Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger

Blogger is always a special platform for me and it will be do so for many more years, as with it, I can have writing of my thoughts which are from various categories and most of these writings are from my own imaginations.

Sometimes, I used to write about a plenty of how to deal with Blogger, and this time on 19 April 2013, I received an email from Google, about “Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger”. I opened it and then realize it, as a brilliant feature, which has much positive impact on blog.

I have been blogging about for more than five years, it is six years continuing and from the start of this blog, many of my friends and subsequently, colleagues have impressed me time and again to switch to WordPress.

I have never changed the platform and the prime reason behind this decision is the great hosting that Google is providing with and it is almost 99 percentages of , with great speed in loading blogs.

Another aspect, which has impressed me a lot, is that of continuous development of Blogger, with due course of time, I have witnessed how dashboard Layout and Templates have evolved and also with the addition of newer gadgets like that of popular posts and other good gadgets, makes it easy, even for a novice to work easily with this platform.

With the introduction of stats tab inside administration section, which gives the clear cut and precise interpretation of statistics of your blog through analytical mind, enables the administration to know more about this site and its references.

With due course of time, the comment section has been improved with more and more new features , such as anti spam protection and detailed control of all the messages , be it spam or normal.

Now, you can have Captcha installed on yours blogger comment section, but still for some time, the shape of comment system does not look professional.

When we compare it with other comment system like that of Discus and Intense Debate, we realize the importance of professionalism and also the look and feel of comment section.

For this, quite some time some bloggers install these third party commenting system. There are some drawbacks.

First and foremost is that, these commenting systems are built upon the concept of Java scripts, which loads slowly and also delays the page loading time, which is not good for page rank and also not good for people who are searching some specific words.

For this, it is of utmost importance to go with the same commenting system of blogger prior to this modern and ultra looking professional commenting system, which is introduced to blogger.

Some would argue that , there are creations of back links while commenting with Discus but , if you notice in modern search algorithm, it is of utmost significance that ,

Such back links , like that of sending comments to Twitter and other social networks does not work rightly in most of the cases and for this , many bloggers and web masters during that time revert to original blogger commenting system.

Reading and commenting on the blog is the most significant aspect of blogging systems and for this most of writers want their work to be recognized by public and for this comment system is the only medium of communication and in order to attend this one should be well versed with comments.

For this with the introduction of Google+ comments inside your BlogSpot blog is a significant advancement for blogger commenting system, what is more, if your blog is shared inside a community, or inside your Google+ stream and at those time, the number of pluses you get from your stream on a particular post, you should be getting as the number of comments in your post.

From April 18, 2013 , Google has introduce the Google+ commenting system on your blog and once you have enabled this on from Blogger administration section and then inside Google+ , the number of pluses you get and the comments you received once the post is shared on Google+ , that will appear on your blogger post as comments.

This introduction of assimilation of Google+ and Blogger in commenting segment is praise worthy. In this manner you get a number of important benefits.

When you visit your blog and on a particular article, you will see the activities on a particular post at the bottom of the article, here you can see who is commenting on your post directly imported from Google+ and from here, you can any comments as the token of appreciation.

In this manner yours posts should not be lost at the vast array of Google+ posts and updates and you can directly interact with your audiences, in Google+ way, but straight from your blog.

Your blog readers have the option to comment publicly or privately, when they are making comments on your blog, thus giving power to users simultaneously.

In this manner, they can full view the comments, or only view partial comments or the comments made specifically for circles. On the other hand you as an administrator can control all the comments, and you have the option to permit what ever comments for the viewing of audiences.

Giving people and the audiences this kind of control not only produces a meaningful conversation but also, it can boost more traffic to your blog with many people willing to participate in conversations.

You as an administrator can see the private conversation that you are part of and on the same time you can hide those private conversations from public. You can start the hang out directly from you blog commenting system.

Here’s how to add Google+ Comments to your blog:

  1. Sign in to Blogger
  2. Click on the “Google+” tab in your blog’s Dashboard
  3. Upgrade to Google+ if you haven’t already done so
  4. Enable Google+ Comments. Comments already made on your posts will keep working in the new widget

From: noreply-blogger[@]google[.]com

About Google+ Comments:

  1. It is an alternative to default commenting system of your blog
  2. It is a professional looking commenting system for your blog
  3. Here comments made on your blog post inside your blog
  4. Comments on your blog post that you have shared with Google+
  5. Shared contents in Google+ that have links to your blog post
  6. Readers should have Google+ profile or a page to comment in your blog.

The difference between traditional blogger comments and Google+ comments:

  1. When you comment on your blog using Google+ comment, you will see an option to share that comment on your Google+ stream.
  2. The reverse is there, when you comment on Google+ stream on the same post that comment should be shown inside the same post on your blog post.
  3. The reply to the comments will be shown in Google+ and blog post, but if there is privacy restrictions on the comments, then it should be shown to restricted persons.
  4. If comment is there, but not shared with blog authors, then the author will not be seeing that comment in either platform of Google+ and Blogger.
  5. Though, as the author of the post, you will get the notification, when the user or author shared a comment on the post.
  6. Changing the blog URL , will result in Google+ comment disappearing and for this , you should not enable Google+ comments on your blog , if you are planning to change the URL of your blog or opt for custom domain.
  7. You can moderate comments by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the comment, or by hovering over the comment and clicking the “X” that appears.


Example of Google+ Comments in action:

“Let’s say that Jeral has a travel blog, and has already linked his Google+ profile to his blog. He always shares his posts to Google+ after publishing them to his and responds to reader comments both on his blog, and on Google+. Jeral also sometimes comes across public posts on Google+ where readers have linked to and commented on a blog post of his. In this example, reactions to his post are scattered around the internet. If it enables Google+ Comments on his blog, all comments on Google+ linking to his blog post will also show up underneath the post. Jeral can reply to comments from either his blog or from Google+, saving him valuable time. Circles still apply to a Google+ post or comment when it appears on Blogger — so if Sue comments on Jeral’s Google+ post and only shares the comment with her Family circle, the comment that shows up on Jeral’s blog will also only be visible to Sue’s Family circle. Jeral will not be able to view Sue’s private comment, but her family members will see it when they visit Jeral’s blog.”


People with custom templates can add the Google+ Comments widget by adding the following code to their template:

<div class='cmt_iframe_holder'

Source: http[:][//]support[.]google[.]com[/]blogger[/]bin[/]answer[.]py?hl=en&answer=3007761

There is absolutely no guarantee that the above code should work in each and every customized templates, for this it is better to have Google simple template installed and then make additional customizations with it. It is very simple and with it you can make more and more adjustment and customizations.


First integrate your Blogger with Google+ profile. Upgraded your blogger profile to Google+ . Once your profile is connected with new Google+ profile a new “Use Google+ Comments” setting will be displayed on the Google+ tab of your blog.

Your existing comments of traditional blogger comment platform will stay with your blog and you will continue to have same power to mark spam or normal to any comments.

If you are using any third party commenting system such as Disqus , yours comments will not be retained ,they will be deleted forever when you enable Google+ comments on our blog.

Readers does not have the mandatory to create a Google+ profile to comment on your blog , they can do it , in any manner , the way you have permitted them to do so , in your comment settings. If you have a private blog this feature will not work, for this you have to make your blog public.

This feature may not work in classic templates and in blogs that have adult content, as in this there is restriction for sharing the work all around. Since the new Google+ comments system deals with the concept of sharing and more sharing, for this in some specific blog system, this may not work, as in those platforms the Google+ should be grayed out.

It is probably the first step towards a full fledged commenting system. Google+ comments are now crossover to your blog to keep the conversations connected and keep all the conversation inside the same post, for a comprehensive convenience.

It is a super exciting feature, I definitely looking forward to it in the future, as it can give more exposure and more publicity to Blogger blog. It gives a feel of new mini Google+ in commenting system, and it loads fast and the way it integrates with Google+ profile, it has been great for your blogging system.

We have seen and experienced that in Word press, the Facebook commenting system can be incorporate and also there are ways, in which you can incorporate the Facebook comment system in Blogger. But the minus side is, it makes your blog heavy and that is not good for readers as well as search engines.

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