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Mahendra Singh Dhoni:3

In 2009, he scored more than 1000 runs in a calendar year in ODI with an average over the 70s. Ponting performed brilliantly, but he plays six more matches than Dhoni to score some runs. Dhoni was fast becoming a rare talent as the days rolled over. M S Dhoni is the first Indian captain to score a one-day international century against Australia.

He scored 124 off 107 balls at Nagpur in 2009. Eventually, this score of 124, is the highest score by any captain against Australia. Dhoni is a fearless cricketer and he plays cricket with his heart out. He is unfazed by criticisms and his failures. For the first time, India has a captain who is not nervous and captaincy is not affecting his performance. He sends fears within opposition ranks and continual improvement in the quality of cricket is his soul mate.

He is fearless and a great leader. In Indian Premier League, playing for Chennai as captain he has made his team a successful one and most of the edition of IPL they reached final or won the competition. He finds the talent and backs them to become the most ferocious player. Raina and Jadeja are two examples where Dhoni backed them and they are now producing spectacular cricket.

Both are brilliant fielders and a wonderful player. Recent champions Trophy victory shows how talented players groomed in a congenial environment can become match winners. In all matches, Jadeja performed better than the main spinner in the side Ashwin. Judea won the Golden Ball Award for the maximum number of wickets. Dhoni backed many players. After the world cup triumph, Indias performance slides downwards and ultimately it is the mettle of Dhoni that drove the team to the path of recovery.

Former Indian captain once told about the stress related to this foremost job. One has to be in continual pressure from emerging media as well as from people of a nation. Every move of yours will be carefully investigated by media and people of this country.After Champions trophy victory, smiles spread across Dhonis face. It is meant for him as India with a young and inexperienced team managed to beat a tough side like that of the West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa, England and Pakistan.

It is a fantastic achievement and a suitable preparation for the next edition of the World Cup. India won this in England, where it managed to defend a paltry target of 130 and this after the match, Dhoni erupted with joy a few times inside ground. Opening time an animated Dhoni after the match celebration. It is not on the maximum standard like that of Kohli, but Dhoni expressed his feeling a sign that these are all hard-fought win and they deserve this.

Dhoni was brilliant behind the stumps, his stumping of Trott was crucial in recently concluded Champions Trophy and he had shown the world that why he will be the greatest wicket-keeper of all time in times to come. Former England captain and a past critic of the Indian team lauded Dhoni and he said in the previous series where India had to face a whitewash on the hands of England, Dhonis wicket-keeping raising eyebrows with plenty of mistakes.

Nevertheless, the role played by Dhoni in shaping a national team to believe what they can and achieve one hundred percentages is of the single most important achievement that brings successes and glories to him.Under him, India reached number one test team and won the ICC Test Championship for the first time, then won the T20 world cup, and 50 overworld cups and now recent win at mini world cup makes him the most successful captain of winning championships. It is an achievement not competed by Ponting.

In the recently concluded mini world cup, India won matches right from practice games with fast and spin bowling. In one practice game for the entire Australian side bowled out for meagre under 100. Some nice fast bowling enable India to beat Sri Lanka. Ishant and Umesh bowled their heart out and dismissed their opposition in disdain. They injured hard hitter Dilshan and that made the much-needed pathway. Jadejas brilliance in bowling and in fielding department apart from Ashwin the whole team becomes a live wire and in one such match Raina tool, three spectacular sleep catches to break the backbone of the opposition.

As Vaughan says, mini world cup winner this year is better than a world cup victory of 2011. The team at that time was the mixture of seniors and juniors. Some seniors felt this could be their last world cup. The host of the world cup was India. With favourable pitches in the offering, India excels in various spheres. The mini world cup is luminous because India had to play as alien conditions and sometimes the remote-id beyond tolerance. India never lost a match in this edition of the mini world cup.

India shines in all departments. Batting department shows vast improvement because of courageous stroke plays against imminent impending short-pitched bowling. In one mini world cup, batting of India falters due to short-pitched bowling. This time players showed the brilliance and attacked bowling with disdain.

Indias batting beginning from Dhawan has been phenomenal and the approach batters attacked the bowling is a joy to watch out. The emergence of Moustache by Indian cricketer begins from Dhawan and it is spreading to other players like wildfire and this shows the dazzling display of batting among all Indians batters.

Captaincy is all about coolness of mind in adverse conditions. It is all about taking calculated risks and surprise the opposition with your nifty moves. Dhoni is an unexpected decision-maker. He wants to take the risk and also always ready to accept failure. He stays in the background when the achievement occurs.

He has the champion mind and his pre-emptive actions surprise all with some dazzling moves. India is resting assured that its cricketing mantle has been with the strong captain. Thus rise in India towards the top begins.

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