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Free CA Anti-Virus Plus Anti-Spyware For 6 Months

It is a limited time offer from this anti virus vendour. You can get 6 months free  of CA anti-virus plus anti-spyware. In this suit include Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware,quick scan prior to install,,auto scanning of USB drives,one-click installation,fast scanning engine,real-time reports,,freeupdates,free phone support.The comprehensive solution offers integrated virus and spyware combating capabilities, guarding your PC […]

5 Important Security Tips for you

Use Proactive Threat Protection advanced technologies, like cloud, provide more proactive detection by analyzing application behavior in real-time. By executing code in an emulated environment, modern protection software can prevent damage and contain the threat before it’s too late.Traditional antivirus products rely heavily on virus signatures to detect viruses. This is the catch as virus […]

Ashampoo� Anti-Malware reviewed

We live in the virtual world as it is sometimes thinking about the fear of virus attacks ,malwares snipping into ours PCs and always on internet connection can be catch sometimes as well as gain ,it can be a loss also sometimes with more formatting and installing of windows and sometimes even more horror stories […]

Online safety tips and safeguards

Image by Paul Watson via Flickr More damaging effects of malwares include cause & effect : Followings to be avoided before connecting to the internet. 1.    Lower connection speeds 2.    Software freezing 3.    System crashes 4.    Unwanted disc usage 5.    Piggy-backing on software downloads 6.    Drive-by-download through IE 7.    Rouge-antimalware 8.    System behaves suspiciously 9.    […]

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