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India at ICC World Cup 2019

India’s powerful movement in ICC World Cup 2019, England ended abruptly with the losing to New Zealand in Semi Final. India was nearer to winning target but failed by few runs. India was all out in that semi Final clash. Many fans hope and aspirations disappeared from that.
In this match, India’s star performer such as Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli left the crease early and KL Rahul failed and India was in the state of complete tatters as three wickets failed within ten runs.

Jadeja performed brilliant in batting, bowling and fielding.

Direct throw from boundary runout during kiwi’s batting testify and justify the fielding talent ofJadeja always performs and excellent well in England but sadly his batting skills and talents are not utilised properly this time as he only played two to three world cup matches but his talent of batting never ever utilised properly by team management of India. During the last tour of test matches in England we have seen that in the last test match when he was given the chance of playing he scored a well made higher side of fifty and took vital wickets.

In this world cup matches he could only play with his batting talent as notable is that, he had three triple centuries to his credit in first class matches only Don bradman has similar statistics of scoring three triple centuries but still his batting talent is never ever properly utilised and batsman like Dinesh Kartik was given chance instead of Jadeja being playing as proper batsman.

Jadeja shows how good he can bat in the semi final match where he was almost given the ride to the train to ticket to final, but all the hopes and aspirations of all people dashed and bite the dust after the fall of jadeja wicket. The technique and the masterclass in which he bats goes on to prove the talent of jadeja which is still never ever properly utilised as his batting class can give him the batting position as we have seen some of Indian batsman who have been taking the chances of second down without properly managed talent and strength in which they can score runs.

In this world cup we see how batsman like KL Rahul is being given chances despite not so consistent performance, similar is the case with Dinesh Karthik and some of atsman and in those place Jadeja can be given fairer chance considering his batting class and mastery.

Similar is the case with Pant who was it chosen for the first line up of World Cup squad despite his brilliant performance of scoring a century at England and then he was called due to injury to Vijay Shankar and then he performed nice and he was never ever treated as being pinch hitter and that is the fault which Indian team must see and try to filed him in the cae with good performance.

The decision for fragile batting line up showed up at last with the presence of stalwarts who unfortunately failed miserably in semi final and that amounts to misery as the middle oder batting line up never ever solved this time as we have seen the presence of good batsman but due to sort of chances in batting for this entire tournament we found all of these just missed the boss at the last moment of not scoring fully and reaching at winning total. Dhoni should be playing at number four instead of six or seven as he can now stabilise the innings instead of oving innings at the rapid pace.

The Dhoni prior to 4 years is not the same as that of current Dhoni and Indian think tank and management should now this well before and instead of trying Ambati Rayudu, Vijay Shankar, KL Rahul, and others Dhoni should be in that batting order.

All of these amounts to complete failure and in the vital match of world cup at the knocked out stage India failed to capitalise and the fans have to wait agonising for four years from now on in order to hope for world cup.

We have seen dropping of Shami who has a hatric and taken four, four and five wickets in the three matches he played and dropped in this match and could be the match saver in bowling department and India could have been replaced Chahal with Shami as Shami can bat long and can hit ball for sies and brilliant world cup performance to say the least.

There are many unanswered and unsolved puzzle of the team choice in this world cup semi final, despite number one in long league matches and having won all the matches except England India still knocked out from the tournament.

If we can analyse this then we can find that choice of team and Dinesh Karthik as the replacement for Vijay Shankar is awesome with the performances of his batting in last few matches. We cannot look at par of India batsman batting in India and aboard and there has to be complete and clear demarcation of how talented a batsman could have been in alien or foreign conditions.

India needs to think in detail and din depth about this in order to find out real solve or conclusion of it. The loss of Shikhar Dhawan no doubt is the most difficult time but we can replace me in earlier with a strong opener who has good batting talent to have played nicely in alien conditions, Ambati Rayudu could have been better in middle order considering he is good fielder and a nice bowler bowling leg spin. Idi could have taken Ashwin as the spinner in original world cup squad as he is a handy batsman and a witty bowler and all of these are now opportunities lost but the million dollar question is can we learn from this or do the same mistakes over and over again and timelessly. Hope in the next time we should not be doing the similar mistake once again.

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Hockey India League

Last updated on July 27th, 2019 at 02:42 pm

On earlier occasion, India Hockey Federation began World Series Hockey, but it wasn’t approved so it became difficult for them to manage tournament. Now, Hockey India League, with approval from International Hockey Federation, will be commencing soon by Hockey India. In each team there should be 24 players, from them 14 Indians and the rest from foreign. Huijer is the brand ambassador of this Hockey India League.

With changing of times the meaning of also been changing , as it is slowly moving from amateur sports to that of more professional sports and with the increasing modern concepts , it has now reached to the stage where it has been commercialized to tune of spectators and audiences.

You might speak that it could have been the influence from outside or that from any other side of it, may be more of commercialization of sports , where the advertisers and companies now reaching to the tune of direct entry into sports , but the sports is changing and that too for some right reasons. It is true that no one wish to find the good and bad side of sport as they want entertainment and they wanted it to see it excel at any cost, the more cut throat competition to the tune of excellence where the game has never changed and in this way the more it gave to one that is fast becoming the more excellence in proposition and in anticipation making it successful.

If at one point of time , it becomes successful then you can find it that both players as well as institutions gained through it , no doubt this game is changing and with changing time it is fast becoming more royal and wonderful institution to deal with it. Some say due to playing in Indian Premier League , players are now tired and for this their performances in test cricket is on the down slide , may be it is right but I think , India cricket is in a transition stage and in this stage it is undergoing the phase where , big stalwarts like Sachin Tendulkar , Rahul Dravid , vvs laxman , virender sehwag , Ganguly are slowly fading away from the scene and it did happen to mighty Caribbean’s , Australia and now India , so the fans should not be worry about it and they should not be perturbed by the criticisms all around it as we are in the transition stage of our team and in this stage any win that come along should be cheered and generate more good wishes for team .

Surprised , that in the last one day international against Pakistan , India won a thriller and it was a damn good match where we had seen some very good cricket in making , and it is sheer thrill and anticipation that is making people to cheer about , but one English former cricketer said some bad things about the match , and that is not true , and it seemed that now many English former players blindly supporting their team ,for whatever reasons , might be trying to show their solidarity against their team but that was not warranted . Now it is commercialization starting out with Hockey team as they had not done enough in international circuit as their past glory simply not been their but still , it is time for them to be richer and compete and partner with good players and learn professional sports with it so that ultimately they could play brilliantly.

One more possibility could have been that with this competitive tournament, new players could emerge and teams also found out some other regions and they also recruit and in this way India could find another great player, so plenty of positives out there. At one point time, many countries felt proud to play with India but now that is not the case, with continuous falling performances, Indian Hockey trying to search for its identity now. It is a sad time for Indian Hockey and during this trying time, Hockey India League came into picture and this should be good for India in the long terms, if it succeed in financial and marketing terms. Many brilliant players all around the world should be playing in this tournament and in this tournament naturally there should be many players from India and for this, they should be get the real opportunities to play more with best players in the world and they should be learning plenty from it and in this way they could enhance their playing capacities and in this way their performances should also be increased.

It is true that, in this tournament there should not be any kind of traditional hockey which India had played for many years and with other foreign players there should be more and more beautiful game of hockey style would be in the presentation for audiences and with it they should be getting brilliant display of play that could never have happened in the first place. Indian Hockey pundits admired this move and they are telling that this is good for hockey India as players would learn many hockey techniques with it and with it the more professional oriented game play would be in action. India should gain immensely from this tournament and with it India could advance to more upwards in the world hockey arena otherwise India could stay as it is now if this would not have happened at the first place.

Today India’s hockey house is a divided house, with one faction is Hockey federation and the other is Hockey India . Government approved Hockey India . INTERNATIONAL ICE HOCKEY FEDERATION wants both units to be one, but this is not happening. On earlier occasion, India Hockey Federation began World Series Hockey, but it was not approved so it became difficult for them to manage tournament. Now, Hockey India League, with approval from International Hockey Federation, will be commencing soon by Hockey India. This tournament will be played from January 14 to February 10 in and around five cities and this should be a professional tournament.

There were auction and professional companies bought five companies, the name of franchises were as follows.

  • Delhi wave riders
  • Uttar Pradesh Wizards
  • Punjab Warriors
  • Ranchi Rhinos
  • Mumbai Magicians

All five teams should be playing 34 matches, every team should be playing with other team’s two matches, and according to points four teams should be in semifinal, and then on February 10, will be final. Semi final and final should be played in Ranchi. In each team there should be 24 players, from them 14 Indians and the rest from foreign.

Every franchise bought players through auction and from India Sardar Singh highest paid auction player with 78,000 dollars, and Nuijer from Netherlands who is highest capped player, is highest paid foreign player with 66,000 dollars. Huijer is the brand ambassador of this Hockey India League. Two wheeler company Hero Motocorp. Hero Motor is principal sponsor of this tournament.

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Top order batting is the main worry for team India

Last updated on August 24th, 2019 at 12:36 pm

The on going one day series among India and Pakistan are now to the second ODI and its focus now shifted to Kolkata , where Pakistan team had always the better luck in performance at this venue. The match will be played here to day, and this is the second match of three ODI series and Pakistan are leading the series with first ODI they had won convincingly. It was clearly evident that in the first ODI, Indian top order was completely failed and performed miserable and they had gone to pavilion within 30 runs and the way most of the batters got out clean bowled, convincingly stated that they had failed to tackle Pakistan pacers and their problem was compounded by the fact that.

At Chennai there was rain, as with the case, there was rains always during winter and that makes the pitch more with moisture and then batters did not apply to the conditions and got out easily , where as players like Raina, Dhoni and Ashwin applied their techniques and brought India to a respectable score. Though the score showed at that time was never going to be a difficult chase for Pakistan and they won that cricket match. So, second one day is crucial in a three match ODI series and India will have to win it and level the series and then look for the third ODI to progress it farther. In the first match, Junaid, the speedster of Pakistan performed well and in this match it was now important how Indian batters would play him and that is crucial for the team.

He ripped through the top order in Chennai ODI with a figure of four wickets at the cost of 43 runs. In the first ODI, five of India’s top order unable to touch the double digits in that match, only due to laborious and courageous batting by captain with a well deserved century, his eighth in total, enables the team to show the respect in score board. It seemed that India team would be under pressure to perform well in this series and also to stay alive in this series, this is the must win match for them. With Sachin’s retirement, now Shewag is the most senior batsman and the pressure on him to perform and with Gambhir and Shewag failing miserably in last few matches, the cause for concern to have a good opening stand that would defend the pacers, has been there.

Evidently the performance of Shewhag in last year as ODI batsman has been below par excellence , and some news channels also discussing that this series might be the last chance for him to get his act together and perform , as with the case , in each team the role of openers had been significant and for this Shewag and Gambhir performance speaks a lot for the team to a build a good score , Shewhag in the last ten matches scored miserably 217 runs and with it one 96 against Sri Lanka and he failed almost in all the nine remaining matches and it is expected to have a good score in this match.

Some experts said on the last night discussion on TV that, Shewhag scored heavily in each eight match interval and this could be the match waiting to be his match, let us pray for it as it ultimately gain team India. Shewhag was not included in the recently ended T20 series against Pakistan which ended in 1-1 draw and Dhoni said that in ODI team Shewhag would be playing as an opener. Some said that his T20 career was over as they saw it as Shewag been dropped from the team, so it is high time Shewag to perform and show his true class. The form of young sensation and ICC ODI player of the year Virat Kohli has been the real cause of concern for team management.

He was injured in the last match whiles bowling, as his ankle twisted at the run up crease, there was suspense over his paying at Kolkatta match but ultimately he was fit to play and that is good news but he has to improve his performance. It has been seen apart from Yuvraj Singh all the other players at top order has not been consistent so far, Yuvraj was equally good with bat and the ball and his fitness were increasing day by day and that are a good signs as he was awarded for this excellent performances in two T20, one against England and the other one against Pakistan, where, the team able to level the series. In the last T20 match he score 72 off 36 balls and the way he hit sixes to spin and pace has been a decent cite to watch the match as a fan.

The captain said , his top order batting was bowled in the last match , as this goes on to show that bowling in that match was high class and for this he was very much positive as his top order would perform again here. The positive with fast bowling was Bhubaneswar Kumar, as he was bowling with a decent speed and that too swinging the balls in either ways vertically and that is making the opponent many a times bite the dust and he is perhaps one few bowlers who had taken the first wicket in first ball of his career and then he produced another wonderful delivery where, the batsman was almost leg before wicket.

Ashwin’s form is worrying as his ability to garner wickets has been declining and that makes the team management to think of it and detect what is wrong with it and him should be given more confidence so that his performance would become more and more wicket oriented. Sadly, of course the record of opposition is good here; it had won all the three ODI matches played so far. Pakistan has the one bowler Irfan who is seven feet and one inch tall and it seemed that he was injured as he could not bowl to his potential during last ten over and he might be replaced. The left arm seamer Junaid is bowling well and it can be the challenge for Indian top order to tackle effectively.

India played nicely in death overs and that could be the negative, which India could capitalize by playing slowly in initial overs. In the first ODI , Pakistan bowlers gave away 81 runs in last ten overs , on the other hand in a T20 match before that they had spent 74 runs in last five overs and this is emphasizing the fact that these bowlers of Pakistan are not good at last overs and India should realize this and capitalize this. With the arrival of Yonous to Pakistan team , its batting line up is now more experienced and good and it could pose a serious challenge to otherwise inexperienced bowling line up of India.

At Kolkatta sun sets early and thus evidently the dew can play its part, so it is better to win the toss and elect to bat, according to its curator, the pitch is a batting paradise, India captain praised the pitch and said it is looking like a Miss Universe, thus he intends to say that this pitch is good for batting. Dhoni also said that as this match starts early, probably no dew problems would occur. He hopes to win and level the series.

Marlins Royals Angels Baseball Tickets, let games begin

Last updated on July 16th, 2019 at 08:24 am

Ticket America is your acquaintance in inducting for an area that includes places where several people can seat for all Miami Marlins Royals Angels Baseball Tickets. Far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree surpassing what is common or usual you can get exceptional seats at a sensible and reasonable cost. This will be another stimulating interest and discussion for the buzz in Florida sports to travel forward for the state of being active for the ball game at the Marlins new ballpark. Ticket America gives overall service for the issue a ticket for passage of your ticketing needs for the home field games and also for their divisional rivals. Ticket America has sales representatives and they will cater you for your ticketing need conditioning requiring relief. Ticket America gives you the unparallel and customer client support so that you will not miss any of the game as Ticket America will fulfil all the needs of your and also they have the twenty four seven customer support.

Miami Marlins has undergone an unusually great in size or amount qualitative. Their names have changed from Florida moniker to Miami Marlins. They have changes their manager and have hired the new manager. The manager may get into controversy but his successes rates are quiet a high and he is in demand due to his success rate. He always searches for natural abilities qualities with unusual innate ability in some field or activity. He goes for the natural endowment of the quality of the persona and that is why he is adorable. This team has some of the excellent pitching as the playing the position of pitcher on a baseball team. Miami Marlins are expected to perform in a god proper satisfactory manner with prudent and propriety that will please all the supporters.

The Marlins Ballpark is the fresh home for Miami Marlins. The stadium inaugurated in 2012 with broad spectrum of ardent followers and admirers. This stadium has the capable of drawn back protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building with massive and exhaustive thirty seven thousand seating capacity. It is situated and placed at 501 Marlins Way in Miami. The stadium has the distinctive and appealing design with relating to recent developed trend and style appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the fan perspective. This stadium has some surprisingly greatly that is affecting with wonder with bejewelled mystery that dates back to Miami’s rich cultural heritage with specific friendly eccentric culture a particular society at a particular time and place and life of Miami. The Marlins Ballpark the stadium is slowly becoming the travelling tip for pleasure for the place of sports for fans as well as tourists and with Ticket America you can get the entry ticket easily and without any sort of bother and all the tickets are original backed by sincere professionals who are dealing these and if you have any sort of query then these can be answered through their excellent and wonderful help desk.

Miami Marlins is the trendiest and in accordance with the latest fad in the whole of America. It is the most voguish smartest and most likeable team. They changed their name and now have a new up to date stadium and they are very active in developing their new fan base and continuing their old fan base during offseason. Miami Marlins will be the most lovable, amusing and enjoyable team to watch and observe. They will win more and more matches in their division and they have greater chance of success this time in reaching to the play off the final competition that determines the championship. This will be all the new beginning that will establish Miami Marlins as the greatest brand in sporting as ever. This time was previous years known as Florida Marlins and they have many ups and downs in their long history. In short time they have joined they have won two world championship title and that shows the tenacity with which they have been dealing with the sports. They have garnered inspiration, admiration and wonder among the fans in these years and they have been tremendous for the fans in these times. First the city was feeling intense pleasure and amusement as the city based franchise and the support is huge. They have the good base and that is why they sustained at the difficult times easily and manages to float and sell through these times without any such obstruction.

The franchise began in nineteen hundred ninety three and within four years they have the dream run in the championship. At that time it was the quickest and speediest to win the championship within that short span of time. During that time their players profile just not permit them to win but they had done that with scaling reaching high. They were merely wild cards inside the play offs but they had defeated the giants teams in order to win the championship. That was one of the unbelievable run for such a young team. Then new coach , though controversial but this move would raise the energy level to the higher level for Miami Marlins this year and definitively as the fans you would like to watch the matches inside the new stadium with superlative provisions and also back your team which is under the new name Miami Marlins. Marlins Park the new stadium will soon be the official ball park of Miami Marlins and that will excite the fans as they will feel at home while watching the encounter and support their team which they are liking very much and for this Ticket America is your acquaintance in inducting for an area that includes places where several people can seat for all Miami Marlins Royals Angels Baseball Tickets. The team is very young and they have all the great qualities of the successful teams which had given the good names to the team in the past also. The fans will not be surprised to see Miami Marlins in the play off again and their performance will make them spell bound, bewitched and captivate and you can experience all these from the stadium nearer to the game which you loved most through the Ticket America the most reliable service and the most genuine service in getting the tickets.

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Technology Help for Umpires in Decision Making

Last updated on September 26th, 2019 at 12:07 pm

There are lots of controversies whether to adopt technology in cricket field or not. Technology is full proof or not or is it only making the matter worse? Hawk eye and other technology advancements have been always shrouded with lots of controversies and its impact on cricket has been more or less damaging. In order to use full proof technology, the technology is itself needs to be tamper proof, let us take an example. In order to detect a ball is a no ball or not there are various aspects of camera angles and also not so puzzling picture is the need of the hour from the host broadcaster and these needs to be perfected.

Of late series against England in the last summer at England, against India I have seen some very hazy broad cast on some decision making. In the recently concluded series at West indies against India if I recollect right Dhoni was declared out of a no ball and when the field umpire connects to the third umpire who is always local that is in this case from the west indies, Actually the umpire was shown the footage of the previous delivery from the bowler which was not a no ball this is ridiculous and the host broad caster either manipulates or the technology manipulates the host broad caster only the lord knows and the person who did that knows fully well.

These are some of the difficulties in dealing with technology. In the recent on going series of Australia and Kiwis, Australia captain M. Clarke played on, he was recalled by the infield umpire in charge Rauf, and the replay show the ball was no ball. This is a very good decision by the field umpire. If this not been reviews then it can create one more controversy and this time for technology. As we have seen technology must be use buy correct person unselfishly so that it will produce the results. If technology is getting back at you and making you do the mistakes one after another whether positively or negatively then should this be part of the cricket?

Lots of thoughts and lots of pondering should be done as this sports deals with people as the Australians say Indian are crazy for this sport then as Mr. Chappell announces in the commentary during this controversy that if Mr. Rauf would not do that by referring for no ball then it could lead to a big controversy the word tells it all. Cricket and technology seems to be going separate ways though the both sides of the same coin but cannot meet at one side.

msd all the way

Last updated on April 27th, 2019 at 09:30 am

Getting taste of their own medicine and that too at India, England cricket team suffered humiliating defeat; a shocking one where their batsman fails to capitalize the spinners is more shocking than ever imagined. The visitors struggled and could not capitalize the low bounce at the spinner friendly wicket at Hyderabad. Normally the surface of Hyderabad stadium is batter’s friendly but this time it has variable bounce and it is proving to be a turner all the way. India’s scoring of three hundred not justifying the pitch conditions as India batted superbly especially Dhoni ,Raina and then Jadeja to score an impeccable three hundred runs. An outstanding knock from India skipper with some graft hitting and swash buckling stroke play. Dhoni at first stayed at the crease and then justifies the bounce and then the swing of the bowling and then starting to hit out to bowlers with disdain.

Dhoni’s unbeaten 87 from 70 balls and fourth in a row against England, this innings is full of strokes with some lusty hitting of bowlers through his authentic helicopter shot which is the definition of Dhoni’s career. When at first in the crease he played the ball in its merit and justifies the bowler’s supremacy as till that point Dhoni is playing like a sheer defensive batter but then after few overs, especially at the beginning of batting team’s power play,Dhoni and Raina pulled the plug and began hitting out to bowlers and talking them into sixes. With merciless timing and superior shots English captain Cook becomes powerless and his thought process is going awry. Bowler’s reaction becomes no reaction as the hitting of shots becomes so authentic and huge that you cannot believe into this.

It is the calculated aggression on the part of Dhoni and managed to steer a wonderful win with some classy Dhoni’s batting. Dhoni reminding the media and the public who is criticizing him for his recent debacles is a timely reminder for them and Dhoni as with his usual self continue to dominate the proceedings with ease. In his innings, Dhoni shows the required urgency and try to remove the nightmare shadow of previous English tour and thus in this process trying to erase the bad memories in this process. In the absence of Yuvraj, Dhoni decided to come at the number six and he believes it is not fair for the youngster to come at this batting position as there would be less able to play so they can be vulnerable. Raina time and again proving that he is a good prospect in this short format of this game and now the onus lies with Rahanne, Patel, Gambhir and Kohli to come good in the rest of the matches in this five matches one-day international series. England did fine till the end of the thirty-fifth over but afterwards their momentum is being blocked by some superlative batting display and some swashbuckling hitting over the fences.

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