When will nature fight back against humans?

On our earth, there have been many instances of the presence of wide varieties of natural presence of many trees. Animals and some of these are of very rare species dwelling inside various locations on earth. It is true that we have advanced immensely in terms of presence of wide varieties of habitats and natural presence but still we do find lots more different cultivating presence and still to date science has not been able to generate and find out the real numbers of such presence and that becomes the most distinguished part of presence of wide varieties of animal species that have been there.

We know there are many such fields where the presence of science is nowhere to be seen and perceived and still we do find plenty of such instances where we do find a wonderful presence of nature at one point of time or the other.

It is now estimated that about four lakhs of variants of different trees are present in and around the earth and that provides awesome ways to manage and understand the real parameters and the presence of such wide varieties of trees in nuke and corner of the earth.

It is also perceived that out of these trees twenty percentages of trees are facing extinguishing which ad but true. There are many such instances and examples related with reasons to understand that such presence of nature does provide the huge amount of relief to us on one hand and on the other hand it does implicate to use the state of the environment and the ays all these polluting agents are destroying the sheer presence of such beautiful nature.

According to researchers and scientists, if the accumulated presence of such mass number of extinction in terms of trees and impel species is concerned it is seen that such percentages of detention amount to five cores from 20 lakhs.

According to their estimation of the number of every year the total number of extinction of species from the surface of earth I approximately 10,000 per year. Considering such a huge number of extinction it is estimated that, such mass destruction of species from all over the earth is a real cause of concern for the existence of human beings.

It is being seen that the Lord created the earth and created different species f earth in order to keep the ecological balance between earth. Due to the advent of pollutions and a sharp drop in ecological destruction the dependant on these natures such as humans slowly facing the heat of complete ecological imbalances.

Every species of the earth comes out of the water so as humans. During childhood, w have been reading about how water is precious and how to save and preserve water s single most important factor witnessing the livings of millions of species all over the world but due to present some industrialists entire ecological balance of entire earth s slowly decaying and slowly moves towards complete extinction which is very significant to learn about it and that makes the entire existence of human beings is difficult to sustain in the longer run.

According to the scientist, for Darwin, the creation of life emanates from water only. Signs of the presence of life first seen within realms of water and that justifies the most prominent sign of the presence of water in keeping life intact.

Due to advent of very few industrialists we have seen destruction of large number of rivers, hills, mountains, green fields and slowly converting them into cement structures that lead to complete decadence of natural environment that makes entire living standards of humans beings difficult and that would become more difficult as the years rages on to make the life difficult for them.

We have seen how such beautiful land of Hiroshima and Nagasaki went into complete destruction and still reeling under its catastrophically happenings even after plenty of years and there have been numerous examples as such as it continues to provide more and more such examples that make entire living standards of human beings in complete jeopardy.

After complete emergence and power of nuclear arsenal during World war second, then slowly stiff competitions among different variants of nations to begin their perfection of competitions of building such arsenal and testing it for successful purposes made life difficult for environment as the tests of nuclear arsenal does indicate and perform the presence of polluted environment and that is the most serious and severe part to understand the presence of nature in its fullest form and glorious decadence.

It is a surprising aspect that human beings continue in their endeavour o grow towards more and more definitive presence, but some use their mind in completely negative senses and that hurts most of the complete endeavour towards the perfection and that makes entire living standards within humans mostly difficult to sustain.

Due to the large-scale spreading of industries all over the world complete spreading of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere more than accepted tolerance level is for sure bad for the presence of healthy winds from within breathing parameters of human beings.

Sweetwater zones are the most precious zones which we ever perceive to be, but it has been seen despite honourable apex court orders more and more people with the help from corrupt officials able to sanction to get these lands for their business purposes and due to this most of such land areas gone into decadence and the sweet water zones slowly disappearing.

That creates severe problems related to clean drinking water. Most of the diseases come out due to polluted waters standards and that makes entire living standards in complete jeopardy. Due to emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we have seen the emergence of heat waves from nowhere and suddenly we are experiencing the presence of heat waves, severe summer and famine like situations due to lesser precipitations from general acceptance levels.

Due to the presence of extreme heat, we are experiencing the evaporations of large ice mountains and water levels inside land areas are increasing day by day. This results in a large number of floods and destruction of land areas and more and more land areas slowly moving into the river or sea areas.

It is high time we should engage ourselves for preservations of the environment at a large scale and provide one of the most outstanding aspects of understanding nature in clear-cut terms. It should be people’s movement to move towards the perfection of handling the matter in clear-cut terms so as to present the user and people with some of the most outstanding aspects of living into life where we can find more and more anticipated ways to save the nature so as to present a good world for future generations.

There should be stringent laws to preserve the ground waters so that people should not be thinking in their distant dreams to break these laws in their widest possible imaginations. Humans are perceived to be the most intelligent people from around the earth and when we consider in terms of the presence of such a wide number of varieties of animals and trees all around the earth.

We have been endowed with a stronger mind and a great brain and it is our duty to preserve the earth not only for future generations but also for other species of animals and different trees which also live in this beautiful nature and it should be our determinations and strong dedications to drive out more and more positive and distinguished part of understanding these processes so as to present us with huge number of successes so as to stay in this earth forever.


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