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A Couple of Bones And A Skull

My elder brother was a funny character and was very jovial in nature who entertained one and all with his pranks and jumping-jack manners, though he cracked cruel jokes at times. He had a strong body and sound mind with a fabulous stock of wits which created a brilliant sunny weather in an otherwise dull, dry and drab atmosphere. A few summers short of four decades back, he was in class- viii along with me because of his late-beginning due to his luxurious upbringing in our maternal uncle’s house since his childhood.

His early days were funful, but without going into minute details, I shall hark back to just a single incident. Our school was situated in a very secluded place out of human habitation extending over a radius of half a kilometre in all sides. It was surrounded by forest at three corners and a graveyard at the other side.Except occasional corpse-carriers, no one else was to be traced on the road in the evening times and after the school time was over.

The school, of course, had a watchman staying inside the school campus with his family of his wife and two babies. One of our teachers with an elephant leg and bulging belly and posing himself as a poet of rare capabilities with copies of poems ranging from the medieval age to the modern age reciting as his own was, also, staying inside one of the school rooms close to the shed of the watchman. My elder brother being my own classmate was my friend and both of us were preparing our studies together.

It was but a coincidence that we competed with each other for the top spot in the class not only in studies but in school games and athletics, though always I outshone him in the both. Only in one area I was found deficient to him was in wrestling where he was outstanding and he subsequently became state champion for fourteen consecutive years.

On a fine chilly morning, we decided to prepere our studies in a serene and sublime atmosphere of the school moving away from the dim and bustle of the home-front and we had the nod of our parents and the Head Master for the purpose. Incidentally, the Head Master was our relative and a close friend of our father and the suggestion came from his side initially. We reached the school with our beddings and books in a winter eve.

The teacher who was staying there was happy to find two little companions whom he thought of employing as little servants. Sensing his mood, my elder brother had a plan and he executed it the very next night. My elder brother had the inquisitiveness of visualising ghosts always and used to visit abandoned places in the night time.

But this time, he decided to go to the graveyard and meditate there till dawn. He went alone with a book in the moonlit night only to come back with a human scull and a couple of human bones. He placed the scull and the bone in the room of the teacher with both bones crossed and the scull in the middle in the next night before his bed time. Then we came to our room, bolted from inside and slept.

At about 11 pm, we heard the knock of the teacher and frightening roar, but we were firm and never opened the door. In the morning, the teacher was not to be traced and the door was locked up. The room was opened by the watchman the next morning and what appeared to frighten everyone were a skull and two bones.

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Use of Quantitative Analysis

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Students are expected compulsory to make the use of computerized statistical, software packages like SPSS for the purpose of quantitative analysis for the summer training report (Second Semester) as well as research project report (Fourth Semester. If possible, their use in the product survey report will be appreciated as well. It must be noted, for the M.B.A. IV Semester research project, specially, the secondary data used should be relevant to the study and it should relate to not less than 5 to 10 years. In case of trend analysis or period analysis, data relating to the same period should be considered for all variables for e.g. if you are discussing about the growth of the company in the last 10 years say 1994 – ­2004, then all the data analyzed for e.g. net value added, turnover, sales or employment should relate to the same period i.e. 1994 – 2004.

A deviation of one or two years here or there in a few variables may be accepted, but no substantial disparity of period is allowed. List of Tables- The scholar provides the Tales that are used in the body of the Report. Usually the table number is given continuously in roman numerals right from the first chapter till the last chapter of the thesis. For example, 3.16 means 16th table in the third chapter. Some scholars give Arabic number for the Table in serial order from 1st to last chapter. Whatever be the numbering style used, in the list of Tables, the scholar would indicate the Table number, title of the Table and the page number in which the Table is indicated. List of Figures – This is page in which the scholar would present the list of Figures/diagrams used in the thesis.

If the Tables are numbered in roman then the figures Are numbered in Arabic numerals:

The chapter number is followed by the figures. Diagram number. For example, III.4 means the fourth figure in chapter III. Like tables, the figures or diagrams are numbered continuously, if no chapter number is indicated continuously. Photographs / Maps: Short term project, especially (product study report) should be supported with relevant photographs in appropriate number. All photographs should be followed with details. For e.g. an advertisement photograph should be supported with over comments. Maps should be inserted, wherever relevant for e.g. if there is a location study on bank branches, town map showing the location of branches should be included. Similarly maps showing retail outlets, dealers, if they are in large numbers can be used in case of product study. Bibliography: Bibliography (for e.g. on topic of product study of computers) should include references related to computer or IT.

It should also include reference from general Mgmt areas, the functional areas, for e.g. if the study is on advertisement then it should include advertisement related reference. National newspapers and financial dailies like Economic Times; Financial Express should be consulted and referred to. Name of at least 5 management journals must be included an e.g. of right way of making an entry in the Bibliography: Kotler, P.(l999) : ‘Marketing Management’ ‘Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., Gartner Report, 2000. (For Journals) All names should be alphabetically listed Appendix/Annexure: He should specify items in serial order, its title page, and the page number where it is found. For example, 1.Bibliography 2.Questionnaire/schedule used for the study, 3.Govt.policy relating to topic of the thesis. 4.Explanatory notes for the mathematical/econometric models used in the study etc.

Whenever the students use questionnaire, schedule, case analysis, structured questionnaire, the detail should be mentioned and the questionnaire should be compulsorily put in the annexure. Binding: Summer training projects and Research Project Reports should be leather bound in black, with golden embossing. While the product survey report should have spiral binding with Yellow plastic covers in back and front. The cover page should be screen printed on the yellow cover. NOTE: No fraud or manipulation of space and / or font size should be undertaken in order to increase the volume of the report otherwise the report will be rejected all. Pages must be serially numbered [printed and not hand written]. There should be no spelling/grammatical mistakes in the entire report.

Draft Reports must be got checked from respective guide well in time before finalisation:

No two reports can be the same. Therefore, individual effort will be required even if the students have worked as a team during their Research Work. Please note that if the above-mentioned instructions are not fully adhered to, the project report will not be accepted for evaluation/ Viva. Dates for submission of respective Research/Project Reports will be notified from time to time and strict adherence is solicited. The declaration and acknowledgement should be signed by the scholar. Appendices and Annexure should be serially numbered and not at random. Appendices can be numbered A,B,C…… and the Annexure should be numbered 1,2,3….. While downloading from the Internet, only relevant contents of the article should be taken and not the whole length.

The source should be given as footnote:

Declaration By the Candidate I ——————————–, a student of MBA II Semester of * School of Management, bearing Enrolment No————–, hereby declare that the Research/Project Report entitled ____________________________________is the outcome of my own work and the same has not been submitted to any University/Institute for the award of any degree or any Professional diploma. Date- (————————) Sign. Of Candidate CERTIFICATE FROM THE SUPERVISOR( in original staionary) This is to certify that Mr————————————–, a student of MBA II Semester of **** of Management, , had undertaken his practical training in our organization at —————————— for a period of 8 weeks from ————- to ————— as a partial fulfillment of his degree. During this period it has been observed that he/she is hard working, intelligent and sincere person. He/she has a potential for growth. We wish him/her all the best in his/her future endeavors. Sign.of Supervisor ACKNOWLEDGEMENT *Express gratitude to Company officials I take this opportunity to place on record my grateful thanks and sincere gratitude to Mr——————————–,(include designation and company name) who gave me valuable advice and inputs for my study. My study could not have been completed if I had not been able to get the reference materials from the company. *Express gratitude to Guide I am immensely grateful to my esteemed guide Prof——————–whose Continued and invaluable guidance can never be forgotten by me but for whom, this study could not have got present shape. *Express gratitude to others who helped you during the research Last but not least, I would also like to express my thanks to my family members who inspired me to put in my best efforts for the Research/Project Report Sign. Of Candidate Note: – * = The headings are not required to be given.

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