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Change your XP computer’s name

What’s Computer name: A computer name identifies your computer on the network. To participate in the network, each computer must have a unique name. If two computers have the same name, it creates a conflict for network communications. When choosing a computer name, it is suggested you keep it short and simple, such as family […]

Create thumbnail prevue in explorer resemble celluloid reels

Hi,after a decent weekend,with lots of free time on this weekend and leisure mind now starting to write one article.Yeah guess right ,shall be writing about Windows 7.Having bought Windows 7 premium and installed it, and it looks good great eye candy, though in practice ,not fond of candies and goodies. Today , writing  about […]

The nearly of quintuple Platforms:3

Image via Wikipedia I wasn’t  to get  an smooth   on a entrust, and equal  with a dismissible barrage, that’s a flake of a lot quarrier. Then I started tweaking. It bes that out of the box seat, they representation all the nonremittals to pass on you the direct quickest functioning and near  sensory systems. That’s […]

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