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Hinduism and science

The relationship between Hinduism and science is very complex. Hinduism has no centralized authorities like other religions so clearly defined of such traits are hard to find. In the case of Hinduism, there are individual Hindu group may declare some statements but overall if we see and perceive the way Hinduism works it is for Continue Reading »

Case study: Risks of Customer Relationship Management

Learning and understanding about how marketing goes up do not need studying in-depth about marketing in management days. It solely depends upon personal experience of the customer to have strong and solid ideas of how the tenacity of marketing management goes up. While studying we just experience the day to day case studies of some Continue Reading »

Give proper respect to elders

Human beings are rational animals and they are the most clever and intelligent animal. If you look at their physical strength, it is far less than that of wildest animals but due to intelligent and wit, humans have able to control all aspects of mightiest animals. They discovered science, they discovered various paths to reach Continue Reading »

Breast milk baby doll

There was the deep relationship between child and the kids. It was also true that kids’ first love was parents and then the toys. They loved toys so much as they thought as if they were the true entities and they would be playing with it as if they were the real master of the Continue Reading »

Celebrating relationships

It is the umpteenth moment with the possible showering of relationship status and the possible zealous and other related acronyms, there is the every chance of such one partnership that is getting itself better day by day through its pallet of wonderful get togetherness. The feeling of joy and the happiness within making it smile Continue Reading »