lighting toprovie excellent camera function and quality. It comes up with non-removable battery and its performance is good in normal smart phone working experiences.

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