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Running a blog is not such a huge task as it is meant to be and many times could feel something weariness that undergoing each letter that has been inhibited with it and many a times , if at all at any point of time you are not feeling good but still you have to write it out and also that is the position , when you feel the real brunt of it , the pain at which it may hurt you but you have to write it out , may be at some time the thought comes into your mind.

The mind is a process which compelled afloat and it goes with it and many a times the real passionate and the understanding that has been brought to an article is of it that can crave for it is the way you have to work it with as you have to continue it as in the long run it is giving you the richer benefits and it is good for you get it on with difficult time with much ease as , no work is difficult to achieve and attain.

It is now the month of January and the cold waves everywhere and it is in the news that is making it to show as where it is the coldest day of the country, and it is the real and it comes about many a times through out each year but they could not realize it so as on to say the least of it.

Many a times I had seen at some good news channels had been showing the most spelling mistakes headlines and that makes me wonder how this could be done as they could not attend the process through which it could not be done so as it is the main that the linguistics part should be there at full length , it to be near the setting where will give the good quotient of your writing styles and the way the communication should be done and it ought to be done with care and with intimate styling but that was not the case with as I could sense and feel how the news channels and its linguistics has been time and again being hurt as I still have to find it out the best spelled English news channel with it no mistakes at all and I had to learn it so could be the real feeling it that learning from it some time and every time , but many a time this has not been done with and that is why many a times it is not good to learn and study in the case with. Daddy has been saying the mistakes had been there always and I just worried to see how these prime news channels had been getting into mistakes, they should have appointed person with good English language capabilities so that these mistakes will not be there again and again. I know my English is not good but I do expect from professional news channels like that of these English news channels to have a good sense in headlines breaking news so that they at least look decent in reading.

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Similar is the state of the commentary in sports cricketing channels , where you can see , whether your team is doing good or not but they will most of the times will say in supporting of the opposite teams as if there were speaking for some other countries and perhaps they ought to believe that this commentary broadcasting is mainly for domestic audiences and for this they have to speak for their team always and this should be the trend as they should learn this secret of commentary from their foreign counterparts like that of commenter like that of Australia and England , where their players and other commenter always in support of their team whether in times of bad phase or they are doing excellent in normal whatever they are speaking been always in the state for their own country and for this they should be supporting with their voices on the domestic country and for this if any commentator has been doing this then he has been doing the greatest services to their country and it is the secret of commentator’s and they could doing and in shortest time they could ride and then will very popular.

This real trend and the fundamental of success which each and every commentator should follow. The next success fundamental of soaps that been channels been the real tricky one but in search of TRP and other related resources there has been the real easy and fun way to get to the top of the chart and for this the most easiest for of riding into ladder is to make your serial into a positive note as in every case there will be the loss for villain at no time the villain should win the race and this should ultimate aim for serial makers as personally I do not like the serial that of , Sathiyan cases villain Rasi will winning most of the time and whenever you waited for long to see her defeated and entire works of her to be a open book at that time you could realize that her in just changed the give and this is not good as with the case with every one the villain should lost at each and every plot and that makes the viewers the most memorable moments to stand it out for and with it the extreme end was not going out of the race at point time and you could realize that in real terms and the longer run if you go with a positive note then your serial will be a real winner and you will always be winning with each and every part of it.

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One more instance positive is the Hitler Didi this serial has been so positive as with each and every passage it could be seen that villain is always at the losing side and that gives the real sense of the joy to the audiences as this serial has been so popular that , at one point of time makers of serial decided finish it but that was the case with it as with time demand was serial again and now is in its seasons as this has been case with it and with it you could feel that the villain always losing, similar things must be done with films and also this should be related to domestic audiences so that they relate themselves and make them most good attendances that with and . As the basic tenets of human civilization that is the most significant part of it is that they always wants that the evils and other related issues should be diminished as they wants all the positive for them and a good and wonderful place to live and let live as the history of human civilization corresponds to the tune of every thing is that those who explicitly with villainous tended down and is even that at many a times the history ignores them and it is for them the right time to go the of human is to manage and go for the most understanding and wonderful part of the civilization traits that is be positive and go for the good way.

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