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Rourkela to Tensa

Many years have passed. Time moves on. Once school students and now is professional filed, still the memories of those instances of a nice cloud arena with clouds roaming here and there and moving and touching the shoulder while moving towards school and suddenly the weather changes and the entire atmosphere becomes darker. Even looking…

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It has been one year since two mot powerful and devastating earthquakes occur in Nepal. Himalayan township of Nepal since was reeling to fight these natural calamities with stronger motives but it has been apparent that humans are prone to weaknesses against such calamities. So, for after completion of one year they have not been…

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Pothole Man

Every human is different. There is no single person who has the similarity of the other person. That is why we tend to recognize each and every person and that makes our life most beautiful and wonderful. Otherwise this world should have been full of many more confusions and negativity crippling all over everywhere. There…

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Mind field

At the weekend, when there exists the time to relax and reviving a positive attitude in order to garner strength in the upcoming weeks to cultivate ideas so that all these prove to be enough sufficient to create and revive the work standards in coming weeks. I was reading Sunday issues where I do come…

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Money being money

Money supply is just an economic term. It is consolidated form of money which has been in circulation within specified legislative area of the state and it should be used for exchange of goods and commodities as well as it is used to measure and point the value of commodities in given point of time.…

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