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Indian National

  National  Animal:-                              Tiger (Panthera tigris) National Anthem:-                             Jan Gan Man by Maharshi Rabindranath Tagore National Aquatic Animal:-             River Dolphin National Bird:                                      The Indian Peacock (Pavo christatus) National Calendar:                            Based on the Saka Era, Chaitra as the opening month with 365-day                                                                        year adopted from 22.03.57  along with the Gregorian Calendar        National Days:                                     Independence Day(15th…

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Three firsts at PURI

Image via Wikipedia My first experience with South Indian breakfast at the city of Puri dates back to the days of my high-school days when I stepped into one such restaurant making its debut at Grand Road on the first floor close to the Annapurna Theatre, the oldest of its kind of Orissa, perhaps.This novel…

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Flaws in man-management

As a HR executive mote world different places ku jai meetings attend karibaku hue. Ehipari eka conference re mora speech diajiba ku thila. Sethipain mu with lots of excitement  sehi place ku jaithili. Excitement ethipain sehi town re mora eka favorite general store thila. Mu last three years re jetebele ethaku ase sehi general store…

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Unique Bharat (India):2

Satya juga re India ku Bharat boli kuha jauthila. Aryabhatta zero digit ku world ku deichanti. Chess ra invention India re hoithila. World’s First Granite Temple heuchi Brihadeswara temple . Eha  Tamil Nadu re Tanjavur thare abstita . World’s first university heuchi Takshila. Eha 700 BC re pratistha karajaithila.Ethire  10,500  tharu adhika  students from all…

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