Monthly Archives: June 2013

Making the decision to buy gold

Jewelry is a form of personal adornments. It goes beyond simple aesthetical functionality.  Depending on the culture, it may be adopted as a status symbol. Jewelry can be used as wedding dowries, wealth stored, trade good, symbolism, protection, functional use and artistic display in various cultures. In ancient Rome certain strata of people from society […]

Windows 8: What You Need to Know

After purchasing desktop replacement with the latest Windows 8, the work environment is fast becoming easier and wonderful. The clarity of fonts and the ease with which multitasking can be done has been the single most satisfactory factor for the author. Due to heavy writing and other related works a speed operating system and preferably […]

Android: A new flavor

On an earlier occasion, I have been using symbian made phones from Nokia. Symbian operating system does not have a good rapport with touch screen compatibility. The response time of it is slow and not smoother. Users are sometimes confused with double tapping and other usages. One has to enable the vibrate function in order […]

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