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Forced Occupation at Grand Road, Puri

Posing a straight challenge to law enforcing authority and municipality members, some influential people, forcefully opened “shoe-stand” in front of the famous Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri. The shoe stand is straight in front of “Patitapabana” in front of auspicious Lord of Universe “Lord Jagannath”. In earlier times, some parts of famous “Emara Matha” was broken into to make way widen the road in front of temple, and in this way the primary aim was to clear the “forced occupation” in front of Lord Jagannath Temple as well as to restore sanctity of this famous Heritage.

Desire is the obstacle to liberation:

Some influential people energized from the support of political power have created a shop through invading ten feet of the grand road just in front of “Patitapabana” of Lord Jagannath Temple. Powerful, political people are creating all these harakiri straight under the nose of the law enforcing authorities and municipality people. Now, good citizens of this ancient town are questioning the ability of both these institutions who have sole responsibility to promote peaceful environments in and around all these areas.

At the grand road of Puri, in front of the famous Lord Jagannath Temple, are being difficult to manage due to the advent of large scale of population from around the world and now with these forced occupation, slowly grand road is converting into a narrow lane. Government agencies are surprisingly silent on these matters. Due to large khaja-pati” in front of Emara Math, the entire area became a narrow zone, and in 2012, administration breaks 15 feet areas of this famous heritage in order to widen the road, but after that the same khaja shop keepers are back in those places and it is being said in people’s circle as all these shops are being protected by influential political people.

Emara Math is a 700 year old heritage and the administration did not think twice before breaking some parts of it but now in those parts people from political parties are making a show stand and that is narrowing the line of the grand road. Earlier, it was decided that the areas which have been broken is to be assimilated with roads but after almost one year there is no single decision which leads it to this manner. The administration failed to take back those forced occupation and the incident is now almost two years old.

So, now the question arises, if the government could not enforce the law of the land there, then why a glorious history of 700 years of a myth is to be broken in parts? There are many unanswered questions which are yet to be solved and how to find all these answers and why the administration is not dispersing forced occupation in and around areas of splendid road just in front of the famous Lord Jagannath temple is still not answered. Those khaja shops have opened their temporary shops in those areas and that part of temple land is being taken over them and the road in those parts is being similarly covered and in day time the traffic becomes extremely difficult to control in and around in those areas. Those khaja shopkeepers have blessings of political people and they are openly selling these by openly violating laws of lands.

Now the shoe-stand in those locations have advanced five feet creating many blockages in and around areas nearer to this illustrious Lord Jagannath Temple. Now, from Sunday, a new show stand nearer to famous Emara math which is now advancing 10 feet towards the road and it is making many difficulties to people. People are questioning shoe-stand in front of Lord Jagannath Temple and raising the issue of ethics from them. Countless people believe a shoe stand just in front of Lord Jaganath Temple is unethical and unjust and this should be removed straight away without any delay. In order to earn money, influential people advanced this show stand nearer to the road and virtually near to Jagannath temple but law enforcing authority and municipality is not listening to what people are worried about.

Devotees from all around the world questioning on what morality and on what basis law enforcing authority and municipality have become silent spectators to all these misguided acts? Law enforcing authorities are saying what should we do, it is primarily the job of municipality but they are remaining silent as it is evident as most of their members are patronizing these shops, and why they should be stopping as it is their primary personal revenue generation elements.

Law enforcing authorities are stopped by big political powers and for this they could not stop these shops from mushrooming in these holy areas. They are saying the administration has to help them in order to act and it is true as administration is stopping them and in a way of handicapping them from performing these tasks. Higher law enforcing authorities are saying they are aware of these matters and they are considering action against those forced occupants.

Auspicious Sunday and traffic problems:

At this auspicious Sunday, in the month of Pusha or January in English, many influential people reached Jagannath temple and their vehicles have covered most portions of the grand road and closing half of width of the road and creating undesired traffic problems in and around these areas. Traffic police became a mute spectator and could not stop anarchy of lands in and around in these areas. People have been worried about all these rush hours and have difficult to find the way out from these rush places. In a private convention hall near to badashankha, there was a get together and many influential people all around attended the meeting.

Political class also joined these meetings. All those influential people have parked their vehicles in the middle of the road thus obstructing basic communication medium available to people. Almost half portion of the road had been covered by their vehicle. No one from the municipality as well as law enforcing authorities who have been travelling in these roads lodged complain or take any action on these people. On this Sunday many people reached to Puri to have pious glance of Lord Jagannath and this adds a problem as most roads have been taken over by vehicles of these influential people as well as shops for these forced occupants. Traffic police are facing huge difficulties in controlling devotees, but they are not taking action against those influential people who have parked their vehicle in the middle of roads.

One person collided with auto taxi due to intemperate rush and unable to find a free space for these mob. Cars are parked where people tend to walk and for this he just has to change the side of walking and running auto from other side collided with him. Law enforcing authorities are trying to convey all these messages to influential people, but they have not listened to their request. Inside the convention hall many considerate people are there and for this they are unable to convey these messages to them. Due to huge number of vehicles stranded there it is virtually impossible to control vehicles out there as one writer is not sufficient to control already huge number of cars.

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A cold lager for hot tea

With each holiday’s time, my parents and young sibling tends to travel India and outside whenever we get the time and monetary resources. This has been ours experience of expedition of Kerala backwaters and some unforeseen raveling of truths and some facts which still to be digged in. When I was two to three years old and with my fading memory I recalled the fact of House boats of Kashmir and we stay in one house boat every time and with due course of time there builds a strong relationships as in my child hood we must go to Kashmir once in a year.

Now the time changed and in the late nineties with the advent of terrorism, we ignore going to Kashmir and searched for similar locations and we found the place that the backwaters of Kerala. I am not an experienced travelogue writer but instead a good technology writer but due to the simple fact that From the very first year on this earth I tend to travel across all over India due to my daddy’s interest . Just like searching for words in the dictionary, my daddy always wants explore newer places, see the markets and the rates and also Hindu temples and lots of historical and mythological stuffs.

As always, we will always search for the affordability factors before ours voyage starts and after we reach at Alleppey from my state of Odisha through flight and then through Mahindra XUV, we are maze dot see the cost of affordability and we took a taxi in the morning from Kochi and reach the hub of backwater tourism of Kerala.

The houseboats can be hired for a day along with a cook for eight thousands rupees a day; it is a life time experience in the making. You can hire one local ferries and then you can go with it and reach at some local villages by the bank of back waters and there you can shop for foods and other sea related items and also some less costly foods which you can get with more than happy mindset.

You can hire a ferry, go to Kovalam, and return within one or two hours to Alleppey. After back water recedes and goes back to sea, these areas become more fertile and most of the rich foods of Kerala being cultivated here. Most of the rice and paddy crops are being developed here. In the vicinity we can sea a vast arena of half filled water and some where in between it is being divided through artificial lining of three to four straight-line coconut tress and that is making the entire scenery like deep sea blue syndrome.

The ferry goes on and stopping at some stoppers and then the people goes in to it and out of it and somewhere near at some point we get tea and that is really fantastic as the taste of liquor is being fascinating though some more milk could have added to it. I t may be some personalized thoughts of how to take the taste of tea. The entire trip to Kovallam an back to Alleppe costs individuals twenty rupees and with the journey of utter significance and the beauties and vagaries of nature with a tea cup in my hand has been fascinating and enchanting.

The local population on the ferry has been very friendly and they try to give suggestions to me through English mixed with Malayalam pronunciation. It is a good to listen to them and the way they try to make you understand has been fantastic. The ferry was non-motorized and could hear the sound of weather by the side and also some droplet of water drops on my palm and after some time it becomes salt an absorbing experience.

Back to ours hoe boat and ours designated cook served food with banana leaves. This remembers me some of the old marriage ceremony where we sued to get it at the ge together. The food cushion of the house boat has been fantastic with lot of green and leafy vegetables , sea foods though am not fan of it , steamed rice and other south Indian delicacies. The chutney consists of lots of coconut more than what I used to eat at Chennai during my post management days.

Then we get back to go to the other side of back water views through some human handled boats. Here the back water is very narrow , even on the bank of it we can see the homes and people doing there daily works in between them. I dipped my hands in the water, daddy said to me not to do that, as he had observed that all the dirty things of these house holds also coming out and joining into this water so I stopped from doing this. This was ours third Kerala visit as prior visits are mostly concentrated with reaching at capital of Kerala and joining at various sea locations and enjoying the Kerala urban life.

This time we scheduled ours journey such that we will experience this realm of back waters and how it is being through ours closest eyes. As we moved on inside the boat to advance areas we experience the coconut trees , small groovy islands, lots of birds and flowers blossoming inside the back water, with sun shine reflecting from the water and making the entire arena more whitish to see , it seems like we have been at paradise (swarga) with lots of dreams and void reality. Now we enter into an arena where no house holds are visible and the water is so clean and clear so that we can see through it and watch small fishes being swimming across and some collides with ours boat and making the direction reverse to swim across along with water.

The backwaters of northern side of Kerala has been fascinating, the more you go the more surprise is stored for you. After some time we saw one enchanting lake with clear water and palm tress with sun shine reflecting through it , to the true to my heart it felt me like the Manasorabar, the feeling is deep within cannot be written it can be seen and felt at heart and mind. You can start yours journey from Alleppey and to the further north to explore more destinations , as far as yours finance goes it is strictly in the mode of yours own establishment, try this out , am sure you will have more stories to write and hear than to me.

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My Personal Experience at Kempegowda or Majestic Bus Station, Bangalore

The word Majestic has so many different connotations, it is one of most pride and momentary vision to look into any space, place or product. This article reads more about Majestic bust stand of Bangalore Bus stand. Through out these years from 1990s to till now, I had major experience of travelling to Bangalore for so many reasons.

Bus Stand of Bangalore is popularly known as Majestic and during those times, the local but the citi buses and the inter state busses had been travelling through these routes for o many years. One can find all of these in single destinations and even bangalore city railway station is just opposite to the side of majestic bus stand.

It is one of best place where every tansportation apart from air travel you will find and I must confess here that the fare of autos here are cheaper than some routes of chennai as per my understanding and it is subject to correction of course. This article is about the year 2017 when I went to bangalore but it is  now updated article as in 2019 month of may I again went to Bangalore with daddy for some essential work.

So, this article is now updated too the current time and for this I add some more experiences with it so that readers find it extremely help ful while planning their travel to Bangalore.  In the next month I had also plan to go to Bangalore with my daddy again for some work. This means through out all of these years it has been the second home for my parents and for me too.

In the year 2019 I found that, bangalore Metro, namely Namo Metro is operations with its platform just next to interstate bus service of Bangalore Majestic. The city bus stand is same as that of similar to that of what it had been for last 20 to 25 years. The bus terrifying moving here and there and one need to see all over here and there in order to move from one side to other across road.

Do take note of both sides of road, as the road in those spaces are one side roads, and for this one need to take note of nearby busses as the city buses come and go with fast movements. Entire Majestic bus stand now expands for inter state buses and then inter state bus you can move there from  to Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other cities of Karnataka such as Mysore and so on.

Now, after interstate bus stand of Majestic now we reach towards platform of Metro railway stations and here you will find the completely modern infrastrucure, here tickets are that of tokens and there are moving steps and with token you will able to enter into platforms of trains and from there with prices multiples of ten rupees you can blue towards different directions of metro. During office hour it is full of employees and students so as the traveller it is advisable for you to avoid during thoese times.

You can go toward red and blue routes and also easily reach towards different directions. So, from one destinations of Majestic you can take city buses and here you can have normal bus as well as completely air conditioned bus which is of higher costs from normal city busees, and ticketing sytem in those city busses have completely farer for this.

On the other side of one side of road, the one way traffic, the Bangalore City railway station and on the side of majestic the interstate bus stand, the city bus stand and metro railway station and on one side the market where there are some shoppers sailing electric instruments for low cost. Do always checks for all of these more than one time before purchasing as for example, here are low cost SD card from Samsung such as of 32 GB or 654 Gb with very cheap price and I advise you to not to purchase as all of these as most of these does not work nicely, as most of these, does now work, and most of these are not good products so it is advisable buy these from authentic sources and avoid these shops.

If you want to move from one side of majestic to the other to reach towards Bangalore City Railway station, then you have to move entirely from one side of road till you reach nearer to Bangalore Metro and then move similar distance on the opposite side, instead, there is short cut subway from one side of Majestic to the other, and you can pass through these one way road through this sub way and while movig into subway you will find on the different side, and on the both sides of sub way various sho keepers used to sell mostly china-made low cost products, so while buying all of these products, be careful as most of times these comes with very low-cost prducts.

All together move towards majestic the more and more efficient accumulation, of every or most of transit routes, and you can move through sight seeing either through metro railway station and also alternatively the age old city bus stands, at some point of time, you could find that for some routes such as Iskon temple and other renowed places, with metro the cost is lower, than it is on expected side if you want to travel through city bus then air-condition city bus costs on higher side, if you want to have low cost city bus then city bus fares without air-condition system is on lower side.

For some routes the cost of metro is on lower side than city bus and for some  routes the cost of auto is on lower side than that of city bus. With due experience you will find what suits best for you and that is going to be the most rewarding experience whe you stay at Bangaluru.

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Sea Side Jogging Track in Puri

Puri has enormous ocean coast graciousness Bay of Bengal. There has been numerous shades of trees in and around Puri ocean coast and that counteracts the tidal wave just as that off savage breezes to barge in into ocean side. Due to nearness of such huge measure of trees and wildernesses soon after ocean coast the water part along the edge of it soon after the wilderness consistently stays on sweet water zone and that implies normally there is sweet water zone which is very scratches in the event that we watch this patterns in ocean waterfront belt of everywhere throughout the world.

It is an uncommon event and it additionally gives one of better spot to live. This security of condition and normal limits remains there for a long time since the landing of year 2000 when there is flood of development of lodging and these are infringed in the middle of these courses. What it makes is that because of some illicit practices Lord knows why these occur because of a decade ago we discovered expanding number of lodgings simply side into the shorelines of sea and gradually lessening the coast land and gradually shutting closer to sea. So as to make enormous number lodgings wrongfully such huge number of wildernesses and the majority of these are evacuated and now these trees are expelled which are normal obstructions to power of wildernesses.

Why such huge measure of wildernesses which are there for a considerable length of time and Lord have given such gigantic plausibility to spare the individuals of Puri yet at the same time because of some degenerate practices a large portion of these trees are evacuated inside days and that gives one of the most quick perilous for individuals and it is up and coming from the approaching of twister Fani, and others which make colossal sum obliteration in and around Puri town and these are repercussions as we permitted demolition of nature and never ceased it. When you move towards sea shore and see the measure of sands that is always on the diminishing side and that gives pity to individuals while seeing the condition of sands and when we recall, Puri is well known for a large portion of sand specialists, and the making of sand work has restricted spaces.

Presently, when we do see the sands just before ocean shoreline continually diminishing at strolling over the pathways which is on the consistent decline and the majority of these spaces are secured with little coffeehouses or breakfast shops, and sightseers who were hanging tight for lodging reservation used to remain on those trails and the remainder of the space is secured with baggage and strolling over these trails and the side path street is sliced crosswise over because of the nearness of infringing inns and after that the nearness of automobiles and rickshaws covering the remainder of the street.

At that point, the vast majority of between state vehicles which are meandering vehicles reach along the edge of streets and pathways and the strolling separation in the middle of these streets of alleged marine drive is horrifying and for morning walkers like, me and numerous others, extremely troublesome advertisement strolling during the streets and trails troublesome. This implies when we strolling over these marine drive streets we need to watch from various bearings as from one side trail is full, auto rickshaws, manual rickshaws and the majority of them stops to ask you whether to go anyplace regardless of whether they realize that you are strolling and regardless of whether they realize you still with a grin they will inquire as to whether we can’t resent them anytime of time because of grinning question.

So as to add to this, there were centre men of lodgings who were wandering in and around marine drives courses and they will wind to a great extent, and will move just by the side and they are so productive in driving that even inside little courses they will move from ocean shoreline police headquarters to Swarga dwar or way to paradise, and they will move from to a great extent and strolling from running way, is exceptionally troublesome. Regardless of whether you travel through sand side, which is next to no bit of sands there and the development of tides in and around Puri ocean water and the majority of these spaces pre-busy with illicit impermanent shops just as religious sightseers think of enormous number of individuals in herds and that make development in these regions generally troublesome.

For this maybe there is Mahatma Gandhi Park or Nalco Park, which is useful for walk yet development all through marine drive is in all respects difficult. Ultimately, I settled to travel through MG Park of Puri so as to have most stunning strolling background I generally skirted marine drive at last. I generally want to see Puri shoreline to be slick and tidy up like marine shoreline of Chennai where at the night individuals who strolled in and around long trail and individuals have their astonishing strolling background.

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