Odia Prawn Curry

Prawn has been the most tremendous delicacies and it is loved by all. In every part of the world, we have witnessed fund for prawns all over. This is because so many bits of nice and wonderful dishes can be prepared with the help of prawns.

There are various sizes of prawn in the market. It starts from a smaller size to a bigger size and then the biggest sizes. There are some prawns which grow up in sweet water such as a river.

Ponds etc. Most of these popular prawns are grown up in the sea and those are called salted water prawn. There are some prawn

which are found in some water which is called the mixture of sweet and salt water? In Odisha (Orissa), there is the largest lake known as Chilka, which has a water mixture of sweet and salty. It is the black water of the sea plus river also poured water into it.

The fishes and prawns grown out from Chilka Lake to have been from the mixture of sweet and salt waters and they are very famous and costly too. The Puri town the village of Satapada is nearer and it is situated in one of the banks of Chilka Lake.

Chilka Lake is one of the biggest lakes and it touched many districts of Odisha. On Sunday morning, I decided to buy some prawn from Satapada. Here, the cost of prawn is lower than what it was used to be in nearby Puri town or the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

I found the freshness of prawns and it is also good size also. Especially, for me, I have greatly disliked for biggest prawns but I do like to cook and eat the middle sized prawns so as to have the delicious food in the offering.

While driving through road leading to Satapada from Puri town, I have found the nicely built road and somewhere it is written as this is the highway.

Most of the vehicles here are going with stiff neck speed and there are many houses nearby roads and there are children and ladies who used to stand on these roads and that makes the entire movement inside these roads difficult.

I have to drive carefully on this morning of Sunday. surprisingly in this mid May, the climate for last two to three days have been nicer with spatial rain from time to time make it cooler as well as it has become difficult for me to go for morning walk.

As most of the time in and around Puri the rain comes during these morning time and while waking up and finishing cores to get set for jogging you should at once find the presence of rain and that too with downpour and that makes entire movement in and around these places difficult.

After two days of incessant rain during morning hours, today I find it extremely relaxing that no rain is out there in the morning. So, I reached the park and then continue my jogging. Entire tracks have been filled with rain spots so running with good speed might have been no good as we see that there are many chances of slippery while moving in these tracks.

I completed my daily routine of running and during the time of summer the advent of sin is generally at six am in the morning but surprisingly, even nearly to the time of seven as there is no trace of the sun.

This has been due to the fact that in the nine pm in the night there has been stronger rainfall though it has been reduced to a considerable extent and in the morning it has not but the trace and movements of clouds been there and that is why the sun is still hiding in between clouds.

That makes me continue to jog for longer hours. For the last two days, I have not meant able to reach for jogging due to morning rains. This time I wish to utilize this in the fullest capacity.

I continue my jogging and the way the weather is nice and cool makes me realize that I have to complete it and then move to Satapada for some prawn buying. I purchased prawns as I prefer some medium sized prawn buying and I bought it and then return back home.

I took rest for some time and then the first and foremost part of prawn is to process it and remove the black portion from within its head as if it has been there then it can make the digestive problem difficult. Then, remove the head from all prawn and keep it separate.

Then washed all these with water thrice as it is with extreme care and caution. If you put stronger force while washing then it can be damaged and the mean size of it can be broken into different parts.

This should not happen while cleaning of prawns is going on. Then add some salts into it after removing entire water portions from prawns and add salt into the tailor flesh part of prawns and then turmeric powder into it and keep it to stay for some time so as to two of these should be injected into prawn deep.

We add turmeric which is a nice antiseptic for food as these should be inside might have been some of dirtiest places and then at the front of shopkeeper on the roadside which is generally full of dusts as well as dirtiest form of places and in considering this the cleaning part as well as making it healthier with turmeric add-on is important.

Adding of salt at the start of food processing justify that we have to add it at the first in order to make the salts moving deeper into it and as we know salt can remove the dirtiest part of prawn and as well as while mixing with deeper with salt can be treated as a taste enhancer.

I mix them well while moving the pot up and down. Then keep it in a safe place and cover it with another so that any small insects should not be dropped on it.

Then after one hour of it, then it is high time to process the food. Before cooking of food, it is important to remember to arrange all sorts of ingredients at first in order to make it more viable and time-saving measures.

Then, cut onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic then grind it and create the taste of it. Then put it those into the hot pot before putting it in to add some oil and then add those pastes and then after making it slightly red color adds the prawns and continues to stir it still the time most of these prawns well fired into it.

Then add some garnishing and now your prawn is willing to it. Eat with rice or with some roots and enjoy the fresh and most eatable non-vegetarian dish all over the world.

From these very pieces of information more and more editorial creative method of this can be done and in due course of time, one can learn to create and manage such dishes so as to present users with utmost precision and innovations while cooking.

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