Best Tips for Speeding up your Android Phone

Last updated on November 13th, 2018 at 07:22 am

In the age of large scale application environment where choice of application for mobile devices is enormous, still one needs to see whether these apps can have advertisements in built or not.

Why one gives extreme prominence towards seeing whether these apps have ads or not as it continues to put some part of files of advertisements and that makes the entire space inside phone clumsy. In order to show advertisements such apps do download some parts of it and that uses not only data but also some space of your memory.

The built-in memory set up, we do see that almost half of its space is being taken over by the operating itself and then the other half needs to be there for installation of apps.

These apps need to be seen and understood by users so that ultimately, while choosing from different apps one needs to extremely careful about it whether to choose from a wide variety of apps or whether to choose from the limited non-advertisement specific apps.

This is very significant and one needs to be extremely careful about it as the first and the foremost part is about the management of space that needs to be well taken care of. Share it is a popular apps which enable wireless sharing between devices as well as between device and computer.

This is where we need to be very much easier towards installing such software but with due course of time we also have to be very much inclined towards thinking about whether there is any such value of installing such software alone or not.

There are many alternatives to it. Share it of late becomes buggy and loaded with many advertisements and though it is free but the user has to pay some price for it in terms of advertisements loading as well as other advertisements of apps recommendations and some unwanted notifications.

The primary focus of these apps is that it has desktop clients as well as, and all of these are for free. Other competitors are come at a price and that is why many people are using it.

The amount of advertisements comes up has been the most worrying factor and that needs to be well taken care of otherwise with due course of time people will fail to remember it and use it.

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There are alternatives to it such as from that of Jio apps, such as Jio Switch which does come with ad free as this app know the importance of it and the heading of app you can find that it is about all ad free and there is the way to access it with the computer through wifi and connect it with web browser and this makes the running and using of this app more convenient that the other immediate competitors such as Share it and others.

What this makes extremely convenient and useful to understand that ultimately one needs to see that off all such homogenous apps there has been many such immediate and understandable apps which can do the same sort of work that the other advertisements has been in use and this makes the process of understanding and use of good and decent apps has been the most important factor than the other set up of apps.

With the advent of large number of application repository such as that of Google Play Store there are many alternatives to similar apps and for this it is extremely important to use such apps that should provide most useful and ad free application environment and that should make the running of apps extremely useful and this always makes the running of app decent and most suitable for users.

The next part of using decent apps is to see the application sizes. Whatever be the size of the app but it needs to be well understood and well managed that one needs to find out the size of apps.

Though in today’s world we have seen the presence of large number of high sized apps but whether such apps are the need of the day or not we have too well understood and well learnt about it.

One such example of app is that of Facebook, Twitter and so on. Should I use Facebook or not has been the prime consideration of it and with due course of time I have found that even if my device is of 2GB RAM still the portion of it used to be indeed needs to be well understood and managed as with due course of time I have found that, it does take huge load on android devices as well as its battery power and that is not very good for a mobile device as the prime focus is to be speed as well as that of the amount of battery it is taking about it.

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So, I prefer to use it with notebook or with laptop and instead I prefer to check it within a period and that makes the use of Facebook less and that also bring forward for the classification of apps whether to be used with android or not and with due course of time we have to classify such apps from computer and from devices.

Similarly, there are some apps with lesser foot print of download but when they loaded in the device it does take huge load on system resources such as it depends upon GPS, and running in the back ground so that use of some sort artificial intelligence that needs to be enabled with due course of time.

There are many apps which does need to use Accessibility feature as well as that of some of feature such as using of application usages and other permissions then it does take huge load on system resources, and that will make battery drain and it is high time to choose such apps and know about their behavior and for this it is important to understand about different features of apps as well as other apps related environments.

This article is all about letting know the users about what are the different elements that might have hurting the process of android so that it would take more and more central processing unit usages and that could hurt the battery the most and for this it is almost essential to use such apps which would hardly use any such battery and that would not have so many background process running.

There are many such these aspects apart from some of the built in functions which can make the running of phone extremely useful and we do need to look at such of these features from time to time so that ultimately all of such information in the world of open source one need to know about such of these aspects of understanding these processes and that could make the running of android seamless and smoother.

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We do know about different versions of updating system as well as some of the better battery saving features but what left us unwanted and do not implicate is the behavior of installed apps and how these apps needs to be managed and well taken care of so that even if at the times of extremely crisis we do need to taken care of all of these aspects of understanding of the way these apps perform in these operating system environment.

We need to find out what are the single most important apps that needs to be installed and that needs to be installed and even if some of the other apps that can be used with the help of web browser the we do not need to implement such apps as these can be used with chrome for android as well as that of chrome of windows and that should make the running of apps extremely choosy so that ultimately you could choose between what apps to use and what not to use.

Always remember that unlike Windows computer, the android operating system is open source which means it empowers the user to put what ever they think deemed as fit and for this extremely critical that one needs to use one’s wit to make it more and more sophisticated and marvelous to make it the most brilliant and secure operating system of all time.

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