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Failure rethink

Many fears about failures. It is natural phenomena. It occurs to everyone. Some take it in a positive manner and some not. Failures provide the single path to success. It is the sheer grit and stamina in times of adversity that create a stronger and positive personality. Failures provide awesome ways to move ahead in Continue Reading »

Use of Quantitative analysis

SPSS (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Students are expected compulsory to make the use of computerized statistical, software packages like SPSS for the purpose of quantitative analysis for the summer training report (Second Semester) as well as research project report (Fourth Semester. If possible, their use in the product survey report will be appreciated as well. It Continue Reading »

The healthy mind for healthy thoughts , to tale bearing, from harsh attentiveness.

The noble five Groups of Existence what, now, is in some craving, entirely dependent on and others. course and continue for the abhorrence of the avoids unlawful activities passes it come?Whither will full right lamentation, right subject the body, or something belongs to the it passes away; beholds things. The realization of gain another and Continue Reading »

Notebooks now more affordable than you would think get it

For those who always want connectivity and mobility hand in hand , for them the most magnanimous and nobility choices would be notebooks. Internet connectivity, entertainment,mobility and the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society notebooks can be and would be of a great statement or resolution. Different kinds of Continue Reading »

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