The Handsome Stranger

The school bus was moving with a good speed as always, now the roads are like the bed, it is so flat and good and devoid of pot holes and the entire journey seems like a stable situation just like that of the earth which is orbiting the sun.

On the other hand it is giving the feeling to us that it is constant and for sure it is also been the epitome of understanding that we are not moving , the similar feeling of it is generating and that is why this has been fantastic.

All the teachers are at front rows and all the girls then next to them and there are singing and other co curricular activities, where every one is happy, I opened my Apple mobile and starting to prepare to listen to the songs, as sometimes it does feel boring and that is why some additional instrument like that of in this case Apple mobile to listen to songs.

Then suddenly my friend, seating just next to me called me slowly and said, watch to the front row, we were earlier hearing some sort of stories about one male teacher and the other female teacher, but those were the stories, and it is always a must principle that

you should not be listening to here says, but listen to what you see in your eyes. This is the principle which you would find in big ancient stories, that has been said always by many great philosophers and poets and that is why I never gave importance to such stories, Sheila, my best friend just called me, she had very indecent way of calling.

Though at times I felt irritated but we were friends since childhood and also decided to do same thing always except marriage. In her old style she called me , by giving her elbow to one of my chest as that just woke me of from no where and as always I complained moderately and she smiled back and said to me looked some interesting stuff going here, what she was telling , and from the vision of her.

As she sat on the side that is to wards the inner passage of the bus on the other hand I was seating beside the windows pane , so what she was intended to show to me , not the same viewing angle to that to her , so I said that , then she told me to just bow and shed my shoulder on her hips and then I could see what she was intended to tell to me for some time.

She said look , the teacher and the lady teacher sat on the same seat , I looked it and said then so what people can seat any place, then Sheila said why the lady teacher sat beside the teacher , knowing that pupils were talking about them , and they also knew , it would be the night journey.

I smiled and as usual placed my hand over her shoulder , and said this might be just the selection of seats Sheila and also laughed and said if you saw more to it then let me say and I would judge and Sheila said knew that it would be whole night journey for the picnic still the lady teacher sat with him.

It might seem that she was comfortable with him and there was no fear factor for her after light off at ten inside the bus. She then added, she had confidence on him that was the sole reason she was seating there, other wise can any lady seat beside a male, and that too after switching off light, as there were many imminent dangers attached to it, if that male was not your confidant, is not it?

I had to admit it I just got bored with Sheila’s talk as she seemed to getting over board, if it could be felt that she was just breaching the privacy of the couple, if they had some thing among themselves and most of the times was not sure of it but my friend was thinking of it nevertheless.

I was somewhat other kind of girl never thought about any such matters and also always think about books and studies, never interested on these distracting thoughts and visions that she had been saying here, but as she was my best friend so, I cooperate with her thoughts but for sure never ever serious about it or enquire about it, it was she who had the exquisite enquire mind.

The bus was running smoothly, the pink dressed girl, two rows upfront from us, requested the teachers of front row ton run the music and the conductor listened to it and then asked the head mistress for permission.

It was given, some slow good music running after that and this had been the real memory booster with the songs running slowly and the entire atmosphere was good and also one girl from other side of front door asked to increase the air conditioner and that had been granted.

Now it was cooler and I did hope against my hope that Sheila would now quietly sleep and would never ever investigate about lady teacher and then tried to show me the conclusion and it does many a times felt me that I was Doctor Watson and Sheila was Sherlock Holmes.

Then while closing my eyes I dreamt about the stories I read a while back and also seen the serials of how efficiently Holmes solved the detective cases and how easily he had resolved with very few bit of information that had been available to him.

The way he solved many difficult problems at times where the science and especially the forensic science not evolved much still author Arthur K. Doyle’s imagination just giving it many ways and directions with each of its path and the mode of detecting and managing the inevitable in seeing the mode of symbol and that makes it more and more catalytic and more practicability just makes it more towards the perfection detective calculations.

My dream continues, as the bus was running into the highways and later into the mountain road, the brilliant hilly roads starts and it would take almost six hours through out the night to reach to the picnic spot in the morning on the morrow.

My second dream continued among the bus drove into hilly road with many diversions and continuations of slower of speed at these locations. Just in dream and many ideas surfaced from here and there that had nothing to do with reality but it did come to mind from time again due to the structure of mind that went into several modes, which had been going through the flows of ideas.

We reached at picnic spot in the dream almost seven hours earlier in the dream , it was almost dawn but just before the time almost many had occurred that this time was not so good , so we had decided to stay afloat inside the bus for half an hour and the teachers are more and more believe to this.

Then the roll calls, this was their responsibility as all girls and also there were securities there to protect us and also it was the duty of teachers as they were performing the role of local guardians , which they were always been good at and they had been satisfied with ours behavior absolutely.

After some times , we boarded , it was a beautiful place a jungle a perfect set up , plenty of trees and hardly there was sun shining crippling in and out from here and also the sounds of different birds and their tweets has been fantastic and each of the passing trade had been something to offer and that was why the fantastic achievements and understandings of the ideas.

There came the crippling in the mind of as always , I tend to sear towards the near by lake, all girls happy playing basketballs and other games, some even resorted to base ball and some are rejoicing and wanted to work for and that was the scenario existed and it was almost some huge crowds had gathered to broke the peace of jungle. That was why it seems that the natural sounds of jungle perhaps lost for some time and there was every where peaceful from out side.

I was like all other girls but some times I prefer to not to be playing like all the other but to stay calm and watch the jungle from my heart, from my inner conscience and also wanted always to feel the world and the sanity of environment from my inner feelings and how it touched the deep and activated my invisible attitude and that was the reason I was with my Apple phone and opened the note pad, if ever I could write some poems. The environment was perfect for this kind of setting and it did give me the real poetic stimulus in my mind.

After writing about six lines something did hurt my eyes and that was why, I stopped writing and then watched what was happening there, the sun was not there as there were long tress and that were stopping the sun rays to enter into jungle but surprisingly a ray of light did reflect along the coast line of river, that sun shine was looked magic and it did wake me up suddenly but soon realized that these were not so , and something was there.

I looked upon teachers and friends they were busy with their work , and then I sat their without writing anything hoping to find my inquisitive mind. It did then appear hazy for some time and just splashed my eyes and in awe I was fear and even about to cry but somewhat managed not to make that sound and then I observed what was happening there.

It seemed like that of an rare experience , may be some newbie animal about to see , oh I could be the only chap to see it , I was very excited , and then slowly I feel something emerging within that ray of light , and that too inside the river , very interesting , meanwhile I felt very annoyed a new kind of experience as it seemed , desperately I wanted to see it and that was why , in the mean time one handsome figure was emerging and so handsome could not be described as I felt in awe and fear.

As if something strange was going to happen. The site was so beautiful; even though I was with dream still I revere the beauty of circumstances and the amalgamation of thoughts that had been kept into motion. In seeing what was inside I awe with fear and my hand went into my hair oh and I could not utter any semantics as I felt the real staunch of fear that had been running.

It was like that of a searching for prey by lion as against the deer. Few moments of silence passed and then nothing happened and then those lights came out again and that was towards me and inside it one hand some structure could not determine what was it.

That handsome structure was so big, it just came in front of me and then to my back now I could not see but some feeling about it and it did want to say some thing but I could not understand what might these had been could not determine. Then I closed my eyes inside the dreams and I wanted to feel that not to watch that as it did seem awful frightened to me the sole reason for this.

The path to dreams seemed to be smaller a, as it felt that it was from behind and I could not manage to observe it and it was better to close both the eyes due to this would be great. Then slowly I could understand, the words of handsome stranger, he was saying in his own language, would you marry me, I was just awe struck.

I felt might have been the ghosts, I read ghosts always attracted to beautiful young girls and they would marry them and then stayed with them for years to come inside the jungle, I started to cry, it was real shocker for me, then I tried my best to come out from his bondage and trying to do each and everything.

I would be free and would be with other girls holidaying. She could not get out of her , she was already been in captivity with the handsome stranger a ghost , which is so cold that she would collapse at any moment, she cried but realized that it was not reaching as there were other girls within fifty meters but they could not realize what was happening.

Now, it did seem that the matter going out of hand as now with due course of time she realized that, she would not been any positions to be released from them. She was now in massive pain due to this bondage and now whatever she tried to do just been opposite at every sense , the more she came out of release the bondage become more and more strong and the pain rose from these now been so much of unbearable at any time she felt her life wound end .

Then suddenly with a jerk and hump sound she ended her dream and ended her sleep , and surprised to find herself at the road nearer to the bus , in the middle of the ghat road , and then she saw all of her class maters and fellows and teachers severely injured and some had already died at the spot .

The teacher and the lady teacher at the front bench were embraced each other and they died and that did prove what Sheila tried to justify but it was all that ended, the picnic bus strikes another bus up front while managing the most turn around hilly roads, it felt it was the end of the road many were crying and she searched her best friend and she was there with another handsome with the bondage.

She was crying and also looking at me tried to say something to me , I could not understand her language but did think that , hat handsome stranger should come and then I could understand what Sheila tried to say, within moments that hand some stranger came, carried me to the air with him.

I was crying , and Sheila said we both dead dear now the most difficult journey with these strangers and plenty of pains would start dear, all dreams of us now went like the shades of previous and all the ambitions had been tottering into sudden embarrassing congeniality.

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