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Book Review : The Bankster

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com . Participate now to get free books! A heartily thank you to blogadda, who have given me an opportunity to review this book by Ravi Subramanian, an authors signed copy. , I would like to thank Nirav Sanghavi, CEO at BlogAdda.com for giving Continue Reading »

Basics of Capital Market and Money Market:4

Treasury Bill Market: Treasury bills are a kind of finance bill or promissory note issued by the Govt, to raise short term funds.  The important features of Treasury bills are high liquidity, absence of risk of default, ready availability, assured yield, low transaction cost, eligibility for inclusion in SLR requirements and negligible capital depreciation. Presently Continue Reading »

Basics of Capital Market and Money Market:3

Money Market Funding Engine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 2.  Direct Investment in shares, convertible bonds and debentures etc. by banks:   Banks are free to  acquire shares, convertible debentures of Corporates and units of  equity oriented mutual funds subject to a ceiling of 5% of the total outstanding domestic credit (excluding inter bank lendings and advances outside Continue Reading »

Basics of Capital Market and Money Market:2

SEBI  Reforms:     SEBI has brought in reforms in the form of improved disclosure standards, introduction of prudential norms, simplified issue procedures, transparency by way of disclosure of all material facts and risk factors etc.    SEBI amended the Listing agreement of the stock exchanges to require listed companies to furnish annual statement to the stock Continue Reading »

Basics of Capital Market and Money Market:1

Since the beginning of the process of liberalization, globalization and other reforms in various sectors of the economy in 1991, the character, complexion and profile  of the Indian Financial Markets have undergone cataclysmic changes.  The Indian financial market is now integrated with the global financial markets more directly than at any point of time in Continue Reading »

Practising conventional biotechnology

PROSPECTS OF THE INDUSTRY  & OPPORTUNITIES FOR BANKS: India has been practising conventional biotechnology for several decades. However, during the last five years, genetic engineering, immunological techniques, cell culture methods and hybridoma technology are increasingly being used to manufacture new products and research in these areas in the country has intensified. Sector-wise estimates of current Continue Reading »

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