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Financial services

Financial services are a vast area covering almost any activity pertaining to the making and preserving of money. These services can very broadly, be divided into two types – fund / asset based services and fee / advisory services.  Further sub-categories are retail and corporate. There is necessarily some degree of overlap between these categories, Continue Reading »

The golden handshake

In 1789, newspaper was known as fourth estate of democracy and this was first stated at United Kingdom and from that time it was regarded and considered world wide. From that time daily new circulation started and at those times the sell of newspaper was so minimal that at 1711, the sell figure of new Continue Reading »

Credit risks and market risks

Banks face three major types of risks: Credit Risk, Market Risk and Operational Risk. 1. Credit Risk (CR) Banks are in the business of accepting deposits and lending: they operate mainly with depositors’ funds.  Unfortunately, not all the monies lent, and the interest due thereon, is recovered. The borrower may default in his obligations to Continue Reading »

Twin city tender fixing mafia

After arrest of members of Gugu gang near Bhubaneswar, it has been disclosed that they had been actively involved with tender fixing mafia operations inside twin city. It seemed that these gangs had been actively involved with fixing of tender operations. What is surprising is that one convict who is inside Jharpada jail is also Continue Reading »

Financial risk management:2

While “supervisory review” relates to the effective ways of supervision of banks by the Regulator and “market discipline” deals with strengthening of disclosures by banks and safe and sound banking practices, the concept of “Economic Capital” seeks to further refine and sophisticate the system of assessing various risks faced by banks and maintaining adequate capital Continue Reading »

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