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Elephant corridor death trap

On last Sunday, there was one incident of killing of six elephants near Suballay forest by super fast express train, and now war of words among center who controls the railway and the provincial government who had the responsibility to manage forest and wild life segment. At the first instance the state government said that the accident […]

Rarest place to visit Chitrakot

There were rudimentary solid rocks ,where the river Indrabati was jumping like nothing ever before , just like a silky hair in motion that had been as if washed with sun silk shampoo , the scenic beauty had been so enchanting that could ever be described. It seemed that as if the angels had just […]

Book Review : The Bankster

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com . Participate now to get free books! A heartily thank you to blogadda, who have given me an opportunity to review this book by Ravi Subramanian, an authors signed copy. , I would like to thank Nirav Sanghavi, CEO at BlogAdda.com for giving […]

Basics of Capital Market and Money Market:4

Treasury Bill Market: Treasury bills are a kind of finance bill or promissory note issued by the Govt, to raise short term funds.  The important features of Treasury bills are high liquidity, absence of risk of default, ready availability, assured yield, low transaction cost, eligibility for inclusion in SLR requirements and negligible capital depreciation. Presently […]

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