How do you increase the JIO 4G speed?

I think for every Jio sim users the use of this application (Jio 4GVoice) has been exceptional as it stabilizes Jio connectivity and acts as if one of its power for your phone by increasing network download and upload speeds to a considerable extent.

Jio Security demands activation through device manager which in simple terms demands administrative privileges and allows it as it could also stabilize the connectivity option towards server and this means your phone and sim has always been activated and connected to Jio networks easily and this means you now have good internet speed all the time.

How to increase Jio 4G speed- First step:

Here are a few tips where you could enhance the speed of Jio to its original. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘cellular networks’ then ‘Access Point Names’ then ‘APNs’ and then touch the ‘Jionet’. Here you should be finding some of the networks configurations of Jio. You do not get to touch anything but the following.

Server: www[.]google[.]com

Authentication Type: None

APN type: Default

Bearer: LTE

Then go back and check again whether these changes have been done to your APN settings. Of course, you should be doing this at your own discretion.

How to increase Jio Speed-second step:

Jio is also providing many applications to its users with Jio sim. Download ‘Jio4G voice’ application from Google Play Store If you have the android device and install it.

Then download ‘JioSecurity’ application from Google Play Store. Allow it to have device manager security setting and activate it. Then go to ‘Accessibility’ settings and allow ‘JioSecurity’ settings from There. Start ‘Jio 4G voice’ app and then register with Jio sim. It should auto detect it and remember to enable data connectivity option.

Then, it should ask you about Jio number for one-time authentication. Provide the number and send it and the OTP should come within seconds and then it should be written on the space of OTP automatically and if not then you should read the SMS and then enter it manually.

In this process, ‘Jio4G voice’ activates on your phone and within one or two days its service would run in the upper task bar and that means yours Jio connectivity would stabilize and it should provide better connectivity speed.

Restart the phone and then connect to data connectivity. Now, you should find the speed of the internet. From now on you should be finding a faster network speed and seamless Jio speed. Most of these tricks are well known for most, but I found these two tracks are the best.

First, one authenticating through Google provides superior network speed. If you find the speed of the network does not on the rise then you could reach to above said APN settings and make it reset to default to return to its default settings.

The subsequent step is to install it as the native application. Jio 4G voice is its native application and it runs as a service and for this, it is advisable to enable it through accessibility menu as it stabilizes the Jio connectivity and produces better networking results.

Earlier releases of this application to take a huge chunk of batteries but with due course of time of its updates, we have found better results as it slowly becomes lighter on system resources and produces one of better consequences.


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