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For years together I have been using the Windows desktop operating system from Microsoft with laptops, notebooks, desktops and each and every technology which I have been adhered to and continue to use it seamlessly.

I have been using since the days of Windows 98 and then the beautiful Windows XP the experience that had been widely acclaimed and forwarded and put the worth of money though the pain at which one has to continuously update Windows operating systems.

It has been the most difficult part and since in those days when Internet was not that speed still the chunk of Internet bandwidth eaten continuously by windows operating system slows down all the browsing process comprehensively.

Then, there had been service pack updates time and again to Windows XP and for the first time recognition of anti viruses inside windows system in its security center but the principal problem out there during those times had been the availability of a good firewall to check the integrity of send and receive packets of Internet to and fro from computer but still all these seemed to be the most dangerous and most difficult part considering the minimalists firewall of default Windows XP operating system has.

After up gradation to Windows XP service pack three we witnessed there was a firewall there but that was pretty basic. Then come companies like that of zone alarm. Comodo to provide free options for a better firewall and among all these the firewall offered by comodo has been the toughest with wider configurations options out there.

There has been many advanced and futuristic configurations with comodo firewall but still it has been difficult for a lay man as one misconstrued firewall settings can land them screwing operating system to non-operational.

similarly, during the fall of winter during those time of Windows XP, the popular Zone Alarm firewall does offer free download for one day of its professional version which comes with every functionalities and it works like wonder but still there are some options within it.

Which could demand user’s role to decide whether to allow such and such system settings to work or to block and those are the most difficult decision to be taken and still the time you do not take any such concrete decision for sure no other work within computer is possible.

All these compulsions lead to not to install any third party firewalls within Windows XP computing systems and this creates one of the most common part to understand, the principal psychology of users and instead revert back to the original Windows default firewall system.

All these difficult to choose parameters as well as during those times most of security vendors continue to generate more and more dysfunctional security paradigm such as building up very harder but heavier security systems which slows down operating system to bare necessities provides the single most difficult part to understand and move towards the search for better and smoother alternative does not rest out there.

That was the single most difficult part and the renewed security vendors during those times continue to higher the prices of their security products and that worries many as well as most of these security products from time to time come with additional bunches of security and that demands to run so many services within back ground services of operating system so as to find themselves the most slower and most resource hungry operating system during the era of Windows XP machines.

After purchase of laptop, there was a complementary offer from one of the renowned anti virus company with a three month’s free anti viruses software.

I installed that and then scan the computer system comprehensively. It says about to update and when I do that. It takes a whole bunch of three to four hours of time and of course during those days in this part of the world at the speed of the Internet has been slower that the usual speed access.

That worries me as well as it slows down system and prolonged the booting time and this creates the questions within myself of asking myself to me again and again whether the vitality of such anti viruses and security systems is at all necessary.

It further slows down the system to a considerable extent just the similar way of what it should have been that of if any viruses inadvertently moved into system and causing havoc within the entire system architecture.

The presence of such heavy weight third party anti-viruses within Windows XP operating system is similar to that of installation of anti malwares causing the system to run slower that usual and waiting time of opening of softwares that were installed within system has been more that what it should have been crossed the tolerance levels.

When you wish to run and operate operating system and open various applications within then you should also wish to open every other applications with most normal speed so that the waiting time of yours should not be more that what its should be but with installation of third party anti viruses you should find that everything seems to be going in slow motion ways and that creates the senses that which such false sense of sensitivity towards security should be perceived in the first instance at all.

These are not mere coincidences of psychological feelings but the real problems in relations with psychological metaphors could prove to land into the stages of absolute necessities where everything seemed to stay at the most of vital point of extreme consideration where every possible instances lead to absolute vital power of extreme attendances.

Security is good but too much security are not good for any such ideas at all and in the long drawn process we could find more and more vital aspects to understand and find out the real balance between these two and that is why during end of support period of Windows XP Microsoft released its own anti spyware in the name of Windows defender if I remember the name correctly.

Then, begin Microsoft’s experiment with keeping the balance of security where it had perceived for long drawn time the way, security vendors were controlling entire security market and many a time, the common people had been taken into ransom.

With the advent of Windows 8, the Windows Defender from Microsoft has turned into the complete anti malware security system was released absolutely free with its genuine operating system.

Though in the initial years of its existence as Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows XP and beyond we have seen there has been some sort of resource issues but those were the temporary phases which have been removed and curtailed and optimized with each and every updates.

Subsequently, major security vendors at that time keep on learning from all of these and create the smaller footprint of antiviruses so as to provide one of the most outstanding form of security that has no significant impacts on system settings.

All these settings does indicate high degree of understanding that extreme security is not the one which we intended to think of it as it continues to be one of the most important part of every system but still understanding and resolving the security parameters does not imply so much of comprehensive understanding of movement of ideas where everything seems to be reaching towards the smoothening of user interface and for this the advent and emergence of android operating system proves to be one of most outstanding achievement where everything has been individualistic and security has been comprehensive.

Slowly, we have seen emergence of depository of applications in the case of android in one ecosystem so as to check those before installations within system and with the advent of Windows 8 Microsoft is trying hard to develop this concept in the form of Windows store which has seen comprehensive improvement with the advent of Windows 10.

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