How do I fix my micro SD card that became a read-only memory card?

This could have become the land of high mountain passes. The beautiful scenic representation of life where the scope of seeing everywhere provides the must-have and the most wonderful presentation of the real earth and the real world where we could find the presence of life everywhere. The widened vast land with its stretchable presence of nature and hardly presence of humans except one or two vehicles roaming here and there on the national highway.

In the meantime, I opened the mobile to see some of the movies which have been there in the SD card of mobile. After a few moments reached to the video player of android device and then open its file explorer to choose from the list of available movies out there. Surprisingly, the files explorer showed no videos. I have had 32 GB SD cards installed it and this means that there should be plenty of movies on the list but why these are not showing out there.

I would have thought my entire journey periods should have been one of most endearing and leisurely time and with this movement, I should feel more and more comfortable and to wipe out the strenuous stress of long distance travelling I should expect to see some movies to feel comfortable.

Oh, that was so boring and probably that the SD card was now corrupted. I purchased a few months back from Amazon and that was from Samsung but still this behaves such way and this provides me with some food for thought of the existence and the creation of SD cards and that goes on to say that all these SD cards have some limitations of writing cycles and once that was over, it should not work as it stays in the form of ‘read-only’ structure.

It means that my SD card has become read-only card as I went to memory from settings of android and it does read the presence of the SD card out there.

I tried to mount the SD card but that was not becoming and could not lead to android despite repeated attempts. There could have been two reasons for this. The first reason could have been that due to older SD card it could have completed its life cycle.

Most memory cards last for three to 10,000 cycles and it could have become a possibility that after completing of these cycles the data inside memory cards could become read-only access into it. So, after completing the such number of repeated writing cycles there could not be any more time that data could be written into it. In such a situation where my external memory card has been converted into read-only mode and reading from this memory card is not can be done at all.

The best possible and correct answer to it could it have been when you insert the said memory card into the SD card holder and place it inside of a computer through its USB port. After inserting it I try to format SD card and at first the quick format but it could not be done and then in a later period, I try to do the normal format but it alas said Windows could not do this operation.

Unlocking the SD card:

There are now some chances that SD card could be corrupted or have completed its greatest cycle periods, but this should not be the last conclusion. I have to check for some other security checks on SD card before arriving at this conclusion. I hope you should have one SD card adapter which should be shown with windows as ‘SDHC’ card.

I place that memory card into it and then enter into port o SDHC of the computer. Format it and if, it does not format or say unable to format it then remove the SD card adapter from the computer, Before it does remember to safely remove hardware and eject media and then remove it.

Now while the SD card is inserted into the SD card adapter, look for physical lock switch on the left side of the SD card adapter while the label of S card should be facing up. Now, I looked at the lock switch on the upper left side of the SD card is it a tiny switch on the SD card adapter. Now, slide the lock all the way up to remove the write protection feature of SD card.

Then insert the SD card adapter to computer and format the SD card and if now it is formatted then yours SD card should work but even now it is not formatted and Windows says that it could not then there is every possibility of SD card is corrupted or it has finished it writing cycles.

Before considering for formatting the SD card one should always remember that the process of formatting the SD card should erase all components from that SD card and all the installed data should be completely removed.

On some SD card adapter, the lock switch could be excessively loose with constant use and for this, it is extremely important to replace micro SD card adapter as soon as you feel that its lock switch is slowly getting out-of-order.

There is no presence of physical lock on some SD card adapter as I cannot use the above-mentioned method and what else should I try to unlock SD card from read-only mode:

Insert SD card into the computer. Click on windows log on the keyboard and at the same time ‘X’ keyboard switch. Then click on ‘Run’ and write ‘regedit’ then click on ‘ok’ and it should now open in ‘Registry Editor’.

Now reaches to this path of the registry editor.


Then you should find ‘Write Protection’ and then double click on this and set the value to ‘0’. Then try to format SD card. If that formats SD card then you could use it with your android devices or any other compatible devices. Even if after all these steps it could not and say that the Windows unable to format then I am afraid it is time to replace your SD card.

All these above processes are meant for checking if all SD card can be reactivated or recovered without any difficulties but if all these actions reached to the state of nowhere then I am afraid you have to buy another flash drive and the memories that have been stored inside it should now become corrupted and most likely not to be recovered.

It has been always best to copy for one time to an SD card and is used forever. The more you write on it the more and more counting of its cycles should seem to make it speedier processes of a dead SD card.

Most of the android original equipment manufacturers have provided the option for installing applications into the SD card so that the main memory of android should always stay in the state of empty so that the default android drive which comes with the android phone remains speedier.

Installing the application to the SD card and especially some of the big games could generate huge writing cycles and within the shortest period, your SD card memory could reach its greatest cycle limits to make it unusable. It is better to install an application on the system drive of the Android and use the SD card as the storage of data such as photos, music, movies etc. In this way, you could prolong the life of the SD card further.

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