Sinister (2012) Movie Review

This article is about what I find in this movie by watching this movie Sinister. It is a horror movie with twist into supernatural movement and the concept is of a new kind and it is normally deals with the concept of there were other aliens that are there who are wanting to take over ours world through some links.

True crime writer is the protagonist in this movie and his name in this movie Oswalt a decade back his book was a super success and then there were not so popular books thereafter and then he desperately wanted a success and for this he moved into a sinister house in order to solve the peculiar four murders and even in this movie also police unable to find the real culprit and in this way he wanted to find the solution and then he wanted to find it which no one ever find the resolution of that case was.

 The running time of this movie is 109 minutes. It was shot with camera that could provide real horror scenes in this movie. There is some movement of this movie which was not so good but the movie provides non-stop scenes of interests and scaring all over in this movie. The movie provides awesome level of non-stop music that provides horror into this movie.

This movie reels around the reels that are stored inside that new house and that provides different levels of horror videos and that is the real set of sequences. In each of these videos there is only one come to live one person from that family and that seems to be kidnapped by the some of the horror element which you can find after watching this movie which has some sort of supernatural elements and that provides one of new concept where there is another dimension other than three dimensions.

 The murder is performed by the person who is not seen out there, and that element captures and kidnapped the person from the family, and that is the another form of supernatural element in this movie and that provides one of another form of mixtures of tragic elements which aimed to provide one of another form of provided mixture of element that in another form of dimensions there exists another dimensions which cannot be seen by humans in any form of life but they can contact with three dimension and kidnap the humans to attack them from fourth dimensions.

This provides one of another form of understanding that there exists other forms of dimensions and hen one can find that, so far there is no way one can connect from dimensions of three to more dimensions and this movie tell you about such existence of connectivity which is in one way very dangerous and more evil but the composition of imagination in this movie provides real horror and thriller.

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