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Change the default wallpaper folder in XP

Image via Wikipedia Surprised with the heading �change the default wallpaper folder in XP� , may be you should , and may be thinking that am still with XP, yeah you are absolutely right and correct though Microsoft preparing to desert XP on April 2014,but I vow to use it beyond that and far beyond Continue Reading »

Solve Internet Explorer 8 installation problems

Image via Wikipedia You may receive an error message when you try to install Internet Explorer 8.here are many ways to solve Internet Explorer 8 installation problems.There are lots of causes for this effect that is Internet Explorer 8 installation problems. Let us analyze all this and find the root cause of this problem. As Continue Reading »

Windows SteadyState:No Downloads After 31st December 2010

Image via Wikipedia Windows SteadyState. No Downloads After 31st December 2010. Absolutely, right , I got this information from Gizmo�s website.I was bit late to right on this ,nevertheless, this software is not well publicized but it is far more better and superior than RVS. Windows SteadyState will continue to be available for download through Continue Reading »

The Automatic Updates service of XP may stop responding

The Automatic Updates service may stop responding of XP and it may show very high resource  usage and ultimately stops , these are very panic situations as , Microsoft OS needs constant updating to secure from malware and other threats.The memory consumption increases quickly if the Automatic Updates detection cycle policy is set to do Continue Reading »

Disable Fast User Switching in Windows XP

When multiple users share a computer, logging off and logging on to the computer in order to switch users can become tiresome. Fast User Switching, a feature of Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional when it is not joined to a domain, makes it possible for you to quickly switch between users without Continue Reading »

Delete WinXP individual system restore points with CCleaner

Individual or selective removal of WinXP System Restore Points has now become more easier.System Restore Service takes space in Windows XP in a span of 2 months almost 8 GB with over 50 individual restore points.Any system changes, including minor software additions or deletions,creates a restore points even multiple restore points in a day.You can Continue Reading »

CRT monitor losing control- 3

Contd from Thursday….   In fact after slipstreamed installation this peculiar phenomenon which I describe in the paragraph one disappeared but with some restart it shows again but the movement of the screen not there.I advise him to use ASC Pro or ASC Free and run the all in one scan and this also reduce Continue Reading »

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