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How law and order changed after change of party after winning recently concluded assembly election of Odisha 2019

Puri is the coastal town of Odisha the eastern state of India. It is an ancient city. It is the religious capital of Odisha. There are many floating population here. People mainly reached here for Jagannath temple and the wonderful sea-beach. Jagannath Temple is a famous Hindu Temple. In Puri town people from nearby districts reach here for business. They sell each and every prices in higher prices and have a good amount of revenue benefits. In earlier time there are vandalisms and people from the particular party have many volunteers who demand money from these vegetable vendors.

During those time prior to the year 2019, due to demand of certain amount of money from these vendors by some influential people everything here comes up with a higher amount as the vendors take these charges from consumers. This means they are indirectly taking the extra amount of money from citizens and voters of Puri.

People tend not to say anything about it due to the presence of all out fear psychosis that has been overtaken over them. Those vendors or shops do not provide them weekly lump sum they tend to be attacked and even in some incidents we do find the presence of mortal combat and in this way vendors obliged to them and paid the weekly money and then charge extra to customers. In this way they make up for their losses.

MG Gandhi
MG Gandhi

These vendors feels powerful as they are well supported by these vandalistic elements and with their support they even behave badly to people and that makes the entire situation and environment very difficult to digest but if citizens oppose then these vendors will call these vandalistic elements and they create fear environment before 2019.

Odisha assembly elections comes along with general election of India. This time the same BJD government relected to Odisha but the assembly MLA in Puri changes and it goes to BJP. The five time MLA loses and it is one of the major setbacks for the ruling party. Though in the assembly the same BJD came but it loses Puri seat to BJP. Then came the complete transformation of Puri town.

During recent car festival more and more Hindu groups reached and they provide free foods and this time comes in higher quantity and this goes on to show that with due course of time it reflects the major shift down and the improvements of living standards and conditions of Puri town. There are a large number of tiffin shops just in front of LIC office which is situated in front of Gundicha Temple. In previous regime prior to 2019 the vandalistic elements used to come and demand weekly money from these shops.Now after change of regime, those are either been caught by police or been jailed.

Prior to some days some of these elements reached there and eat high amount of tiffin and when the vendor asked for money he asked for weekly money and then the vendors told them in this new regime we are being told that no one will be paying weekly money and they call the police and the law enforcing authorities reached the place within seconds and caught hold them and send to behind bars.
So, with the advent of new regime in Puri town the fear psychosis is coming to an end. In the earlier regime there is almost all the time in fighting among rival groups and throwing of hand-held local-made bombs in public places and firing and murder of people and this makes living within Puri town extremely difficult to sustain and now there is peace everywhere. No one is afraid of anything. Within a few days most of vandalistic elements are either being encountered or being taken to jail and in this way people who make businesses and citizens used to come in front and live a rest free and carefree life.

The road are now constructed without any corruption and the divider in VIP road make movement of people easier. State government perhaps have not implemented motor vehicle act in Puri and that means the speeding up of vehicles and breaking of traffic rules and regulations continues unabated and without any fear of being fined so far.

I saw in Bhubaneswar most of bikers are now with helmets and this means that the traffic police rules is being strictly implemented and sooner it will be implemented in the rest of town of Odisha. Any government or law administrative units runs with fear psychosis then it will soon be reduced into nothing however popular it might have been. The example of Puri town leadership showcase it and it provides absolute level of change over where people feel the sense of insecurity in a fearful environment.